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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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Excellent, dictating point from Del Potro. Hit the smash a bit close to the line, but well played.

Oh that slice Rafa!


And s&v down 0-15. Good stuff.

Me likey the s/volley Rafa

VAMOS RAFA !!! serve a volley there

just hang in there!!1:P

wow great s &v by rafa

Thanks, Mr. X.

if (big IF) rafa wins this match he'll hold on to his #2 ranking right??

Super long rallies. My heart can't take this.

Harry Potthead, no. If Murray wins Montreal, he'll become #2.

vamos rafa!!

gee i miss his angles a bit:P

still testing his confidence level i could tell
i miss you so much rafa!!!

Yes, the occasional S&V against Del Potro is a good tactic considering he's standing a long way behind the baseline. 40-15 now.

oh i see..thx crazyone

If Murray makes the final (highly likely), then he will be #2 unless Rafa is also there AND wins.

Is Rafa pumping himself up or is he pissed off at himself? Its 3-3 dude-remember the goal!

And Rafa holds at 15 to get to 3-3. Well done, even though the serve wasnt always there (only in the s&v point and in the last point). But he did very well in the long rallies and he even hit a great CC FH from the BH side that we hadnt seen in any of his previous matches.

just take it slow rafa

one at a time--

Is delPo beginning to break mentally already?

ok, one point does not a trend make - jejeje

thanks, Jake!

back hand back hand back hand

that seems to be working!!!

LOL Rafadoc... i was thinking the same thing!

rafa has been solid i think so is good to be 3-3
vamos rafa

ok good try rafa!!!

just work it!!:P

Very good play from Del Potro to hold firm for 4-3.

welcome kristy - hope that one's "streaming" for you.

don't want muzz to be no 2 - come on rafa

great net play by delpo and rafa look good on the streched so the kness are doing fine :)

Mina: Ahem. Lots of intensity in Rafa tonight. Le sigh.

Rafa is doing pretty well punishing Delpo's 2nd serves. Problem is, he is not hitting many of those so far. Aaahh, he had a chance to pass him there and get a BP, but good play at the net by Delpo. And he surprises Nadal with a good serve to the FH side, as he is almost always serving to the BH. Delpo holds at 30 to go up 4-3. Even if Nadal loses tonight, if he plays like this the whole match, i'll be satisfied.

Agreed Cathy - Rafa must remain #2!

NBC "New Air Traffic Control Bombshell...tonight at 11."

Uh...there isn't any?

Opportunity missed by Del Potro as he was doing well in that rally, but he hits a backhand long.

As I said, he will need to win the tourney to stay at 2, unless Murray bombs tomorrow.

Jeeeeeeeez. After all that?
Oh, Rafa.

awe rally and rafa just miss it vamos rafa
i thnk hes playin well

Quality defensive work from Del Potro on that point. 15-15.

Rafa had the SHOT of that rally but still lost the point.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh missed the b/hand,too tentative on that shot Rafa

Loved the angle on the f/hand vintage Rafa.

Excellent challenge from Del Potro wins him a 15-30 opening.

Another successful challenge! Del Potro should pack it in and become a linesperson...

one more raff

Down the tee now Rafa

The last one was actually an incorrect challenge by rafa. He used to be pretty good at those.

That's it...c'mon Rafa!!!

The Elf f/hand has gone walkabout

Missed 2 f/hands

Delpo chokes two FHs.

Wide again. Del Potro may regret those missed opportunities, he didn't make Rafa do anything spectacular. Deuce.

Good to see Nadal getting serves in when it counts, unlike you know who earlier in the day

This Tsonga photo sure looks creepy.

wow forgot what a brutal movie Highlander was, thanks again for the updates folks

The last time I was this nervous, it was the AO final.
I'd forgotten all about fending off 700000 break points.

Make that 3 f/hand errors now

3 UFEs on Elf's FH. *nervous*

thats my boy!! come on rafa!!

15-40 for Juan Martin as Rafael FH sails long - Rafael challenges but to no avail
30-40 Juan Martin nets FH
Juan Martin coach looking on
40-40 Juan Martin FH wide
A-40 Juan Martin FH wide
Rafael holds with FH winner as he worked the point nicely

Juan Martin to serve 4-all

Well...Rafa looked vintage in that point. *deep breaths*

Vamos Rafa

Thats you at your very best

Great clutch game from Rafa to finish it off with a fh.

Nadal toughs out a hold from 15-40 down. Good point to win the game. Del Potro with some errors on breakpoints.

