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Been There, Done that, Serve 'em Up! 07/19/2007 - 10:10 AM


Rosie Crews and the World Team Tennis crew hosted a conference call with Lindsay Davenport yesterday, regarding Lindsay's return to pro tennis. She will be representing the Newport Beach Breakers in a WTT match against the Sacramento Caps on Saturday night, July 21st. This, despite that fact that just six weeks ago Lindsay gave birth, via C-section and three weeks prematurely, to a baby boy that she and husband John Leach named Jagger (no, it has nothing to do with Mick or any of the other Rolling Stones).

Lindsay was always a moody, self-conscious girl - remember how, at the U.S. Open last year, she admitted that formally declaring a retirement, a la Andre Agassi, was something she simply could not imagine doing (because of the attention it would bring on her)?  Good thing. If she had used the "R" word, it would make her current enthusiasm for playing again seem downright bizarre. I'm going to post the whole tele-conference transcript below, so you can judge her state of mind for yourself. To me, it sounds like all she needed to do was take a little break to drop a calf and, having dealt with that, she sees the world in a whole new light. It actually sounds like she's having fun hitting tennis balls.

Yet - at one point in the tele-conference, Lindsay was asked: At what point do you think you and John would be putting a racquet in his (Jagger's) hands?

She replied: "If it's up to me, at no time. I think probably another sport. But who knows. Whatever the kid wants to do, he'll obviously be able to do it."

Hmmmm . . . I take this to mean that Lindsay would rather that her son not play tennis (rather than that she would at no time be putting a racquet Jagger's hands, in an attempt to make him play). This is typical tennis-bashing by tennis players who, quite frankly, couldn't be kept away from the sport they purport to have come to loathe by a mule team. I don't mean to make a big deal out of it, but it's just one of those funny things you notice - when did a tennis player just come out and say: Yeah, I'd love it if my kid followed in my footsteps! This job is a piece of cake. Everybody kisses your butt, you make more money than God (about this, Lindsay especially knows!), and you never even have to make your own bed. Sure, losing blows. But you get over it. Duh! Of course I want my kid to be a tennis player!

Aw, fair enough. Let tennis players enjoy their moments of martyrdom. But it makes me wonder, what will happen when Champagne Kim Clijsters (just check her website for full details: I'm gettingmarriedandhatetennisandI' has her first kid? Is she going to come rushing out of the hospital, still in her maternity gown with that frizzy blonde hair corkscrewing all over the place, screaming, "Get me Serena!"

I'd be all for that. And on that front, I have some advice for all you girls: There's no need to break off with tennis like the game was a former boyfriend - controlling, demanding, keeping you from being you - just because the guy whom you want to father your kids pops onto the radar. It's okay to still like tennis when you're about to get married and start a family; it isn't like, infidelity, or anything, comprende? 

Lindsay is about to show  you that you can have it both ways. So resist all that drama-queen stuff; stop all this soul-searching and phony-baloney agonizing. You can have it both ways and, come to think of it, if you're Lindsay or Champagne Kimmy you can probably have it three or four ways, at the same time. Because Lindsay and Kimmy are proven champs, each of them is capable of beating most of the women on tour tour not just after she's  had a C-section, but probably while she's having one.

Oh, and less than a day after Lindsay announced that she's playing Team Tennis, I received an ecstatic email from Matt Van Tuinen, who is the PR guy for Pilot Pen Classic, a US Open tune-up tournament played in New Haven, Ct. Matt wrote:

Attached and below you will find a release regarding the fact that three-time Grand Slam champion and former World No. 1 Lindsay Davenport has committed to play  at Pilot Pen Tennis.  Davenport, whojust five and a half weeks ago gave birth to a baby boy, will make her return to the Tour at the Pilot Pen and play doubles with fellow American Lisa Raymond.

This is extremely exciting news for us, and I am sure fans will want to know about this development. . .

Geez, Lindsay, you ask for a couple of wild cards and who knows, we could see you in the WTA Championships! You've got to love the enthusiasm here. I must say, the turnaround has caught me totally by surprise. Here's the entire transcript of her WTT conference call, which contains another first - a former No.1 player actually admitting that she/he watched recent tournaments and actually enjoyed the experience!

