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Roland Garros Crisis Center, Day 6 - Overflow
Posted 05/29/2009 @ 11 :39 AM


Please continue your tennis-related conversations here.

-- Rosangel Valenti

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i have an idea...

can we ban the word 'vamos' for like an entire day??


"Safina to me in this tournament has her Eyes and Head on the Prise."

so far so good :-)))
she's playing like #1, hope she continues and claims her first Slam

The SOD wins the 2nd set against Ferrer. Now at one set apiece. Shaping up to quite a battle that match.

Söderling breaks to win the second set 7-5.

Since Baby Punter won set 2 to tie the match with Honey Badger, will the French organizers move Victoria Azarenka and Carla Suarez Navarro to another court?

So the tedious and inexorable execution of poor old Hewitt is finally over. Never imagined back in '01-02 that I'd ever be feeling even slightly sorry for Mr. "C'mon". Now we can go back to watching some interesting tennis. And who's next on Rafa's cream-puff schedule? It's almost like the fates have gone out of their way to make his draw-half as boring as possible. Maybe Gonzo can have one of his Superman career days in the SF (if he gets that far) and take down Rafa. When he's really on, he can totally destroy Rafa (or just about anyone else, for that matter). To bad it only happens every 2 years or so. Let's hope it happens next Friday and we get the Dream Final: Fererer-Gonzalez.

I don't know what came over me a few minutes ago. I can't believe I was actually vouching for Shrieky.

Oh my is that Tipsy wearing sleeveless?????? O*O

WHAT?!?!?! OMG these two women on Eurosport UK have this to say: "so what weaknesses can Tipsarevic exploit in Andy Murray, world no 3, potentially, VERY SOON going to be world no 2..."
Can they WAIT until it happens to start yapping about it!?!?!?! IF it happens?!?!?!?!?!?! *FURIOUS*

COME on Tipsy. CRUSH HIM. Crush him like a PUNY INSECT. GRRRRRRR.

Ok, I'm calm. I'm calm... I'm calm...

Guys remember last year at RG Safina beat Maria

One of the best games I have seen Safina play

Also the French crowd booed Miss Shrieky off the court with her antics.

Tipsy in sleeveless? i like the wardrobe change. you get an Ajde for that. hail, i'm full on cheering on him now. LOL

fingers, toes and all else that i can cross are crossed for Masha

Egads, all tied up btwn Sod & Ferru? As much as I'd like to see Rafa inflict the omgwtfpwnage on Gen. Sod at RG, I just gotta say ... wait for it ... wait for it ...

Vamos Ferru!

I assume Fed-Gonzo is the dream final for Fed fans, isnt it?

Gimelstob seems to have been elevated by TTC from the class clown to TTC's version of Chris Fowler. Ugh.

David needs to put on that Mustard t-shirt ASAP

sure Tim. if we can ban the word TMF as well. equal opportunity banning an all that...

Agree totally about SharApova. She is such a 'krivlyaka' and phony.

Y'all probably already know this but has live streaming - free!! Many matches to choose from, great visuals and lots of other stuff available.
Happy watching!

"Guys remember last year at RG Safina beat Maria
One of the best games I have seen Safina play
Also the French crowd booed Miss Shrieky off the court with her antics."

Yeah, I remember that match clearly...

I like both girls, but it's Dina's time now to shine :-))

the "v" word is the most overused word on this site, it must be banned for 24 hours, see if anyone can do it... up to the challenge??

Ferrer had a BP in the first game of the 3rd, as Sod missed some of those hard flat shots, but he was unable to convert. Sod up 1-0 in the 3rd.

Any links for the Sharapova match?

davai, Masha!

Imjimmy is impressed!!!

Im happier!!!:P hahahaha

Wow, WS now down a double break.

I hope The Sod wins this one. Because he would have to play Rafa again.

anyone got a good stream for Masha match? mine is constantly the fromsport one

"the "v" word is the most overused word on this site, it must be banned for 24 hours, see if anyone can do it... up to the challenge??"

VAMOS TIM!!!!!!!!!!
LOL sorry. I'm up for it!!!!

*Still fuming about what the random people on Eurosport UK said*

" She is such a 'krivlyaka' "


Well, Tim: Only one thing to say. Rafa. vamos, vamos vamos
and Vamos!

