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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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hard luck all you losers .... oh that seems to be me.
but wooooohooooooo Elf for another in a hopefully ongoing series of "Amazing Disasters"

Andrew : Agreed. What's Federer and Nadal's draws at Cincinnati like? They could both do with a decent run there, semifinal atleast. I'm also curious to know whether the conditions at Montreal are a closer reflection of the USO, or Cincinnati.

Outta here folks was great to catch a Rafa come back match as I thought the time zone would be all wrong for me this tournament. So, AndyM is the last man standing of the Top 4 ... we'll see if he can grab his chance for another title while the others are dealing with their stuff.

bye y'all

Lynne: You too? I anxiously await the presser.

nT: What the heck? You finally show up with that lame ass joke? I keed, I keed.

carnap, was Tsonga visibly exhausted in the 2nd and 3rd sets today?

mhm - i don't think rafa looked sad, he looked pissed. boyo does NOT like to lose, even more, he doesn't like it when the ball doesn't do what he tells it to do!

I think his movement was pretty good tonite. as andrew said, there's rust there, but the only remedy is match play for that. also, i think mentally its just hard to get your focus back, and get used to be completely present during tight moments. that too needs match play.

elf played very confidently the second set, though i did not expect the breadstick. i'm happy for him to get over his nerves and take this so assertively.

of course, tomorrow i gotta go w/ RAndy FTW. sigh. i hate when players i like play each other. :(

Well, now i'm kind of mad i stood up so damn late to end up worried about the knees again. Bah.
Night, everyone.

Muzz must win tomorrow to get the No.2 ranking, but even in the unlikely case that he loses, he still has next week."

Mr. X : How exactly does that work? Murray has the full winner's points to defend there, right, while Rafa only has to get to the semifinal to defend his points...

rafadoc - i feel for him too

he's in the belly of the whale right now

always tough getting out

Yes, Andrew, the next 9-days should be very telling.

AS a fellow Fed fan, I must tell you I'm itching for a chance to play Murray before the Big One.

We need to size him up for real! But regardless, on that big stage, our man will stand tall, and won't give away something like he did today.

Murray doesn't have to win the tourney to get #2, getting to final will be enough: 600 minus 180 points =420, and he only needs 225 to edge out Rafa.

Me too, rafadoc. Don't really care about the loss, I was expecting it but I do worry about the knees.

NP: He fell down...broke his arm...broke his racquet, played like caca for the rest of the set. In the third with Fed up 5-1, Our Lady of Montreal appeared on court. Miraculously, Tsonga recovered and went on to win still playing with broken racquet, broken arm, and I think on one leg. Maybe an eyepatch, too, and a parrot on his left shoulder.

Goodnight Mr. X. Sweet dreams.

jb: appreciate your thoughts. I agree. Rafa's form was better than I expected.

What was famous Connors quote about his rivalry with Borg? "I'll follow the SOB to the ends of the earth." I guess Rafa will be following Fed to ... Cincinnati.

Looks like the world's #1 and 2 have some work to do. Oh well, might be nice to have a Fedal free weekend. Would like to see an all-Andy final.

Elf played superbly today. Both the evening session matches were excellent. Not much negative for any of the losers today, I think.

lol carnap

whatever happened to 'Sic'?

Fed KAD here.
A little bit disappointed that Fed and Rafa both lost their QF matches.I was hoping for them to reach the final with Fed improving his h2h with Nadal.
Now, I'll be rooting for Arod and JWT.
I don't like to see AM overtaking Nadal as the #2 player in the world. I can't imagine Rafa being relegated to #3 in just 1 year.
Hoping to see him regain his old form.

As for Fed, well. you have nothing to lose. Instead you gained more ranking points by reaching the QF. A good improvement from last year's 2nd round loss to Simon. Good luck next week in Cincy.

hahahaha carnap - laughing aloud over here

NP, Hard to get a read on Jo's form today. He played excellent in the first set. On SP, he fell/dove for a volley and seemed to hurt his wrist/elbow. He was wincing for a while...and couldn't seem to do much of anything till 1-5 in the third. Fed donated a break. And, after that Jo played pretty well. Level was so so till about 5-5, and I thought Jo really stepped it up from there. Should've been done 7-5 in the third, but he missed three MP.

After all that, I have no idea whether he was hurt, or worried about being hurt, and just went walkabout. If he plays like he played in the first set today, his chances are good. Otherwise, not so much.

the montreal and cincy points have already come off; what leaves next week is the points from the olympics....

and depending on which jowilli shows up, he could certainly win tomorrow.

Well, I bet that the worst ATP match of the day was better than the best WTA match. Straight set blowouts in the WTA seem to be the order of the day.

Ok I keep typing things and not posting them which is a sign I need to go.

I believe we'll have an Andy x 2 final. We'll see.

VC all points from last years Canada and Cinci dropped a couple of weeks ago. Only points anyone has left to drop is Olympics, which is Rafa's case is 800.

Damn.......what a painful match to watch. Do the players feel as hurt as the fans do when they lose their matches.

MA is pot-stirring

Sorry had insane g/friend a non tennis type on my phone.pfft.