MEDIA NOTEJust six weeks after giving birth to her first child, American tennis star Lindsay Davenport returns to the tennis courts for a WTT match.  The July 21 match in Sacramento against the Caps’ rival, the Newport Beach Breakers, will also be Davenport’s first WTT match since 2003 when she played for the Breakers.  This time around, Lindsay will be playing for the Sacramento Capitals.

    ROSIE CREWS (WTT):  We have Lindsay Davenport who is coming back to World TeamTennis.  She's been busy the last six weeks taking care of little Jagger.  She'll tell us about that.  She's coming back to play World TeamTennis with Sacramento on Saturday night (July 21).  This is the first time Lindsay is back in World TeamTennis since 2003.  She actually started her WTT career with the Caps in '93. Let's take some questions for Lindsay.

Q.  How are you feeling?

  LD:  I'm feeling great.  Thank you so much.

Q.  Tell me about when you started to play after the birth of your child?  How many weeks did you sit out?

LD:  You know, I had to have a cesarean section with him, so I was out not doing much the first two weeks obviously, then slowly just started to do some stuff about maybe when he was about two and a half weeks, just kind of getting more active on my doctor's permission.

You know, all of a sudden it's been  things have healed really quickly.  I felt really great.  I've had a great recovery.  So since about two and a half weeks, I've been pretty active, been able to practice now the last week at a very high percentage.  Glad there were no complications.

Q.  Did TeamTennis contact you about playing Saturday and why did you decide to play so soon after having a baby?

LD:  Yeah, you know, Ilana (Kloss, WTT CEO/Commissioner) is a friend of mine.  We have been obviously in contact through my pregnancy.  She had asked me in May, Is there any way you would want to come back and play a TeamTennis match?  You know, originally Jagger was not due until July 2nd, so I told her it probably wasn't going to be likely, knowing when the TeamTennis season was.  But because of some complications we had with him, he actually came obviously three weeks early on June 10th.

I talked to her shortly after and said, I'm feeling great.  You know, I think I'll be ready to do it.  I looked at it really as kind of a fun challenge to see, you know, if I could come back so quickly and kind of get me a little kick in the pants to get back being active, you know, being healthy and all of that stuff.

Q.  You talked to your doctor about it, I assume.  What was his or her reaction?

LD:  Yeah, fine.  Normally you go in every four weeks for your post op.  I see my doctor every week.  My husband takes me there to make sure I'm totally doing well and following orders.  Great.  I mean, everything I've done has been with her permission.  She's a friend of mine.  Everything is totally healthy and fine

Q: The name Jagger, what is the story behind that?
LD:  You know, it wasn't a big story.  We like maybe not the most traditional names.  It was a name that we had actually heard years ago.  It was always kind of the name we wanted.  It has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones, although people think that.

You know, it was just a name we gravitated towards.  We did not know what we were having the whole pregnancy.  For whatever reason, we thought we were having a girl.  We were always really discussing girl names.  When he came out, we found out it was a boy, we hadn't really discussed the possibility of anything other than a girl, so we went with the name that we had liked for the last few years.

Q.  Considering his middle name as well, do you envision him being called J.J. at some point? [Say what?????]

LD:  I don't know.  We used to talk about if we had a son, you know, we always refer to him as Johnny Jr. while we were never going to call him Jonathan Jr. or whatever.  But it was something fun we did.  We call him Jagger, but we certainly don't care if people call him that.

Q.  Should we take any signs from you playing World TeamTennis that we'll see you back on tour at some point?

LD:  You know, I'm not sure. I mean, I never thought that I would, things changed so much.  I never thought, first of all, I'd be coming back so soon.  It's been so much fun kind of preparing for it.  Just been hitting with my husband to get ready.  It's been great, great getting back in shape.