Sod breaks. He's just whacking the heck out of the ball. 2-0 and serving.

yeah Ros like we all cant wait for another 61 60 thriller lol

Justice: Thanks for video on the previous page. Nice recital of iconic 'if' by Fedal.

Fed fans shouldn't be complaining of the draw for sure. Fed's draw before the SF is prolly one of the weakest in recent slams, and far easier than that of Nole/Muzz/Rafa.

Soderling is being very solid with his shots. Deep, flat and accurate. He breaks again and goes up 2-0 in the 3rd.
I dont like the way this is looking. Maybe i should just stop watching, leave my destiny in the hands of the providence, turn the sound off and go get some eye candy with Sharapova.

you rafa fans want blood and vengeance, like Rafa at 5-1 up, questioning an out call, and getting hissed lol


Yes for Vamas ban. At least for a day or two. Tiresome.
Daveed is as uninspiring as it gets - polar opposite from pinker-stinker. Runs around, plays tireless groundies, gets to the 5th sets and then looks for a coin toss. And then in between walks that Agassi's (no disrespect to the great man) purposeful duck-walk without a purpose. Urg.

Why aren't they showing Thinker vs. MAndy now? Live streaming and TV coverage are showing the same. Is this the same management? I am tired of these clowns. Oh well, by the time MAndy's game gets interesting...

PS: Soder man looks like he does bad things to kids and kicks puppies! Am I the only one seeing this?

the only peeps who will agree to a vamos ban are those who dont say it. luv u Maha but its true hehe.

Seems like Rafa had no problem rolling over his opponent...Murray's match should be more difficult..but he seems to be very focused.

Simon..what gives???? Tennis not fun anymore?
I was hoping Stan would get through...

Revenge is always sweet, Tim.

TripleF, yes to all of the above, i kinda like Ferru because he hits flat and goes for it, but Sod definitely kicks puppies in his spare time, and i have no clue what TTC is doing with streams, they have one court at the moment, and thats already on TV!

Soderling is also serving well, as he goes up 3-0. I'm out of this match.

LOL Mina... it may be true :P But I can say the "v" word if I want to ^^!!!! For now though, it's Ajde ajde ajde!!! Go Tipsy go Tipsy GO!!!!!!!

I think of Soderlin as rotten robin.

Mina While you are still around at 2.00am I will not be moving up the coast until July now if you want to meet up.I will be going to the Art gallery when Peter goes back to work around the 10th of June.Could meet up in the city where you work.

I thought when I read this first that Rafa dosen't understand the meaning of this true? What exactly is he saying here?

"Do you think that gamesmanship is a necessary part of sporting success.

RN: Absolutely. this is very important. In the end sport is a game, tennis is a game. When it's over, it's over and the competition stays on-court."

ladyjulia: since when did Gilles Simon do well a) on clay, b) in a grand slam, c) in a very high pressure setting of playing at home? I don't think this is particularly surprising...

Ros didnt the revenge already happen like, you know, with the breadstick and bagel a few weeks ago?

Rafa and his fans--merciless I tell you, merciless!

what a gorgeous day in Paris, I want to be

WOW, I kinda didn't expect Rafa to play so well. I would like fewer errors but satisfied with everything else. He's playing really well. And most importantly he's getting better round by round. Typical Rafa at RG stuff. I'm now a little more confident. I think it will be tough against Ferrer(if he wins)but I expect Rafa to be ready. But if it is the SOD I'm sure Rafa will come on court having every intention of drinking the SOD's blood!! LOL

Anyway, this must have sent a good warning to the others. Rafa is peaking nicely.

imjimmy You know the world no 2 always gets Cup Cake draws?lol!

I think Rafa fans should totally unban the use of Vamos, si?

I may just include it in every post from now on.

Vamos Rafa!!!!!

Ladyjulia LOL I'm not sure but it sounds like he's got gamesmanship and sportsmanship mixed up or something???

