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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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"So, not so band."

There are so many Freudian jokes in this. Will refrain... for now.

Wow! Two big serves from Del Potro, he takes the game.

Where did AM go?

JMDP punctuates that service game with another ace. Rafa to serve 0-4

And Delpo holds again to go up 4-0, hitting 2 consecutive aces after Rafa managed to get to deuce. Well, a bagel wouldnt be very nice, i must say.

Well, Rafa had a good start back and this was a match that tested his knees as much as they can be tested. Hopefully he’ll take the positive from this match and build on that and that he can hold his serve this time.

Wow-some people are such good sports...

Yes! Couple of great shots, Rafa has relaxed now and gonna go for his shots. Even if he loses some free playing shot making will do great things for his confidence going out of Montreal

Practice set? I doubt it. MC F 2008, anyone?

Goodness me, what a point and forehand winner from Del Potro! Fantastic.

Tfactor: She's getting another gin 'n' holy water.

Tfactor: She's getting another gin 'n' holy water.

Very well constructed point there by Rafa. Nice.

Rafa is lucky dP didn't go for the DTL FH on that point. He'd better be careful, otherwise he'll be fed a bagel.

Were you being sarcastic??

well, there's at least one thing that hasn't changed - dont get into long base line rallies with rafa

carnap: Hope your granny is okay. :)

I dont think that guy in blue is the same player from MC 2008. Yet.
Well, good game to hold at 15 and win his first game of the 2nd set.

Ace from Nadal, 40-15. One could say that the difference so far has been that Del Potro has been getting more free points off his serve. Game Nadal, after a good serve and FH winner. Del Potro to serve, 4-1.

Stupid Victor Hanescu.

Tfactor: Just more humor FAIL on my part.

Glad Rafa won that game.

linex, my goodness he looks about 13. How stupid do I feel :)

rafa is really taking rafa to the woodshed now

Don't get down yet Fed lost after leading 5-1

The key for Del Potro is finding enough big serves to hold two service games (by no means a given), because Rafa will go for a lot more in the baseline rallies.

Rafadoc: Granny is playing the Heavenly Slam : ) Auld lang syne.

GH: Indeed. What the heck Victor? ;-)

he's SO PISSED still about that tie break

carnap: No better place. :)

Nadal trying to communicate with Maymo there, and i'm worried again. He wouldnt say anything to him if he was fine. Maymo obviously couldnt understand what he was saying from that distance, but i dont like Nadal's facial expressions.

No Rafadoc, it's me, I'm clueless. I don't want to really say what I want to say but I thought we were on the same wavelength and you were being sarcastic.

Mr X: That is what has made him such a winner.

Scoreboard died?

OmG this movie is killing me it is so eighties

Tfactor: I think we are on the same page :)

15-0, good serve.
15-15, BH approach from Del Potro goes just long.
Nadal starting to grunt audibly, the effort must be starting to tell a bit after the lay-off.
30-15, another good serve.
40-15, another first serve.
Del Potro BH short and angled, forces the Nadal FH error. 5-1, Del Potro, job half done.

Juan Martin BH is the difference of the match as he has been effective.

One more game and the DC final rematch will be played tomorrow at 7 PM

Channel Safina dude. It helped Tsonga today.

Although I think my ration for a win for the day might have run out.

Elf playing great tennis atm. His bh is doing some damage.

Phew!! Rafadoc :)

My kids are not allowed to swear and they like to say 'shut the f-ront door', let's just say that phrase keeps coming to mind. Judging buy the many Rafa fans missing, we're not alone.

Rafa is clearly not happy about something, it’s just a matter of knowing if it’s about losing the tiebreak, being down a double break or if his knee that aren't feeling that good.
3 mp for Del Potro

Aww Team Rafa looks so worried, in particular Xisca.

JuanMa with triple MP

Hee. I like that technique Tfactor.

MP for Elf

So delPo's trying to breadstick, huh?

somebody tell doug adler to STFU

0-30 for Juan Martin as Rafael nets FH
Xisca looking on
0-40 Rafael FH long
15-40 Rafael tap winner into open court after Juan Martin got to volley
Juan Martin wins the match as Rafael shot sails long

Juan Martin Del Potro defeated Rafael Nadal 7-6(5),6-1

bread stick.
effing precious.
go rest up, work on your game, whatever.

*studies Cincinnati draws*

NO Canadians in qualifying or main?? *grumbles*

Well done by Juan Martin. Congrats to him and all fans!
Hugs to all my Rafa fans.

STFU Doug!! (does that help)

Well done, Delpo. Commiserations to Rafa fans.

Congrats to Elf and his fans and special commies to Rafa and his fans.

