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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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Great back and forth rally, and Nadal takes it with a FH winner. 1-0, with a mini-break. Still early stages, though.
BH return to the net by Delpo. He's standing way too far behind the baseline to return, IMO. 2-0.
And now brilliant point by Delpo, attacking and moving Rafa from side to side. The slice went barely out. He gest abck the mini-break. 2-1.
Correct challenge by Delpo on that 1st serve. And he misses an easy FH after a great serve. 3-1, Nadal with the mini-break again.
Great BH return, very deep, and Nadal wins the point following with a FH. 4-1, Nadal.
And now, Nadal's shots were too short in that point, Delpo attacked and Nadal couldnt pass him. 4-2, Nadal.
This next point will be crucial.

carnap, Tim might take exception to that.

I will be calm,I will be calm, I will be calm ..............

Big phew!!

5-2 Rafa


breathing Lynne ohhmm

Wowser lob from the elf

Well done for JMDP, Rafa had control of that rally until that very last shot.

Okay that was beaauutiful defense on the bh wing from JMdP. 3-5.

Trying, toonie.

Easy putaway after a good serve to set up the point, 5-2 Nadal.
Wonderful lob from Del Potro to win the point after he looked down and out, 5-3.
He keeps the pressure on Nadal to serve it out with a good serve, makes it 5-4.

Nadal had to hit 2 OHs but he didnt get nervous and won the point. Good serve there. 5-2, Nadal.
Nadal dominated that rally, but a great lob by Delpo gave him the point. 5-3, Nadal.
And Nadal nets the BH return. 5-4. I dont feel too confident now.
Ah, i knew it. Nadal goes for too much with his FH and makes an UFE. 5-5.

Are you kidding me? You are? OK.

OMG now the soundtrack is Queen- Who wants to live forever
And the tiebreak goes to???

What a turn around! JMDP has this TB now on his racket

Wonderful point by the Elf there Vamos

great volley from Elf, now takes the lead in the tb.

Great anticipation and drop volley by dP. And he's got a SP.

This is Miami all over again.

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Get it back Rafa!

If Rafa loses this first set, someone who loves him better advise him not to grind it out for 3 sets. Please!

oh well thats that. good effort

Meh. S'all good Rafa. Let. it. go.

Rafael to serve 6-all(4-2 TB)

R 5-2 Rafael smash winner on 2nd chance set up by good serve wide and came to net quickly
R 5-3 Juan Martin lob effective enough as Rafael came to net on good approach shot
R 5-4 Rafael nets BH return
5-all Rafael lazy FH wide
Lob at 5-2 Rafael was huge for Juan Martin
J 6-5 Juan Martin volley winner cutting off Rafael FH DTL passing shot set up by BH approach to ad side
Set point 2 for Juan Martin
Juan Martin takes the set with ace wide - Rafael challenged but to no avail

Rafael serving to start the 2nd 6-7(5)

Yikes. Elf played two good points to get to 4-5, and Rafa lets him back in it with an UFE. Holy smokes. What a point! That Elf bh is unreal. He's bludgeoning Rafa's fh with it. 6-5 SP Elf. He'll take a towel first, of course. And, a big serve to take it. Well played Elfie.

5-5 as Nadal puts a forehand wide. Credit to Del Potro for staying alive here.
And he wins the next point with an outstanding volley following a deep BH approach, set point Del Potro, on his own serve!
2nd set point, this time on his serve, can he take it?
Big serve. Yes. This guy Del Potro shows why he is a hardcourt contender. Superb under pressure in that set.

What a turnaround!!!!

I thought Delpo had already wasted his chances...

Fantastic first serve from Elf to pinch the first set from Rafa. Is that Davin's son next to him or his brother? Either way when he gets older he is going to be good looking.

It's insane the time Nadal takes to serve.

And he takes it with an ace.

Well done by JMDP

Rafa you had that t/breaker on your racquet

Great work by the Elf to turn things around,well done and deserved to take the 1st set.

And Delpo brings his best just in time, with a great volley and an ace just in the corner. Well, Nadal had his chances when he was leading 5-2, but when he got to 5-4, i had a bad feeling. He couldnt do much in the last couple of points.