WOW, I kinda didn't expect Rafa to play so well. I would like fewer errors but satisfied with everything else. He's playing really well. And most importantly he's getting better round by round. Typical Rafa at RG stuff. I'm now a little more confident. I think it will be tough against Ferrer(if he wins)but I expect Rafa to be ready. But if it is the SOD I'm sure Rafa will come on court having every intention of drinking the SOD's blood!! LOL

Anyway, this must have sent a good warning to the others. Rafa is peaking nicely.

Rosangel: Didn't the revenge match-up already happen in Rome? Why would you want Ferrer to loose; he deserves to go farther than the SOD..Surely?

Frances: he he.. nice match today :) Are you watching Muzzah's match at all?

C1...he reached QF of AO and lost only when he ran into Nadal..

I thought...yes, I know I shouldn't have...but I had some hope...*sigh*..never mind, I shall root for Tsonga..but only up to the QFs!

Ros, youre breaking the rules we've just enacted for the next 24 hours, please oblige or we may have to send in Federbear :)

Mr. X:
Federer-Murray on clay would also be a Dream Final. Sweet payback on the Grand Slam Big Stage, which Murray doesn't yet know how to succeed on. And he would be quite helpless against Fed on clay. But Mr. Squaremouth will never make it to the Finals. He's very unlikely even to make the semis, and I wouldn't bet a nickel on him to even make it to the QF.

Is it pink, is it maturity, or is it spring in Paris, Rafa photographs better and better, both in action pics:

...and in closeups:

Also, he didn't play half bad. Loved the aggressive game.

hi AM! sure we can meet up in the city, when will u be going to the art gallery? maybe we can meet up after work? does that sound ok for u? i should really get your email, cos you're not on facebook :)

ladyjulia: but that's the only time in his career, and he's 24, which is actually not that young for a tennis player at all.

And HC is his best surface for sure.

Judging from his answer, it's pretty obvious to me that he confused the meaning with 'sportsmanship'
Hey, Muzz is on my screen. Well, i might stay with this for a while. And Tipsy in a sleeveless shirt. I dont think it fits him.

Incredible backhand by Tipsy!!! Makes it 2-all. Hmph. I'm waiting for first blood mwahwhawhahwahwaha...

LOL I love it how ava's talking about Rafa drinking the SOD's blood LOLLL.

Federbear and Russ, please call in, I've got a job for you...

*run Ros run!*

I'm going to use it as a greeting, myself. E.g.:

Vamos, Rosangel--how are you today?

... or:

Vamos, Tim--Paris does indeed look lovely today!


Vamos, imjimmy: Word. Fed's draw should give him a pretty straight shot into the semis. Maybe Monfils in the QFs could trouble him? I doubt it, though.

Yeah...Maha..that's what I thought too. But he uses a translator,no?

Besides, he says it should remain on court.

*sigh* ...never mind, he should take care what gets published in a leading newspaper (I suppose the times can be called that)...

Yes Indeed repeat affter me every Rafa fan still on line

hear we go..........................................

Vamos Rafa,Vamos Rafa,Vamos Rafa,Vamos Rafa,Vamos Rafa,Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more for the road,

Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, did the announcers really did say Murray was "soon to be #2"? Well, in that case... COME ON TIPSY!!!!! Hey, I don't want Roger out of that spot anytime soon. So now I have to root against everything "Murray-like"... Sorry Murray fans... you all understand, don't 'cha...?

LOL Rosangel... Vamos on every post. or on the moniker. in retaliation to the proposed Vamos ban. LOL

Sod reminds me of Dana Carvey, only with a sour disposition.

Ferru's gonna have to change things up - this is looking like batting practice for Sod.

Masha match:

thanks for the pics malimeda

"Sod reminds me of Dana Carvey, only with a sour disposition."

Good call =)

Just to piss off people. LOL

Tipsy has bp!


I recommend everyone in the US here to buy teh June edition of the Men's Journal magazine about RAFA-- really nice piece of writing.

LOLLLL Aussiemarg... you invite a counter-attack from us Roger fans ;) much as I love you and mina and lots of other Rafa fans LOL!!!!

OMG BP for Tipsy....

If Muzz plays the way he's doing in this Tipsy match, Fed would destroy him. His shots are not doing anything special and he's making many UFEs. I still see him going to the QF and then losing to Gonzo.

OH YEAHHHH first blood!!!!!! Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeahhhhh.
Let's BOOGIE!!!!!!