My bracket is still looking good, I had Elf making the final.

And there's the breadstick. Excellent match by Elf. Good progress for Nadal in terms of improving his form. expected. JMDP played really well. That backhand was fab.

Rafa looks upset which makes me very, very sad. :(

wot toonie sed

Well, apart from Rafa's situation (or not), Delpo has played an enormous 2nd set, so more credit to him.
And he wins, 7-6,6-1. Not so surprising outcome. Congratulations to Delpo and his fans. He has a good option to make the finals, specially if he plays like he did in that 2nd set.

And he wins, 7-6,6-1
The second set was pretty painful to watch, just hope Rafa is okay as in the first set he was really starting to find his way and was playing fairly good. So does this mean that Andy is #2 now or does he need to win tomorrow?

Congrats to Elf fans. He played very well.

Commiserations/Congrats to Rafa fans. Doha '09 QF...Oz '09 W. Montreal '09 QF...USO '09 ??!!

Hey Peg are you Canadian? I'm from Saskatchewan

Stream gave up on me but it seems Del Potro hit a BH passing shot. 0-15.
Oof, Del Potro clubbing groundstrokes left and right. FH down the line catching Nadal out now. GF looks peeved in the stands, understandably. 0-30.
Del Potro dictates another rally, 0-40 as Nadal's shot goes long. 3 MPs.
He forces Nadal to hit 2 volleys to save it, amazing court coverage from the big guy. 2 more. Big 1st serves needed for Rafa.
BH DTL goes wide and Del Potro closes it out with amazing composure and confidence.
Best performance of the day today, awesome stuff. Nadal played a good first set, but Del Potro stole it away. Then he rode the wave to take the second comfortably with some fabulous serving and shotmaking. This guy is a genuine contender at the US Open and for winning this title.
Nadal could use more free service points, Del Potro's return game was exceptional today.

dP takes the 2nd MP. Congrats. Rafa didn't play too bad today. Just poor tactic of playing to dP's BH and more UFEs than usual, the latter of which is to be expected given his long hiatus.

Yes, congrats to Elf and fans. Breadstick better than a bagel.
Hugs, fellow Rafa fans.(Sigh)

well done del Potro a good win


Elena Dementieva defeated Caroline Wozniacki 6-2,6-1
Dinara Safina defeated Kim Clijsters 6-2,7-5
Flavia Pennetta defeated Daniela Hantuchova 6-3,6-3
Jelena Jankovic defeated Sybille Bammer 6-0,6-3

Tennis Channel is showing delayed coverage right now until 1 AM

Andy Murray defeated Nikolay Davydenko 6-2,6-4
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated Roger Federer 7-6(5),1-6,7-6(3)
Andy Roddick defeated Novak Djokovic 6-4,7-6(4)
Juan Martin Del Potro defeated Rafael Nadal 7-6(5),6-1 (ESPN2 will replay this match at 12:30 AM)

At least he wasn't up 5-1 in the third and completely lose it as "my boy" did.

I thought Rafa looked fit, but rusty. That's generally a good sign. The only bad sign might be his lack of confidence--he seemed to give up a little too easily in that 2nd set by his lofty standards.

so, does this mean Andy M becomes No. 2?

What's the Cincinnati draw looking like?

Congrats to Delpo and fans, he played really well tonight :) Hugs to fellow Rafa fans.



Congrats Elf - RAndy is getting his revenge tomorrow, you better believe it.

Rafa fans: commies - he's ok.


Congrats to Delpo. I like him and I hope he wins the tourny.

Man, it's never easy to watch Rafa lose : (

Saturday Order of Play:

Dinara Safina vs Flavia Pennetta at 1 PM on ESPN2
Elena Dementieva vs Jelena Jankovic at 7PM(Tape delayed coverage on Tennis Channel at 11 PM)

Bhupathi/Knowles vs Nestor/Zimonjic at 1 PM
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Andy Murray at 3 PM(Tape delayed coverage on ESPN2 at 9 PM)
Andy Roddick vs Juan Martin Del Potro at 7 PM on ESPN2
B Bryan/M Bryan vs Mirnyi/Ram

okay that was painful

but i guess it was just going to have to be part of the re-start process

boy but Roig and xISCA may want to leave Mr. crabbyappleton in the car if they want to have a halfway decent dinner

Papo: He's not ready, yet. Got some match steps to the USO.

I really don't care who is number 2,3,4. Just hope Rafa feels okay. He didn't stick around very long with fans like he usually does, even after a loss. His facial expression was very sad. I hope he is okay.

As a fan, I am thrilled with his result here. Just worried about his body language and expressions.

toonie - American, but married to a Brockville native.