I hope so. I haven't made any decisions, final decisions yet.  But it's something kind of like a small goal in the back of my mind I'm working towards.  You know, as it went in the later part of my pregnancy, I thought if I stay healthy, it would be just great to be able to come back and play some as a mother.  Hopefully things continue to go well and that can be possible.

Q.  What is the greatest challenge and greatest joy of being a mom?  When you've come back before, when you've had layoffs, is the biggest challenge getting your timing or playing in front of crowds?  What is it from a tennis perspective you'll be dealing with Saturday?

LD:  Yeah, I mean, the first part of the question, the challenge I think for me is about trying to like balance everything.  I totally understand now the working mom's guilt.  If I go out and practice, I feel bad about leaving him.  If I'm home trying to do stuff, I feel bad cleaning up the house or whatever.  It's an interesting challenge there.  We have a wonderful lady helping us, which wouldn't be possible, and I don't think I'd be as focused if I didn't have her.

But I think as far as me coming back, it's never too much been about playing crowds.  It's sometimes in matches being able to play well at the right times.  The other thing for me is, you know, it's not so much timing of hitting the ball, it's moving and timing of hitting of the ball.  I mean, if it comes right down the middle, my timing's always been great.  It's about what kind of steps to take, getting in position, really setting up for my shots.

Q: When you see someone like Bammer, who is a mother, be really successful, Venus not a mother but just winning Wimbledon, your contemporaries, does that inspire you at all to come back, or is it regardless of what anyone else does?

LD: You know, people bring up Bammer a lot to me.  Probably a little different because I think her daughter's like I don't want to misspeak, but like six or something like that.  I'm sure that's incredibly difficult.

For me right now I'm focusing on coming back just from the pregnancy and dealing with an infant.  I'm not sure how it would be if he was five or six.

I think there's amazing women throughout the world that have done great things after having a baby.  Gwen Stefani is a friend of mine.  She balances it all just amazing and she's inspiring.  My mom went back to work after she had all of us.  Both my sisters work.  You know, just about being around that, I feel like I want to be able to try to do it all, and that's obviously being a good mother and a good wife and having some kind of career again hopefully.

Q.  You played Stanford quite often.  What was the appeal to play that tournament for you?  Now that San Diego isn't going to be in the mix, how challenging do you think it will be for that tournament to draw top players?

LD: Yeah, I loved Stanford.  It was definitely one of my favorite tournaments.  Coming from California, it was always really great.  I always played there when healthy to start my summer season.  I always thought the weather was great.  The fans are great.  A great atmosphere.  I always wanted to go to college there. I don't know if that was part of it.  I always thought it was a great, great tournament.

You know, I haven't seen the summer calendar.  I know San Diego's off.  I know Stanford falls before L.A.  In the summer, I think it would still be a good time for them.  It will be difficult next year with an Olympic year.  I think all the tournaments, their dates get kind of played with a little bit.

I think the players that have played there have always loved going there and hopefully that will continue to be the case.

Q. I was talking to Lisa Leslie last week.  She had her daughter a week or so before you did.  She said she also had a C section.  She went out to the ESPY Awards and it was the first time she had left the baby with her mom.  She obviously was feeling a lot of the same things that you are being away from the baby, trying to tend to other things.  Will you be bringing the baby up to Sacramento?

LD:  Oh, yeah.

Q.  How will you handle that?

LD: Yeah, I mean, there's no question.  Whatever I decide to do, and if that's playing again, yeah, I mean, he's with me full time.  That's part of being a mom and stuff.  Yeah, the whole family's going to Sacramento, dad included.

Yeah, you just have to make it work.  Obviously things get more challenging and in some cases more complicated.  I'm hoping that he'll bring me even more joy on the road and a lot of fun.  But obviously, you know, traveling, we just have to learn to make it work.

Q.  At what point do you think you and John would be putting a racquet in his hands?

LD:  If it's up to me, at no time.  I think probably another sport.  But who knows.  Whatever the kid wants to do, he'll obviously be able to do it.

Q.  What memories do you have when you debuted with the Capitals in '93, helped them win the league title in '97 and '98?

