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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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Thanks Andrew =)

Wow, Jo looks demonic in that photo!!

Or stoned ...

Jo-Wi looks creepy.

*loves Ikea Rafa* So great to see him back.

Xisca in the house? I don't remember seeing her at a match before. Now Rafa simply must win ; )


Thanks Andrew. Nice pic!

Vamos Rafa!

Rafadoc: You partied 'til he's pretty, right?

"I know the girlfriend is not extremely appreciated by some posters around here, but i must say this: she sure is hott."

Mr. X : I think it's a bit like us guys not particularly liking/appreciating Fernando Verdasco's charms. :-)

JO looks scary and tahnks andrew for the overfolw

and here we go!!!

Fransesca better be a good luck charm AM. pfffffft.

mcakron: lol

Thanks for the overflow Andrew. :)

I do like Rafa's bright colors. The yellow is a little loud but that color blue is really nice looking.

I think he's in shock!! Also me to Tim!!

What's with the hair?

Thanks Andrew,

Rafadoc you must be Drunk,gotta find another coach to perve on no?

rafa got dressed in the dark again?

tfactor, the fox commies were going on abt leaving gfs and moving on, I think they were making an analogy but I missed it due to posting.

Tina, glad you are back also, how is everything going with you?

I did a major stuff up this week, I missed my first major scan as I got the dates wrong, so now I have to wait another 2 weeks. I was so angry with myself yesterday when I found out.

I'm glad Rafa's gf is there, I don't have a problem with her. She must be on her summer break?

AM: I have come to my the right angle....*turns head sideways*

that is the worst pic of Tsonga ive ever seen lol

youd think fed won the match looking at it...

LOL Tim. Stir that pot.

Tim well with that yellow,it can light up all of Monteral no?

VAMOS, Rafa!!!!!!

jb - thx. No wonder I couldn't guess it. ;-)

Delpo holds at 30 to start the match, serving well and going to Nadal's BH. Nadal's returns were a little subpar in some points, but he also won a couple of points with good deep shots, a FH and a BH.
The serve is the key. If he doesnt serve well, Delpo will destroy his 2nd serve.

good point contruction by rafa and this is a bh - fhduel
me like it

Nadal dictating play well with his forehand.

wow del potro is playing good defense

thanks andrew!

Oh I see Angel :)

Ok some long rallies already. Rafa will get a work out here if nothing else

Rafa keep pushing on a lateral basis,good thinking

Anm watching highlander with hubby so will be counting on match calls thanks in advance

My astigmatism won't allow me to watch streams...stomach gets all upset.

"I think it's a bit like us guys not particularly liking/appreciating Fernando Verdasco's charms. :-)"

Agreed. I actually thought Sauce should go back to the gel, but the women hated it from I could tell. I thought it gave him character. Shows you what I know.

I like the blue on Rafa but not a fan of the yellow at all.

Just dropping by to say Vamos Rafa....

1-1, fairly solid start from both guys.

rafa is so tan--- very balearic color i love it!!1

I Like the blue and yellow combo. Looks good.

did you nap so you could stay up for rafa ros?

mackron the gel was eating into hot's prize money, i think he spent 10 grand a week on the stuff to keep the fau hawk in place

Solid first serve game by Rafa to hold at 15. He dominated most of the points with his FH, although it still lacks that extra bite, IMO. Pinning Delpo to his BH side and hitting to the open side when necessary. Also, the serve worked well.

hi rosangel!!!1 i was looking for you!!

Lucky netcord for del Potro. 30-0.

Hi Rosangel ;)

Rafa seems to love bright colors.

RA, that is amazing. I was just thinking abt you and you showed up.

Oh, NP: I see you rushed back from Walmart to be with us!

so far good satrt by both guys solid serves and good rallies

WOW that slice of delpo was federeresque

nice!!!! that shot may have made me a JMDP fan--one handed slice backhand winner!

wow del po playing well

rafa looking tense already

Woo-hoo what a slice from Del Potro! Never knew he had that in him. 2-1, on serve.

Hi Rosangel,long time no see.

sword fighting in parking garage reminding me of tennis

Del Potro is serving really good so far. Rafa isn’t looking to bad which is good.

Beautiful play from the Elf in his service game

Lynne, no need to patronize Wal-Mart anytime soon. Remember, now I've got a closet full of spare CBs.