Nadal holds and gets to 4-4, after saving a couple of BPs. Actually, he has a lot of help from Delpo, who missed 3 consecutive FHs once he had the BPs. The first one was particularly ugly, as i thought he had the point. Rafa closing the game with a great FH DTL winner.

rafa is doing it again, just running his opponent... wearing them down.

Phew, he held, that wasn’t good for the nerves. Rafa is playing fairly good so far, Del Potro does feel a tiny bit better, especially when it comes to serve.

Rafa you have to get a better handle of the Elfs serve


i have come to terms that he'll most likely lose the ranking. that's not super important right now. but i hope he at least wins this match...

GH: I thought I was "with calm" but-eff no. Grrrr.

ok Rafa- break him here and the match is yours!!

Ohh.. he missed the backhand into the open court. Trouble now, 15-30.

There's that cringe-worthy bh slice again. This is too much tension.

Methinks the Elf is feeling the tension?

You know what i like? Rafa is actually standing inside the baseline to return Delpo's 2nd serves. And he's doing pretty well.

Mina: Me too. Way over the ranking thing-as long as he stays in the top 4 for seeding purposes. Had low expectations for this match but now...I have that nasty thing called hope. Crap

I don't think he can 'be with calm' anymore, not while worrying about those knees.

Stop with the bloody slice

or I will slice you

Too much ok.I know what your trying to do but hey????

Rafadoc: Hope is the mother of frazzling :)

Good point from Del Potro for 30-30. Not out of the woods just yet. A couple of big serves might help.

I meant 'we' not 'he'

Mr. X, yeah, I noticed that about the return position. He did that against Petzschner as well.

Aussie M....agreed too much slice from Rafa!


Sean Connery's playing and Egyptian Spainard with a Scottish accent Hilarious

How are the knees looking folks?

And he obliges, finishes off with a powerful inside-out forehand to draw the error. 5-4, Del Potro showing impressive composure and quality in this match.

Delpo holds at 30 to go up 5-4. If that slice from Nadal at 15-30 goes over the net, Delpo would have been in deep trouble. It was close. But from 30 all, Delpo hit an ace, and then Nadal hit his worst FH of the match, by far.

Saturday Order of Play:

Dinara Safina vs Flavia Pennetta at 1 PM on ESPN2
Elena Dementieva vs Jelena Jankovic at 7PM(Tape delayed coverage on Tennis Channel at 11 PM)

Bhupathi/Knowles vs Nestor/Zimonjic at 1 PM
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Andy Murray at 3 PM(Tape delayed coverage on ESPN2 at 9 PM)
Andy Roddick vs Juan Martin Del Potro or Rafael Nadal at 7 PM on ESPN2
B Bryan/M Bryan vs Mirnyi/Ram

del Potro always does this. He gets to 0-30, 15-30 points pretty often against a decent returner, but manages to serve his way out of trouble more often than not.

Rafa had some chance in the last game, but Del Potro holds in the end without too much trouble. Rafa better hold his serve now, this is what I hate when he chose to receive.

MA, the Elf sure is feeling the tension. But he's way grown up now - HE CAN HANDLE IT, you better believe that. He's having a good career run and Rafa, imho, is the underdog here.

mina sorry I missed your FB message - I'm on IE for Rafa matches and FB is on Mozilla for me. But yes I am watching Rafa/Elf. On top of that I'm also watching my revamped Broncos for the first time - let the frazzling begin in earnest

must be his new motto: when in doubt, slice!

i will off in abt 30 minutes, prolly even less. le sigh. will take my frazzlefest with me all day. grrr.

hold here por favor. Vamos!

Yes I cringe every time I see the slice, but it served him well at AO... that seems so long ago!
Vamos Rafa!

What the whaaa? But, but, I left when Fed was 4-1 up in the third?? Somebody with short synopsis, pretty please?

I don't need short synopsis to know what happened with Nole *rolls eyes* I am haunted by his moonballing and slicing and bad serving even as it is

I am okay with the slice on a big guy like Del Potro-mess with his rhythm a bit, no?

Both guys missing lines by small margins in this match.

Is that Steve Ulrich? He's like the designated night time chair umpire.

thanks for the schedule masterace!

oof - that was a bad mishit by the elf.

Cincinnati ATP Main Draw:

Toronto WTA Main Draw:


Over slicing there by Rafa reminds me of Miami?

Where i wanted to kill him

Well, that slice won him the point there.

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