LD:  I loved playing there. I remember at the time Ramey (Osborne) was the owner, had gone through my coach at the time Robert (Van’t Hoff) to get me to play.  I was only 17 when I agreed to play.  Had no idea what I was getting into with the whole season.

But absolutely loved it.  Have always loved the concept.  You know, I love being around like the team atmosphere and other players.  Always really interesting when you get the men and women together working towards a common goal.  But everyone in Sacramento was great.  It always had the best crowds, tons of people always there.

I'm interested to see the new site where they're playing, be able to check that out.  I haven't been back there since I guess '98 was the last year.  I know I met a lot of great people up there, the people that all worked for the Capitals were great.  New coach in Wayne Bryan for me.  Look forward to playing with him on the bench.

Q.  Have you watched any tennis in your time off?

LD:  Yeah.  I mean, the last few weeks I was not put on bed rest, but I was put on some rest.  That was right when the French was going on, so I was watching that because there wasn't much else for me to do.  You know, Jagger was born the Sunday, the finals of the French, then two weeks later is Wimbledon.  Those two weeks you're not getting out all that much, so I got to watch Wimbledon, too.  And you're up in the middle of the night, so that was fun.

Q.  Did you find yourself missing it at that point?

LD:  You know, it's funny because I've always enjoyed it.  It was intriguing to watch it, especially kind of how more so for me Wimbledon than the French, how that played out.


You know, there's certain things you definitely miss and there's other things that you don't miss.  But definitely enjoyed watching it, seeing what kind of transpired with some of the upsets, obviously Venus just playing great after the first couple rounds to win again.

Q.  Did the fact she won that and Serena won Australia surprise you?

LD: It didn't surprise me at all.  It surprised me maybe two of the first three rounds she was in some trouble and got through, then she was just on cruise control it seemed like.

Q.  Why didn't it surprise you?

LD:  I think just when she steps on grass, she gets confidence.  I think she's so good on it, I think she knows it.  I think she knows the other players don't really want to play her on grass.  I think that immediately resonates in her game.  Kind of maybe the things that go through her head, maybe the doubt isn't there when she steps on a grass court.

Q. Are you breast feeding?

LD:  I am.  Last night we got to six and a half hours in a row and he's getting big.  I'm hoping this keeps getting extended.

Q.  When the baby arrives, some people say he looks just like you did when you were a baby, resembles family members.  What are people saying?

LD: Yeah, I joked that I'm basically a surrogate to my husband's twin.  It's ridiculous.  You know, my family tries to help.  Oh, you know, his fingers look like yours.  But he is a hundred percent my husband, which is cute.  I mean, it's amazing to look down and see that.

Q.  Where does John stand on possibly the playing?

LD:  He thinks it's great.  He's totally encouraging me to do whatever I want.  Obviously it would be tougher on him because he'd be without me and the baby for stretches at a time.  He thinks it's exciting.

The thing that really intrigues me about playing is the Olympics next year, trying to go back maybe obviously as a mother and see how that pans out.  But he's great.  I mean, he is going to come to Sacramento.  If I could make some sort of schedule, we'll definitely plan a lot of weeks where he's there, make it work.

Q.  Further down the road is the biggest challenge to stop Jagger's grandfather from getting him out on the court?

LD: The whole family.  You know, I mean, we'll see what happens.  I think it's probably in his best interest maybe not to follow the tennis gene.  You can't really control what they want to do.  Hopefully he'll be involved in some kind of sports

ROSIE CREWS:  Lindsay, thank you so much for joining us today.  We can't wait to see you in Sacramento.

LD:  I will see you this weekend.

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Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 07:45 PM

I count Stephen and Prakash. Who's the 3rd one?

Posted by Lucy 07/19/2007 at 07:45 PM

555 consecutive matches! And people accuse Fed/Rafaonclay of boringly consistent excellence.

It must've been such a shock when he lost the 556th.

Posted by dm29 07/19/2007 at 07:46 PM

Oh yeah the Maleevas.

Were they once all in the top 10 at the same time?

