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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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hee. that's ok TT. i do the same thing. IE for TW, Mozilla for FB and streaming :)

There is a time to use the slice,especially on a h/court

elf's backhand is usually so steady, its definately a bit off tonite..


Delpo just realised he must attack Nadal's 2nd serve. 30-15
These TV guys sure love showing the knees. And a BH error from Delpo. 40-15.
Oh, and the DF. He had Delpo's previous agressive return in mind. 40-30
And he misses after not being decissive enough with the OH. Deuce. Danger.

Good play by the Elf there

Rafa think???

Great serve, nice return.
But d'ya HAVE to keep hitting these OHs *straight* to him? pfft.

Oh my Rafa, DF and UEs from 40-15???

Rafa have you got a train to catch???

You had all the time in the world with that shot???

See? the slice works. but it's still cringe-worthy.

Well the slice paid off big time there on SP against

Yes thats the time to use the Slice

So the slice worked there!!

Rafadoc: my eyes! my bloody eyes!!! did u see the unnamed girl on the box? aaacckk


weeelll, slice you very much. now please hold!!!

come rafa can do this!!!!!!!

Mina: She is just a cover to hide his one true!

okay Rafa hold!!! Vamos!!

Geez rafa I would love a 1st serve or two or three

whooops late for the match here...

well, it doesn't look to me that DP has jangled Rafa in any way...

with the Rafa of old, it would now just become a war of attrition, with Rafa eventually prevailing - but we'll just have to see how things go tonite

but in the past, opponents have really needed to get in Rafa's face and mess with his timing early on if they have any chance of taking Rafa down - I don't see DP doing that tonite

Rafa's body language saying he's feeling positive about what is happening so far...


ok Rafa fans Breathe in through nose out through mouth repeat!!
So much less stressful to not watch match!

Great hold for Rafa with a couple of key slices :)

Phew. Now that point sure tested the knees. The old Rafa there, hanging in there with everything he had to save a SP. But the serve has gone, and that's not good.
Well Delpo, that was an unlucky netcord, but you had some lucky ones earlier.
And Rafa holds, with the DS-passing shot combination. 5-5. Just like the good ol' times.

40-40 Rafael FH long after Juan Martin got back a smash
40-A Rafael FH wide
40-40 Juan Martin nets BH after running Rafael side to side testing the knees
Juan Martin 0/3 BP
A-40 Juan Martin BH return hit the tape and sails wide
Rafael holds as he hit CC BH passing shot for winner set up by drop shot that Juan Martin got to

Juan Martin to serve 5-all


DF for 40-30. Great defensive play from the Elf to get to deuce.
Again, Del Potro's defense making Rafa hit an extra shot, which he misses wide. Set point, Del Potro.
Ooh.. he misses a backhand in the net, good scrambling from Rafa there. Deuce.
BH return catches the net-cord and goes wide, advantage Nadal.
Great passing shot after bringing Del Potro in with the slice, 5-5.

Another half-chance missed by Del Potro there, like in the previous 4-3 game.

Confidence-building hold for Rafa, I must say. Good job.

lol knees shchmees... its like a time capsule, rafa runs and runs the other guys messes it up just enough to lose the game... ho hum

Geez that ball was In???

Rafa should have challenged

damn. he could've challenged it.

Why does Sharapova always have to play Petrova!!

Why didn't Rafa challenge that call?

And the time hee doesn't challenge he would have been right!!


Rafadoc: thanks for the reminder haha

KneesGate getting a bit of help fr Elf and not just the previous point...hmmmm

Oh, Rafa, you should have challenged that call. Mo and Bernardes would have corrected there. I dont particulrly like this umpire.
Well, 2 ugly misses by Delpo and it's 30 all.

30-30, Del Potro needs his serve to rescue him again...

BP for Rafa now, first in this match for him?

Another good slice, hehe

Rafadoc, he's gotten two wrong challenges so far and he's usually pretty good at it so I think he just didn't want to risk it.

Rafa has a BP. *tries to remember toonie's deep breathing exercises*

Rafa asked Ulrich "are you sure", he goes, pointing to the linesman, "he sounded confident". so he shrugged and left it unchallenged.
the ever benevolent JMdP helps out setting up a BP, but saves it a sizzler bh cc, following it up with a bh winner at the net.

Tfactor-agree about the non challenge.

What a point from Del Potro breakpoint down. Great courage.

Thanks MA for the draws and schedules!! As always, you are the best =)

Man, that Cincy draw is BRUTAL for Roddick. BRUTAL. Probably Querrey second round, Hewitt 3rd round, and the Fed in the quarters??? He better make it to the finals here, haha....

This is a really good both guys, I just hope it's won by one and not lost by the other, if that makes any sense at all....

NP, what's going on?
Great point by Delpo there with his BH after Nadal had hurt him with the slice in the previous point.

Geez I am onto the Gin big time

Nice Rafa!!

Ohh... crosscourt BH passing shot from Nadal. Trademark. Deuce again.

rafadoc: sometimes it helps if you say ohmmmmm. after the breathing

woooohooooo. what was the bh passer? a sight for sore eyes, that's what it is.

love the passing shot!

had to go for a while but wow rafa is playin really well testin those knees
and now a awe pass vamos raafa

Mr. X, you're also a schmuck.