Makes mental note to take the phone off in future.

Congrats Elf thought you were a bit tense in the 1st set but turnit around and won,then had the momentum and won.

I am impressed with your net play and that your are moving towards the net.Well done.

Congrats Rafa I liked some of the play tonight,Rafa of old.You should have won that t/break though no?

Just hope those knees are ok.Got the work out you wanted.Your serve at times let you down.

MA, is that really you or an impostor? So much negativity about the WTA or am I missing a new sarcastic side ;-).

Rafadoc: Yes, but the cha-ching at the bank makes all the difference. Fans don't have least we don't since we blog instead of buying tix to matches.

carnap, you forgot the magic compass.

NP -- Tsongas played like he often does. Erratically brilliant. (Or is it brilliantly erratic?) But to give him due credit, he came up with the goods.

Have a feeling Muzz will pick him apart tomorrow.

LOL NP...lend me a CB

VC: after today's fall with a sharp thud, I'm not worrying about draws too much. I think Nadal's is marginally tougher, although Murray and Del Potro are in Federer's half, and Roddick is in his quarter.

Jake: give it away? He gift wrapped it, signed it, placed a kiss on it, and handed it over with a smile. Well, maybe not. But it was headscratching stuff. Where did the serve go? Not in, unfortunately.

Nadal fans and Federer fans crying in different mugs of beer tonight....

whew movie finally over! longer than match! sorry nadal fans but not bad for first real test night everyone

On the other hand, if Murray loses tomorrow, he'll be 45 points short of #2.

Rafadoc you should have seen some of my earlier drafts.. not only was the arse lame but the cojones too

Gotcha, Pspace. Hopefully he didn't injure himself.

By the way Andrew I have a cat and have not intention of doing anything to it ok lol!

"although Murray and Del Potro are in Federer's half"

Ouch! Those two guys are going to be tough for Federer in his present form. Well, I hope it picks up in Cincinnati, not much to write home about from Montreal.

carnap: Was your post meant to be to me? If so, I need clarification-not sure what you are talking about. Probably me just being "thick" again. lol.

it is funny, #1 and #2 out on the same day. that doesn't usually happen to them..:) but still we've got some great matches on deck for tomorrow, so that's ok.

and really, i think both fed and rafa did well to get this far. granted, we'd all have like our respective players to go further, but it is what it is.

Dang, the mens tour is just chock full of good players and matchups! and i like all 4 of the players in tomorrow. :)

Rafadoc: Which post? Their numbers are legion, by now, I'm ashamed to admit.

nT: lol...well, I have to confess I was trying to tag on to your comment with something about Rafa's "no sex on a perfect day" rule but couldn't pull it together.

Sex..perfect days...i remember them well

carnap: 11:35. No biggy if you don't want to go back and look. Just didn't want to ignore it if you expected a response. :)

Andrew: I'm not down about Roger's loss at all.

RAndy lifted my spirits with his win. And Roger was clutch in his presser - he owned up to it, but showed balanced thinking...

"I didn't think it was bad but it wasn't great either, so it's one of those matches I can live with."

Yes, he can live with it - just up and pack his wife and brood to Cincy! hehe!

oof. That was a tough match to watch as a rafa fan. I was having miami flashbacks. Seeing rafa so frustrated. He came very close in the first set. Had he won that TB I think the match would have gone his way for sure. But he seemed demoralized after losing the tb (all credit to Delpo for a great comeback). Delpo's game does nothing for me unfortunately. And he plays at a glacial pace.

Did anybody else think the crowd was very quiet? It was an odd atmosphere. nothing like the roddick/djokovic match.

rafadoc and mr.x, i also thought he was gesturing to maymo something about his knees not being good. gah.

LOL Rafadoc...If I can't remember what I posted, I take no offense to no response. Most times no response is a plus.

Et tu, mcakron? On the Lestat bandwagon? O, hapless seed!

*lends carnap one of my manifold CBs*

Pspace and Carnap,
Well, its me and I am telling the truth today as the ATP had some interesting matches with Roddick/Djokovic, Tsonga rallying from 5-1 in the 3rd and Del Potro rallying from 5-2 in TB to win the set getting the last 5 points.

Rafadoc, sounds like Xiscas idea of a perfect day too.

Hi Annie: I didn't notice the gestures, but Maymo and Roig looked like they had each swallowed a watermelon toward the end of that set. I hope I am over reacting. I can't wait for the presser.

I want Andy Roddick to win the whole thing now

I have been impressed with his play

I am going to Mass later,will pray of course for the demise of Murray

No hard feelings Pspace of course.

MA: We know you're telling the truth. It's just so feisty of you, and something I quite enjoy : )

Elf plays at a glacial pace???????

nT: Seriously? I couldn't agree more. :) BTW-Good to see you, my friend.