Posted by Dunlop Maxply 07/19/2007 at 07:49 PM

Vikram. I'm just typing in Amritraj on the ATP site. Unclear what Vikram's record is.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 07:54 PM

just did the same. clearly he's not upto family standards yet. he doesnt have his own wikipage.
I think I should create a stub for him. Especially if catching up on one's parent's accomplishments is such a big deal.

Posted by Lucy 07/19/2007 at 07:56 PM

Doubtless it is, Sahadev, but they have every other advantage to make up for it. Money/encouragement/understanding/access to facilities...

The fact is, though, that becoming a successful pro tennis player is an unlikely outcome for anybody. The child of a pro is probably still better placed than a random kid.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 08:01 PM

And I've already used up the team vs. individual sport card today. otherwise I would offer up a similar explanation for cricket and soccer.

Posted by Samantha 07/19/2007 at 08:04 PM

It's very rare to find members of the same family who are at the top of the sport. Venus and Serena are the only two I can think of. Both Kim and Lleyton had sisters who try to be pros, but both weren't very good. To me, this is why it's so important to go to college and make sure you have something to fall back on. I think that out of all the people who try to make a living off of tennis, not just to be superstars like Roddick, Justine or Roger, very few make a living off it. Maybe what? less then 1% who try. It's not a real stable career if you think about it. Look at poor Jen, she's 31, depressed and wondering what she's going to do. This is why college is so important. So yeah, I can understand people like Lindsay saying they don't want their kid to go into tennis, not the most stable career choice. An injury can take you out when you're young and then what do you do. Play the challenger like Dokic tried, or go back to Juniors like Young did. Also, a college career is something you can do for a lifetime, how long does the average tennis player last. Go Justine!

Posted by Sahadev 07/19/2007 at 08:06 PM

True. The question is how money, encouragement & understanding trade off with pressure...

Actually, I think this works to the advantage of younger siblings - they have access to the experience of older siblings, plus the drive to eclipse them. For instance: Jamie/Andy, Nikolay/Edouard, Oliver/Christophe, Serena/Venus, and if Novak is to be believed, his youngest brother is likely to be even more successful than he is...

Posted by Dunlop Maxply 07/19/2007 at 08:07 PM

I don't know much about the Amritraj family, although I have met, however briefly, the older generation.

I'll say this, though, if there were only three Amritraj brothers, to go three for three into the to 200 is something. All of these tennis parents ought to simply ask what Mr. and Mrs. Amritraj did, and do that.

By comparison, the Austin family only succeded at a 50% rate, with John and Tracy making the top 200, and Doug and Pam playing very good tennis but not quite at that level.

Posted by MrsSanta 07/19/2007 at 08:09 PM

I fully understand everyone's desire to ignore him but Marat and his sister Dinara are a pretty good example. Their mother was a relatively successful pro too.

Posted by Dunlop Maxply 07/19/2007 at 08:15 PM

The Safins! Indeed. Also, there are the relatively famous "Suks/Sukovas" -- well, depending upon how you define famous.

But at least today, everybody is getting some love.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 08:15 PM

But Dunlop, one of the Austin's made no. 1

Posted by Lucy 07/19/2007 at 08:15 PM

Right, the evidence does seem to point in favour of the younger siblings in tennis. On the other hand Marat is more successful than Dinara and Richard Krajicek more than Michaella (so far). Maybe the theory only holds when the siblings are the same sex?

Ptenis I fully support your Amritraj wikidrive.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 08:19 PM

Well there are J and P Macs.

Posted by Ray Stonada 07/19/2007 at 08:20 PM

Also, John was more successful than Patrick.

Might being the younger sibling mean one can look up to the older sibling, but not lookup to them TOO much, as if they were a parent. A lot of pros are the youngest of a tennis playing family: Lleyton, Andre, Pete.

Posted by Lucy 07/19/2007 at 08:20 PM


Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 08:21 PM

And IF ALL THE HYPE ABOUT ANDY is to be believed, he is going to be better than his brother.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 08:23 PM

The clijsters.

Posted by Sahadev 07/19/2007 at 08:25 PM

I thought for a moment you meant Roddick there. Which would be another example!