Delpo holds at love to go up 2-1, closing the game with a great BH slice. Rafa seems to be picking his spots more, not running for every seemingly unreachable ball. Tom Perotta has a post about that.
Delpo serving well, and Nadal having some trouble to return from the BH side. Also, a very lucky netcord for Delpo in the second point of that game.

Hi Rosangel! Good to see you.

Mr. X: I read that too. Me likey. I hope Rafa sticks to that plan.

rafa chilax a bit:P no need to worry u will be ok:P

Well, the netcord is Del Potro's friend so far today.

Ahhh Rafa move your feet

serve is dropping

I'm not sure about the bandanna but the shirt is the best I've ever seen Rafa wear.

the people seems to be really rooting for rafa for now at least

ok rafa is now makin erros i tink he looks tentative
vamos rafa

NP what are CB's?

Quality point from both guys, 15-30.

Yeak keep moving him from side to side

great rally by both vamos rafa

As long as the knees OK, I'm OK.

Thank God Steve can Count

toonie, crystal balls.

Del Potro stands way behind the baseline, and Nadal takes advantage with a drop-volley. Good tactics.

delpo is too far behind the line to return rafas serves
still good volley by rafa and he miis a fh
the netcord is 2-0 delpo

NP: I just knew you had to have a fault...crystal balls : )

Ahhhhhhhhhh Rafa!! blah

Netcord yet again. Del Potro gets to deuce on the Nadal serve.

Vamos Rafa! Good luck mate!

Hi Rosangel,

Long time, no see. Hope you're well, and how pumped are the "wrong-side" driving Brits about Murray nowadays? You have a shrine of his built in your living room yet? ;-)

Making The Elf bend,keep this up rafa

2-2, no real scares on serve yet for either guy. Early days in this match.

Tough hold by Rafa. Strange moment there with the late call on the double bounce

Maybe, carnap. My CBs are as servile and reliable as the Magic Mirror in Shrek.

BTW, dear Spanish speakers, what does "VAMOS" mean, literally?

Is it like "Come on?"

Rafa holds to get to 2-2. Good stuff, playing well after he had gotten into trouble in the first 2 points. A very solid rally, another point closing at the net, and good shots overall. He still lacks some confidence with his shots, as seen when he didnt get all the topspin in that FH close to the net after Delpo's netcord.

del po is playing very confidently

Whoa, dP's groundies are doing some damage tonite.

Wow, lovely inside-out forehand winner from Del Potro.

calm down frances--

rafa just chilax-- we are just having fun:P

Rafa you arent going to beat The Elf like that,he like to control the middle of the baseline

Got to keep moving him,dont let him dictate.

My stream is wonky -- "stream" is a misnomer. Maybe I'll just watch the taped Fed-Tsonga match.

good fh by delpo i think rafa shots are a little short tonight
but hes still playin solid a think

vamos rafa!!!

Routine hold by the Elf for 3-2. How did he get that name, by the way?

Cincinnati Order of Play:
Elena Dementieva defeated Caroline Wozniacki 6-2,6-1
Dinara Safina defeated Kim Clijsters 6-2,7-5
Flavia Pennetta defeated Daniela Hantuchova 6-3,6-3
Jelena Jankovic defeated Sybille Bammer 6-0,6-3

Tennis Channel is showing delayed coverage right now until 1 AM

Montreal Order of Play:
Andy Murray defeated Nikolay Davydenko 6-2,6-4
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated Roger Federer 7-6(5),1-6,7-6(3)
Andy Roddick defeated Novak Djokovic 6-4,7-6(4)
Juan Martin Del Potro on serve with Rafael Nadal 3-2 (ESPN2 will replay this match at 12:30 AM)

I like the royal blue on Rafa but the dots have to go...can Nike get anything right with Rafa's kit this year? geez!

Does anyone else think Rafa's forehands are landing a bit short as they were just before he left for the knee break?

Vamos=Come on
Solid hold by Delpo to go up 3-2. He's serving very well, as Nadal won the point when he had a look at a second serve, but Delpo hit an ace, a great FH winner after a very good rally, and an unreturned serve. Rafa's returns from the BH side are not working specially well, but if i'm looking at that, it means that the more general aspects have improved in a significant way.

"How did he get that name, by the way?"

People are mythologically challenged.

AM - you as so funny
so passionate:P

Kristy, try this:

Jo looks about 50 in that pic.

wow delpo is playing super confident

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