Thanks for the Toronto draw, Master Ace! What have I ever done to draw gods to deserve this? Vika-Kim in the 2nd round, then winner gets JJ? That's too cruel. And Aga in Venus' section...Though, she gets bageled by people like Bammer, so I'm not really sure what would be appropriate draw for her, prolly some ITF in outer Mongolia...
Masha-Nadia in the 1st round cracked me up

And in a very disturbig twist of events, I find myself rooting for Raf...I better catch some sleep

Ok, indeed, Rafa loses set 1.

Hope he sees the BIG PICTURE (USO) and not fight a gladiator's fight out here, esp if the Elf gives him a tough set 2.

Del Potro just kept coming back in the tiebreak and it paid off in the end. Considering the chances he had to break Rafa in the set, I guess it’s fair. It’s going to get really though for Rafa now as Del Potro will get tons of confidence from that. Should be happy with Rafa’s play but he should have won that.

del Po - deserves that point awesome play there at 5 - 5

Jake: Word.


You'd have bet on Nadal when he went 5-2 up in the TB. Mind you, I'd have bet on Federer at 5-1 in set 3, and we saw what happened there.

All to play for.

Point split is 45-44. Very tight set. Del Potro showed some good stuff on big points and took it away, Nadal did not lose it.

Well, we've a match here...

Awesome play fromDelPo

and today's tennis lesson of the day from Roger and Rafa is .. its not over til its over ...


Guess what. If all you're going to do is roll your forehands at Del Potro's two handed backhand, eventually you lose most of the points.

Hope you remember that by the U.S. Open

Yeah, the Elf will try to run him rugged - drops hots like that will kill ya.

Ok, if this doesnt get easy early in the 2nd set, there's no need to push it and make it an extreme battle. Must look at the long-term goal.

Wow what a blast of an ace in that final point from Delpo. Impressive how he recovered from being down a couple of mini breaks in that tiebreak.

Rafa´s knees were surely tested in this first set and he responded perfectly from the physical point of view. His tennis was excellent also the only time you realize that he lacks match play is when from time to time he commits unusual unforced errors. But his level of returning Delpo´s serve in that tiebreak was outstanding.

Tim the wall is back I guess, I remember that I asked you this yesterday ...

Del Potro with another awesome backhand lob, he's making an early assault on Rafa's serve with 0-30.

too true andrew. its never over till the last point is won, you just never know. elf did indeed step up there, started hitting more freely with his back against the wall.

funny how that can happen...

Angel the guy beside DAvin is Martiniano Elf´s fitnness coach. It is true they look alike.

My stream is still jerky. Think I'm gonna bail. Good luck, Rafa KADs! I feel for your frazzle.

Yeah, rafadoc, he may not be my man, but I love this game too much to not appreciate and foster the good ones who make the game great!

And Del Potro uses his momentum and confidence to get an early break, kind of feels it will take a bit more then what Rafa has to be able to turn this match around. Minus the tiebreak Rafa hasn’t been able to do much with Del Potro serve games.

I thought that (brk) point should have been Rafa's? Didnt delPo's racket touch that ball?

Del Potro playing outstanding tennis here. Stream died for the 0-40 point. Nadal runs Del Potro side to side to save one BP. He needs a couple of free service points here.

Well, the netcord is not on Nadal's side today, BH passer catches the tape and goes wide. Long way still to go in this set, but Del Potro looks to be cashing in on his momentum swing.

MSF, I hear ya. I don't see why Rafa is still pounding away to dP's BH. His FH has been rather erratic tonite.

I think it's ~ 4 a.m. on Gaul's side of the pond.

im off to bed. enjoy(??) the rest of the match folks!

Vamos Rafa..Allez Tsonga!

Well, Delpo has picked it up. Now he's playing his best, and it shows that Nadal, while improved from previous matches, is not there yet. Delpo breaks to start the 2nd set, with a great DS, another very good lob, and a point pressing Nadal's BH. Nadal's attemp to save the 2nd BP with a passing hit the net and went out.
Well, this match doesnt look good, but just try to keep having good feelings.

G'nite Kristy!

Cincinatti is lovely this time of year. I seriously hope Rafa doesn't kill himself to get back in this.

Well this may be over quickly.

The first set was enjoyable.
Rafa played Ok but I still think his movement and serve need improvement but he's on the right track, I think.