As for Murray, I think he has a good chance of being No.1, definitely top 3 material.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 08:25 PM

The Blakes on the younger sibling side.

Posted by Samantha 07/19/2007 at 08:26 PM

But Ptenisnet,Wasn't P-mac a loser? Didn't he only win like one single title in his career. I looked it up one day when he was trash talking Juju. It's very hard to think of siblings who are both at the top of the game. Go Justine!

Posted by Lucy 07/19/2007 at 08:26 PM

Those are some mighty snarky caps Ptenis. Something wrong with the idlis today?

Posted by Sahadev 07/19/2007 at 08:33 PM

LOL Lucy, you actually know what idlis are??

That might be OT. So, though I've never really cared one way or another about Lindsay Davenport, Go Lindsay!

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 09:27 PM

Idlis were very wrong today.

But the caps are rather proportionate to the amount of hype no?

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 09:28 PM

I ws offering P-Mac as a counter argument to the whole younger sibling theory. Unfortunately he seems to be the only one.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 09:28 PM

J-Cap has a brother who played college tennis too.

Posted by jhurwi 07/19/2007 at 09:39 PM

Parent/child combinations in baseball: Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr., Bobby and Barry Bonds. In both cases the son is a more successful player than the father.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 09:51 PM

Also James and Harry Potter.

Posted by DMan 07/19/2007 at 09:51 PM

I really enjoyed the prelude to the Lindsay interview, especially the bit about Kim and her website!!!

First, about Lindsay and her comments about never wanting to put a racket in her sons hands. I agree with Pete and others who indicated it was a bit disnigenuous. If Lindsay left it at, "Oh I don't know, or if he wants to play tennis I'll have to have a chat with him." Who better to advise a youngster about pitfalls of trying to play pro tennis than a top notch pro and a dad whose family comes from tennis? But in the big picture scheme it's hard for me to reconcile why Lindsay wants to come back immediately after giving birth while at the same time saying "I never want my (now) 6 week old baby to do what I am doing." If she had a daughter what would it sound like if said sure I can be a pro tennis player, have a kid, and return immediately to my career as a pro tennis player but God forbid my daughter follow in my footsteps, because it's so [horrible, hard, what ??????????????????????]

As for Lindsay's comeback, I was most surprised. OK one WTT match is one thing. It's one night, if she gets tired/injured she can be substituted and it's not like she is the only drawing card. It's festive and there's no pressure.

But she is playing doubles with Raymond in New Haven? What's that about? Girls just want to have fun, and she wants to test the waters. OK. Is this or isn't this a comeback? The fact that Lindsay appeared to be, in her words, 'one injury away from retirement' since 2004, it's quite surprising that after giving birth 6 weeks ago she seems almost too eager to return. (The appeal of motherhood not that great afterall?)

I am also seriously dubious about the whole Olympic thing. So Lindsay supposedly wants to play in Beijing next year?? Why am I dubious? Lindsay won the Olympics in 96 and planned to play Sydney in 2000 but was injured. But she totally BAILED on the opportunity of playing in Athens in 2004 - where she had a very good chance at winning gold - because she would rather play in the Tier III Cincy tournament. Four years later and she seriously thinks she wants to go all the way over to China (after playing in at least some events to be considered for the team and be match ready) just to play in the Olympics again? Even if it's doubles only with Raymond, what are they thinking as far as a couple of 30+ year olds?

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 09:57 PM

About the olympic thing. Doesnt she have to made herself available for fedcup to qualify?

Posted by ptenisnet 07/19/2007 at 10:04 PM

have to have.

Posted by skip1515 07/19/2007 at 10:18 PM

Parents and their children: the Fitzgibbons, the Mayers, the Heldmans. Pancho Gonzales' son (name?) also played on the tour for awhile, if I remember correctly.

Siblings: Chris and Jeanne Evert, and Sandy and Gene Mayer (again), the Gullicksons, the irrepressible Jensen brothers, and Tiriac and Yeti.