Does Murray take over No. 2 already or does he have to make the final? I think we will have to hope he goes out early in Cincy and fails to defend his last year's points, though that looks unlikely. I do not want a Fedal semi. But Del Potro has also muscled into that list of genuine contenders. So we have Federer, Nadal, Murray, Roddick, Djokovic and Del Potro. Awesome. Some fabulous QFs and SFs in store.

Now, about Nadal. The first set was a huge improvement from past matches, hanging toe to toe with a player in much better form than him, and having good options to win. If the match had stopped there, i would have been happy. But the evnts of the 2nd set worry me. A lot. Looking angry, making some gestures of pain, and trying to talk to Maymo. Obviously , whatever it was affected his level, which along with Delpo's improvement explains the score. And i dont want to say what i think i read in his lips when trying to talk to Maymo, as i think it might be just out of concern that i saw it. Let's wait for what he has to say about that second set.

So how'd Tsonga look? Good chance of upsetting Lestat tomorrow?

Slow exhale at the end - a bit of a whimper, rather than a bang.

Commiserations to Nadal fans, congratulations to Del Potro fans.

As with the Federer defeat, I don't think an enormous amount should be read into this result. Del Potro is one of the players on the tour with momentum, while Nadal came in with almost literally zero momentum (and blisters, it seems).

It does open the door for Mr Murray, I think. Sorry I won't see him play Mr Federer tomorrow, but Mr Federer can only blame himself for that one.

Cincinnati ATP Main Draw:

Toronto WTA Main Draw:

Peg: I have lots of relatives in Brockville ( and I mean a lot!)

rafadoc: I share your feelings.

I was a bit surprise at the handshake at net, I thought there would be a bit more love as these two are pretty good friends. So happy for Elfie for his 2nd win over Rafa.

"So how'd Tsonga look? Good chance of upsetting Lestat tomorrow?"

NP : I doubt it, but I'd love to be proved wrong.

The nickname for Delpo here in Espn Latinamerica is "Torre de Tandil". "The Tower of Tandil", well I guess all people there in Tandil are proud of Delpo and the way he is approaching his career.

I am sorry for the Rafa fans, but well I guess the aim in this tournament was for Rafa to get some good feelings and match play and he got both plus a decent result reaching the quarterfinals.

The history could have been different if he would have won that tiebreak where he had an advantage. But Delpo showed all of his tennis and determination in those last points of the tiebreak. While he can serve perfectly, he can defend very well too as demonstrated by many points where Nadal had stretched him to the doubles alley. He has improved his volleys too.

Murray must win tomorrow to become number 2.

VC, I concur that Del Potro's in the mix for the US Open.

Interesting that probably the top 6 players have a legitimate shot. I'd still put the fellow who's won there the last 5 times at the head of the pack, but we'll see what the next 9 days tell us about form coming in.

Muzz must win tomorrow to get the No.2 ranking, but even in the unlikely case that he loses, he still has next week. I'm not so sure we will get a Fedal semi, regardless of the USO draw. Doom has fallen back over me. Why couldnt he just go totally walkabout, Fed style?

Mr. X: I didn't like the body language and expressions at all. I hope I am reading too much into it. As a fan, I am very happy with how far Rafa went in the tourney and Juan played GREAT, so nothing to be ashamed of there if you are Rafa.

I really expected him to lose but "have good feelings". As it is, I am worried he lost and doesn't feel as good as hoped.

"these two are pretty good friends"
no, they're not.

Congrats Elf fans.
Congrats FOOPs on the Fedal losses. :)

NP: My money's on Murray. Tsonga may try his rope-a-dope again, though...take the first set, rest through the second, surge the third. I think Murray's too smart to fall for that.

Tsonga may be a big guy with a big guy's physique, but he lacks stamina, IMHO. I don't know how he managed such results at AO '08.

Del Potro!

Del Potro!

Del Potro!

Here's hoping for a Del Potro vs Tsonga final, that'll really get the tectonic plates shifting at the top of the ATP.

"Aww Team Rafa looks so worried, in particular Xisca."
yeh she's thinking "ugh he is going to touch me with those hideous fingers."

VC, the hair alone should be enough to frighten Lestat.

As far as I know they're not. They get along fine but of the Argentine players Rafa is closest to Monaco.

Rafadoc: I agree, it will be strange to see him being #3 but he did better then I though. What I want to hear in the next few days is that his knees feel fine and then I have no doubt that he will find his game again after some time. He made huge progress in this 2 and half match.
Not sure, but I think the points from Cincinnati has already been removed so there is of course ways for Rafa to get back the points if Murray does badly, but neither has point to defend.

good night, TW.

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