Vamos, everyone. ;-)

Nice match from Rafa...I may be insane but Hewitt played well to my eyes.

thanks for pics, malimeda. :)

Vamos, Murray! (although I do love you, Tipsy.)

imjimmy...I don't agree that Fed has a weak draw...Chucho played lights out for a set and a half yesterday, and according to many people, PHM is going to take Fed out..PHM, I understand has troubled Rafa on clay also?

Monfils reached SFs last year...and looking at the scoreline he's getting, it dosen't look like the knee is a factor.

Sure, Ferrer and Verdasco are in Rafa's side, but they are pretty weak when it comes to Rafa, he will roll over them easily.

Given the way Willy-Wonka played yesterday, I wouldn't rule out Dovak getting knocked out. Elf and Willy-Wonka could be a great match.

ESPN2 is showing ReeVee's dubs match. Stands are packed. Nice to see. LMAO - Pam S saying that Dulko/Szavay may not want to be too smiley on court, lest they piss ReeVee off and get drilled on a floater.

Huh? Dulko's only 24? NFW. Seems like she's been around forever.

I have Murray going out as well in my SP picks

hola and Vamos to you too, Jewell!

what ripper that was fr Shvedova. dang.

lol ava, well yeah i guess sheer repetition in playing style AND vocabulary does make sense ... it is Rafa, after all, variety just isnt on the menu

OK, imjimmy: Vamos Ferru! Let's have a five-setter, by all means....

Vamos Rafa!

CPM - I'm in a Vamos kind of a mood today.

commentators say that Maria is playing sloppy... I hope she can find a way to lift her level...

I am liking Tipsy new shirt, it works well.

Mr X if you think Shrieky is eye candy you need your eyes tested, granted she has nice long legs and that is about it.

c1..yeah, Simon is 24..its a little late for him to wake up.

Even if Rafa thought that about gamesmanship (i dont think so), he would never EVER say it in an interview. He was obviously confused.
Tipsy breaks to go up 3-2 as Murray is being too passive. That seems to be a common problem for him on clay.

Muahahaahahaahahahaahahahaa TIPSY stay UNinjured in this match and don't let us down!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man don't blow it!!!!

imjimmy at 11:53:
"Fed fans shouldn't be complaining of the draw for sure." Very true. But this is clearly a case of the tennis Fates being just and proper. Unlike Rafa's cream-puff Quarter. He-he. ('A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds')

Go Ferrer against Soderling. At least he'll make the next round against Rafa ever-so-slightly more interesting.

jum, Hewitt played well? compared to whom, Justin Gimelstob?

well, as you suggested, yes, you may be insane :)

*loves snarky Pam Shriver*

Forgot to add, love the photo of Agnes. Hoping her and Dulko can beat the WS in the dubs.

"they piss ReeVee off and get drilled on a floater."


AM did u see my post re meeting in the city?

Angel, i probably need to have my eyes checked together with Mr X. cos i wanna look like Masha when i grow up LOL

Mr X I agree with your thoughts on Murray,too passive at times

Hang on I forgot something? remember now

Vamos Rafa!!

HELLO JEWELL!!!!!!!! How be ye?!?!?! :D

OMG UNLUCKYYYY for Tipsy. Be careful!!!! Yayyyy Ad.

MAN am I the only Fedadorer left here???? Where the heck is everyone?!?!?! I need support against the Vamos brigade! LOL.. or.... I might join them!!!!!

I know it well, Tim. :)

(I assume that "jum" is me...LOL)

*waves to mina*

ugh - nasty miss from Tipsy to go back to deuce - still have a bad feeling for Murray on this one.

*off to work* Later, everyone. :)

Mr. X, it wasn't an interview..its that blog he writes for the Times.

He says he dictates to somebody (his sectrary? personal assistant??) and that somebody writes it down and sends it to the Times. Apparently, a year ago, somebody said that Rafa was not writing the blog because the English was Rafa said that he dictates to somebody who is better in English.

He should be careful, no?

Great point from ReeVee to get BP. And they break!

*wonders why I don't watch dubs more often*

And, as if on cue, ESPN cuts away from ReeVee match, answering my question.

mina, thanks for the link.

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