Posted by beb 07/19/2007 at 10:24 PM

I am so happy Lindsay is coming back she was my 3rd favorite player behind the William Sisters. GO Lindsay.

Posted by Narci 07/20/2007 at 01:02 AM

If you're financially set for life it is really not a big deal going back to work and juggling the family and career.

Funny how all these celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth and now Lindsay talk about mother's guilt when leaving for work and about how difficult it is to attain that work/life balance. Please. Even Lindsay said she'd have her child with her at all times plus a nanny and hubby too! How difficult could it be? It's not like she's chained to her desk without any autonomy over her work schedule.

Posted by Sahadev 07/20/2007 at 01:48 AM

Tim and Chris Mayotte. Stefan and Hans Simonsson. Ken and Doug Flach.

Posted by kingandre 07/20/2007 at 04:30 AM

Check out this link on Capriati.
Really sad

Posted by kingnadre 07/20/2007 at 04:52 AM

Talking of Prakash ,he has been doing really well for the last couple of months. He and Rohan are in the qtrs of challengers .Rohan vs Aisham in the qtrs actually.

Posted by kingandre 07/20/2007 at 05:26 AM

Emilio,Jaiver and Arantxa Sanchez.The hewitts,Rochus brothers,Kings i think are siblings.not sure though.vania and phillip,ancic,korolev(cousin of anna kournikova),baghdatis brothers,there is another nieminen but i am not sure as to whether they are related.there should be a lot many more.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/20/2007 at 09:59 AM

hey there kingandre. it's been a while.

Posted by Rosangel 07/20/2007 at 10:01 AM

More siblings: Mario and younger sister Sanja Ancic. John and David Lloyd (John is the more successful, and younger). Vitas and Ruta Gerulaitis (Ruta was younger). Vitas senior was a teaching pro. We also have Agnieszka and Urszula Radwanska.

Evgeny Korolev and Anna Kournikova are first cousins.

Posted by Rosangel 07/20/2007 at 10:21 AM

I tend to think that maybe it's easier for the child of a famous sportsperson to succeed at another sport, where the pressure of comparison is less, yet the lessons learned by the parent may still be worth something.

British tennis player Elena Baltacha is the daughter of a footballer, Sergei Baltacha, and her mother was an Olympic athlete. I think her brother played football as well. OK, she's not all that well known outside the UK, but has also had injuries/ilnesses to deal with.

I guess the Nadal family, in a broader sense, might be a good example.

In football, a sport on which I am no expert, Phil and Gary Neville spring to mind as a successful brother act. With a sister who's a netball international.

There's little doubt that the elder Schumacher brother is the more successful.

Bjorn Borg's son Robin learned to play tennis, and at one point a few years ago (I think it was when he played the exo at Buckingham Palace against McEnroe) his father said that he thought that he might turn out to be pretty good. But nothing much seems to have come of it.

Posted by Tokyo Tom (tt) 07/20/2007 at 10:23 AM

In sports few can match the Khan's in squash can they = and it seems generational excellence translates especially well in the National Football League.

Posted by susi 07/20/2007 at 11:48 AM

Tiki and Ronde (don't know if I spelled that right) Barber; Peyton and Eli Manning (dad Archie was a pretty accomplished quarterback as well, I believe) in the NFL

Posted by susi 07/20/2007 at 11:49 AM

ptenisnet -- *Harry and James Potter* LOL Very appropriate since we're at about 12 hours and counting!

Posted by M-Life 07/20/2007 at 01:00 PM


Yes, I agree. Chaki should beat Patty Schnyder in the finals. The only other person who has a shot is Akiko Morgami.

Rosangel- you forgot Alona & Katerina Bondarenko.

Posted by codepoke 07/20/2007 at 01:04 PM

Damon Hill was a pretty good racer, and his father was Graham Hill. In fact, there are lots of racers whose children are dominant in the sport. The Earnhardts, Unsers and Andrettis all come to mind.

