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Indy Crisis Center, 7.26 07/26/2007 - 11:00 AM

Some of you may have noticed, perusing this website, that it is frequented by quite a large contingent of sexist, shallow, cliquish, hormonally-driven and lustful tennis freaks to whom, it often seems, Hottness is all. And the men who read this blog aren' always all that high-minded, either. . . But let's leave them out of it for now.Frankie

Ladies, here's your chance to lay all your cards on the table. I am asking each of you to step up and submit your Hott 5, in order of Hottness (hottest guy at No. 1). Feel free to add a comment to each of your choices, but keep it brief. Oh, and you men, you can talk Federer's slice backhand or something. . .

We'll do this in honor of Frankie, aka Tire Boy, who took out Juan Del Potro yesterday in Indianapolis.  I am due back from Newfoundland Sunday night, so have a great weekend.

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Posted by Marija 07/28/2007 at 04:53 PM

The first person that springs to my mind is Federer, he's intelligent, nice, and blah blah. But then, giving a second thought, I think that he can quickly become quite boring. Second in line is of course Nadal, but he, on the other hand, doesn't seem very intelligent (and I repeat "seem"). Before he opens his mouth, he's attractive to me. So, I've erased Federer and Nadal. To make it short, after some thinking, I came to the conclusion that my favorite is Djokovic: he's smart, mature for his age, interesting, ambitious, ... On the long run, I think he's the best. To complete the list, I'm choosing Gonzales and Tipsarevic (based just on looks).

Posted by Another Perspective 07/28/2007 at 05:14 PM

Celia, the Toronto event is well-attended, so book at least four to six months ahead if you want to get good seats for the quarters onwards. The event is well organized, the top players are usually there, and you'll enjoy the whole experience both inside and outside the center court.

Marija, if you think that Federer is boring, watch this:

and read this:

Nadal is quite bright despite his intensity. Here's another side to him, smiling and having fun in a match.

Posted by patrick 07/28/2007 at 06:35 PM

Another Perspective,
Video b/w Agassi and Federer was funny discussing haircuts.

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