Rafa got to return the Elfs 2nd serve better

Del Potro holds serve after Nadal uncharacteristically misses a couple of shots. 6-5. Good match.

But fear not, he's baaaaaaaack.
ugly UGLYYYY forehand ufes in a row.

Rafa you should have made the f/hand,over played it to ***********

30-40 for Rafael as Juan Martin nets BH
First BP of the match for Rafael
40-40 Juan Martin BH winner set up by BH approach to ad side
A-40 Rafael CC BH wide as Juan Martin BH hit the sideline
40-40 Rafael rips CC BH passing shot for winner as Juan Martin came to net on FH approach
A-40 Rafael BH return to ad side long
Juan Martin holds as Rafael came to net on FH approach but sailed FH long

Rafael serving to force tiebreaker 5-6

Well, the standing inside the court didnt help in that return, but i'd keep it. It's mostly working so far. Ad Delpo.
Oh, and pity about that FH. He had played a very good point.
Well, Delpo holds and goes up 6-5. Rafa to serve next, trying to force the TB.
This match sure is a test for the knees.

Just one more hold Rafa. Can’t fault him for missing the bp, Del Potro played that point great,

Oh Rafa, uncharacteristic miss there.
Now he has to hold for the TB and with JMDP serves he has to be the fave in a TB

WTH? Isn't that against site rules?

just saw torontos draw wow masha and nadia again welll at least i know she will pass to the 2 round no matter how dfs she make

ahhhhh rafa miss a fh still hes playin really well
vamos rafa

Ohhhhmmmm. (whats funny is I used to teach yoga. WTF happened to those skills in time like these?)

Clutch hold there by Elf.

Rafa ok try to get 1st serves in,easy service game ok.

NP, what's a schmuck?

That was a great save by Elf on BP. Monster bhs. Seems both are hitting well.

Nice serve out wide to the bh.
More of that please

The Elf is slowly breaking down, he's catching the taped edge of the net too often - sign of nervousness. His only chance is to win this first set. Rafa wins set 1, it's over.

getting a little dizzy trying to watch both rafa and safina matches --- ai yi yi

Mr X You might get a 4 page report from NP there lol!

Pspace, were you around to see Delpo's slice BH winner?

Solid hold by Rafa at love, serving well, mostly. And closing with a great FH. Now keep it up for the TB.

Del Potro dumps a BH in the net. 15-0.
Wide serve, and easy overhead putaway, 30-0.
Del Potro BH hits the net after good approach by Nadal, 40-0.
FH down the line winner for TB. Clinical service game by Nadal.

Sweeeet serving Rafa. TB? I may just collapse.

Thanks Rafa you answered my prayers with a easy service game

awe fh dth wow rafa is playin really well and not showin any signs of knees truoble
vamos rafa

freakin evil Krugan is giving me the creeps, ohhmmm,
will there be a tiebreak

What a winner by Rafa there. Wow. *breathes*

oh yay my head can quit spinning - safina is victorious!

Great opening point from Nadal to get the minibreak.

Lovely inside out f/hand Rafa

Now hold your serve

Mr. X: You don't want to know, and don't ask what a schmeckel is either : )

Schmuck is Yiddish slang for a foolish person -- actually is term for the amputated foreskin.

Thanks for reminding me to breathe :)

I gotta find a way to be with calm here.

Oh no he loses the mini break

mina have you got Foxtel yet?

Wow! Wow! Wow! Great pt by Rafa to get the mini-break. And, an equally good point by Elf to get it back. Nice!

Mr. X, this:

No need to reach for the knives. Just messing around.

Interesting 1st serve challenge by delPo, uhm.

4-1 Rafa


Elf what are you doing, and where's gauloises?

2 mini breaks for rafa. vamos

NP: Pot stirring LOL

and rafa is double mini break up vamos rafa

Yay my first Rafa match since his return. 10:30 Saturday morning, no better time to watch tennis (except that I'm supposed to be leaving home for 4 months later today and have so much to do ... but gotta watch thru end of this tie break). C'mon Rafa!

raise your expectations rafa kids, the wall is doing his thing! del po is folding like a chair out there against the topspin onslaught!

I cant watch this

Rafael held serve at love to force the tiebreaker as he hit FH winner DTL

R = Rafael Nadal
J = Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Martin serving to begin TB
R 1-0 Rafael easy FH winner as he set the point up nicely
R 2-0 Juan Martin nets BH return
R 2-1 Rafael CC BH wide
Linesperson called Juan Martin serve out very late and was wrong in doing so as Juan Martin challenged correctly
R 3-1 Juan Martin nets FH
R 4-1 Juan Martin FH lob long as Rafael came to net on FH approach
R 4-2 Rafael nets BH as Juan Martin came to net on BH approach

2-0, Del Potro nets the return.
2-1, Nadal's BH slice off Del Potro's approach shot goes wide.
Challenge on first serve by Del Potro, it's good.
Midcourt FH dumped into the net, and Del Potro is livid with himself. 3-1, Nadal with the minibreak.
Dictating point from Nadal to take another minibreak, 4-1 now.
Del Potro approaches the net off a good backhand and draws the error, one minibreak back, 4-2.

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