Posted by codepoke 07/20/2007 at 01:10 PM

Ptnisnet - On team versus individual sports and humility:

It seems that the very individuality of the sport might be what humbles the participants. My point being that members of team sports grow prouder of their successes over the years, but individuals bear their failures alone, endure their training alone, and suffer the pressure alone again and again. You can take credit for your successes alone, too, but even in your greatest day you make mistake after mistake. It's a very, very humbling game.

So, maybe us fans are naturally are drawn to people who look like they can survive that humbling.

I know nothing of golf, but it's a lone-wolf game, too. Are golfers also known for self-deprecation?

Posted by codepoke 07/20/2007 at 01:11 PM

> I tend to think that maybe it's easier for the child of a famous sportsperson to succeed at another sport, where the pressure of comparison is less, yet the lessons learned by the parent may still be worth something.

Great point.

Posted by patrick 07/20/2007 at 03:48 PM

I do agree on Morigami being the player who can ruin the Anna-Patty final and Patty got to deal with her tonight.

Posted by Dunlop Maxply 07/20/2007 at 03:55 PM

Not that anyone is still reading, but in researching a post on the James Blake thread I noticed that there is a Miroslav Mecir Jr. on the ATP computer, with one point to his young name.

Go Mecir Jr.

Posted by Celia 07/20/2007 at 04:41 PM

Only one point? Dang.

Posted by ptenisnet 07/20/2007 at 05:11 PM

Dude beat someone ranked almost 1000 places above him to earn that point. That ought to be some sort of record.

Posted by Sam 07/20/2007 at 05:18 PM

DM: Neat. Wonder if he plays anything like his father, whose game I enjoyed watching.

Posted by Sahadev 07/20/2007 at 06:04 PM

I find myself rooting for Sergei Bubka Jnr. But the guy's been in the 300's for a while now...

Posted by ptenisnet 07/20/2007 at 06:05 PM

Sergei Bubka Junior, for one thing, shouldn't have any trouble jumping over the net after match point for the handshake.

Posted by Sahadev 07/20/2007 at 06:21 PM

Maybe he'd launch himself over it backward using his racquet as a prop? Now there's one more reason to wish him success...

Posted by ptenisnet 07/20/2007 at 07:06 PM

and knock his opponent over, and consequently, either adds injury to insult or exacts vengeance.

Posted by f 07/20/2007 at 07:27 PM

TVonline coverage?
anyone knows a website to watch online the Mercedes Cup Stuttgart games? What about the L.A. tournement?
Thank you

Posted by susi 07/20/2007 at 08:24 PM

The LA tournament is on the TC tonight at 8:30 Eastern US time, I believe. The James Blake/Vince Spadea match was on ESPN2 earlier this afternoon. Go James!

Posted by patrick 07/20/2007 at 09:50 PM

Where are you going to be sitting at tomorrow morning in LA? I will be watching out for you. Can you describe what you will be wearing tomorrow. Look forward for your LA report on TW.

Posted by Samantha 07/21/2007 at 06:55 AM

Poor Marat, he's not in a slump, he's in decline. It's so sad because two years ago, he beat Roger and Lleyton to win the AO. That's not that long ago, and now he's losing to second tier players in the early rounds. What a waste of talent. You can never say never with a player, but I think it's much over for Marat as a top player. But good luck to him. Go Justine!

Posted by TF 07/21/2007 at 10:38 AM

Not sure if this thread is still really active - i think ptenisnet mentioned the Krishnan's earlier in the thread. While I was at Wimbledon during the first week, I noticed that (as far as I can tell), they're the only Father/Son duo to have won the Junior Wimbledon crown.

Posted by TF 07/21/2007 at 10:40 AM

Not sure if this thread is still really active - i think ptenisnet mentioned the Krishnan's earlier in the thread. While I was at Wimbledon during the first week, I noticed that (as far as I can tell), they're the only Father/Son duo to have won the Junior Wimbledon crown.

Posted by yo 07/21/2007 at 08:50 PM

I saw Stuttgart SF today on but i guess it's not available in USA.

Posted by f 07/22/2007 at 02:33 AM

Susi, Yo, thank you for advising.

I will ry to see the finals today.

Have a great weekend,


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