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Charging Murray
Posted 11/14/2008 @ 2 :19 PM

With his win today over Roger Federer in the final round robin match of the Tennis Masters Cup, Andy Murray solidified his place in the semifinals and sets himself up as the favorite to take the biggest title of his young career.

Here are some amazing highlights from this match (note Federer played most of it hampered by a back injury)...

0:29 -- this exchange has it all, power, finesse, topspin, and dropshots. Fed finishes it off with some touch.
1:08 -- Murray rips a backhand (140 kmh) cross court a la Andre Agassi
2:51 -- 36 stroke point won with a leaping backhand overhead by Federer
4:02 -- a coast to coast point won with a dropper that dribbles over the net

I hope all of you out there in Internet land got to see this match. If not, see below for some additional highlights.


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Great win for Andy..Roger played his heart out; he still has it in him to win many more GS's

Holy cow! What a match. Just from the hightlights it looks like one of the best best of threes this year.

Geez, and there was me thinking that Murray won the match! According to that second set of highlights it was 6-0 6-0 Federer!! They did show Murray win the last point though ... through an error by Federer.

What a great match! There will be more matches between the two greater players for years to come. Andy may finally end the British drought in the Grass tournament.

you know one would think highlights would be more murray shots not like 99% federer shots. whatever Murray still prevails with the workingmans game heh. looking foreward to the Davydenko Djokovic final

Just an AWSOME MATCH! Wish I could get it on tape somewhere.

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