BH DTL goes just wide, 15-15. Nadal looking to arrest Del Potro's momentum here.

so we can see where rafa's rust has accumulated - he use to be able to paint those lines - sure has ben missing a lot tonite tho - whoa

Mr X: Well, no it doesn't look good in terms of this match. "Good feelings" is the goal, no? Rafa has nothing to be ashamed of here.

I seriously doubt that Rafa will put up a fight in this second set. He'll want to conserve energy and the knees for another day.

well played by Elf to get the first set.

Yes, Elf made a good comeback to take that set, but is wasn't a beatdown.

Couple of missed returns. Del Potro with a couple of chances for 2-0. Ace, Del Potro. Man, this guy is going to be very tough to beat on HCs this year. Big serve, and ground game is very consistent. Mentality is also very good.

Oh no. Dont tell me he just called for the trainer. And he smacks a ball against the knee. I dont want to see this.

unusual to see rafa get pissy like that ... well its been a tough summer i guess

Really Mr X?
I missed that.
This is getting painful now

awww rafa you were so close vamos

oh rafa-- ul be ok -- hopefully will be much improved next time:P

im not gonna take this defeat by heart:P its only a game-- just another day!!! best of luck tonight rafa!!!! hope u can deliver.. if not beter lucjk next time ok!!!!


carnap: I'm all for conserving energy and knees for another day .. but Rafa's such an 'in the moment' guy don't think he thinks like that

Del Potro:

Well done. Way to drive another Rafa loop forehand to your backhand down the line for a winner.

Streams: Bet your last dollar he thinks like that. If he doesn't, well, what can I say?

And the trainer is out :(

Del Potro breaks again, seems Rafa has gone away in this match and there the trainer for Rafa.

Use the rest of this game for practice, Rafa.

Don't sweat it!

Seriously? Oh Thank God-its the finger. *faints*

Wow double break for Elf, sorry Rafa fans.

oh man :'(

Rafa is clearly pissed. And he donates a BP with a long FH.

Nadal FH goes long. 15-15.
Del Potro with a BH DTL winner, 15-30.
Classic HC tennis from the big guy.
And he uncharacteristically dumps a BH in the net, 30-30.
Nadal puts a BH long, and he looks a bit perplexed. 30-40. Del Potro is very steady from the backcourt, and he's not winning free points off his serve.
FH goes long again, just like earlier in the game. Del Potro a set and 2 breaks up. Considering what happened in Miami, no chicken counting just yet.

and the doulbe break for jmdp.

trainer for blisters. eesh - they look nasty.

Wow, i just breathed as hard as ever, even though he got broken again. That really doesnt matter all that much. But the problem was just some blisters in his hand. Phew.

Big test coming up for Juan Martin as he is up a set and a double break.

carnap: I'm sure hoping you're right

rafadoc: NO fainting Breathe breathe ohhmmm

Rafa looks so mad. Dude-you did better than anyone expected. Why do I remember the goal and he doesn't? Must be the competition thing. ;-/



hopefully he takes the time to calm himself down

honestly there is NOTHING wrong with him....i mean gimme a break a blister ...suck it up!!!! GO DELPO!

Blisters. Oh well at least is not the knees.

Yup, Rafa's on a practice set now

Hope the knees are OK. A loss doesn't really matter Rafa - just relax.

Well, treatment for the hand. So, not so band.

Props to the Juan Jose Juggernaut. He's been amazing.

agreed Tfactor, I about had a conniption when I first saw the trainer.

Well, if the knees are not hurt, then i dont mind waht's going on all that much, even if Rafa does. He is making many more UFEs in this set, but i think that's also because he's saving some energy, and risking much more with his shots, trying to find his range.

Water on the knees, blisters on the fingers. My granny had those,too.

I know Rafa won that point, but dP does have a deft touch at the net. I'm beginning to like this guy.

Nadal getting some taping and treatment on his fingers, presumably for blisters. Del Potro is looking very good on HCs to me right now. Del Potro has the big serve and he will expect to take this from here, but you never know.
15-0, big serve, missed return.
30-0, ditto.
40-0, ace.
40-15, as Nadal hits a BH DTL winner of his own after good defense. I think Nadal will start hitting out more now. Del Potro will need his share of free points from the serve. Good rally, Nadal forces Del Potro to hit the volley and makes the passing shot. 40-30.
Del Potro needs a big serve here. Nope, fault. And the netcord goes just wide for Del Potro. Deuce.

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