So much talk about Safina being the computer number one because she did not win any Slam this year, the same could be said about Murray if he surpasses Rafa and reaches number 2. Rafa won 3 Masters Series events, one 500 event, and a Grand Slam and reached a final in a 250 and a final in a 1000 AMS. Murray won only one AMS event in 09 Miami, and of course is not a Grand Slam champion in 09. I guess that unless Murray defends all the points from Cinci title , Us Open final, Madrid Indoor (now Shangai) title, St. Petesburg title, semis at the Masters Cup to cite a few his life as number 2 could be short lived. Winning the US Open could be a good start for him towards that goal.

NP Your CB has been Tripping since yesterday

Give it a rest.

Muzz FTW!

annie - i think the crowd wanted to root for rafa, but he wasn't giving them many chances to in the second set. if they had kept up their play from the 1st set, i think the place would have been more rockin'.

I think Federer is pretty angry with himself.

"It's great to get some matches in ahead of Cincinnati and the U.S. Open," Federer said. "But my goal wasn't to just to play matches and do press conferences. The whole trip here was to do well and try to win the tournament."

Of course I totally blame the g/friend

Rafa just send her home ASAP

How's this...since I am Scottish?

AM, my CB correctly predicted all today's results. Tripping has never felt so good.


You're right, whoever won the first set was bound to win the match given the way (and length - 78mins.) that set went.

Rafa was downcast, but it was to his own good that he lost in 2 sets (instead of 3), imho.

NP cant wait for its further predications

Care to inform us now.

linex, he doesn't have to defend Cincy points. they're gone. But yes he has quite a few a stake from the USO on (more than anyone).

Elf is slowwwwwww and that is coming from a Rafa fan. It didn't bug me as much tonight but that is probably because I was numb with alcohol.

I think Tsonga has a shot at Murray tomorrow. I think he could "annoy" Andy and anytime you can do that you have an advantage. If Jo Willy serves really well and plays his serve and volley game, that will disrupt Andy's rhythm and annoy the hell out of him. Allez Jo!

It was more like one set, Jake. He rested on the second set.

Yes my hubby is half Scottish

No further comment there.


I think Roger will lay down the law in Cincy - win it, get a week's rest, and go kick some more butt at the USO!

My bad, thought they were. I do realise that Pico and Rafa are friends.

AM, for some reason my CB isn't so forward-looking. But it still sez Marat will win this year's USO.

Not quite yet, NP. Still think ARod or Delpo can give Muzz a heckuva match. Just don't think Tsongas can spring two in a row.

AnnieVamos -- in regard to your crowd observation, I think it's because both players play so slowly that, coupled together, there's a lot of momentum-killing downtime between points. Plus the second set didn't offer much drama.

AM: So he only like half holy water with his Glenfiddich?

Triumph the Comic Dog is back!


so i take it u're rooting for Murray tomorrow? Yeah, the spaniard might be god in disguise... resting up on days of his liking, haha!

AM: Good theory about the gf. I believe Rafa has one exactly one tournament with Xisca in tow as far as I know-last year's Roger's Cup. I think she may be heading back to Mallorca. It is nice there, no?


NP Well Marat better start tripping now then

Yikes! I keeping deleting the "all things scottish" moniker, but it keeps popping into the "posted by"

Rafa fans complaining about Elf's slow play. Now you know how the other side feels. :)

But yes, Delpo does a ton of dawdling.

Regarding Fed's play in Montreal, not so concerned about the serve...more that he was such a wuss off the ground when the going got tight. He wasn't doing anything...couldn't make a forehand to save his life, and even the one's he made were towards the middle of the court. Atrocious play on BPs throughout. Would've had the first set if he made that fh to the wide open court. Touch at the net was good, except for a howler here and there.

If one expects Fed to win games as a serving machine, then yeah, more first serves would help. But, his bh is looking weaker and weaker...and the fh is not as consistent a threat as it was before.


I really really hope Randy wins this one. Does he have a MS title? i have no idea.

carnap and mcakron: you guys made me LOL!

Yeah she usually goes along to Cinncy

I think she must be on a break from Uni

Usually never goes to New York at all

Anyway Uncle Toni will be back in charge by then

Angel funny that you thought that Martiniano was like 13 years old but yes his face is childish, but I guess it would be Davin the one could be disappointed by your comment ... Franco Davin seems to care about his looks.

Delpo and Rafa are good mates maybe not close friends like with Pico. I guess Rafa is a good competitor and he was not happy with his defeat today therefore he might have been a little cold there at the net. But I think that there was a good vibe in the net.

Annie: If I could only get up the gumption, I might be able to make a decent living as a comedian. I'm keeping my day job.

I won't be hoping for a Muzzah win and my dad was half Scottish. Nothing to do with ranking points but the Brit press will be more unbearable than they already are.

AussieMarg: I have a half Persian, half Himalayan cat in my arms even as I type this. Just like Blofeld.

And I have some 12 year old Cragganmore in a glass, and a smilling 12 year old daughter waiting for me to tuck her in. So life could be worse.

I don't think Rafa and Elf are friends. He IS good friends with Nalby and Pico though. I mean, you can't be best mates with everyone.

Yes mcakron, Rafa is slow but he just looks so dang good doing it. ;-)

Pspace -- I agree with you about Fed. His serving obviously went AWOL from 5-1 forward, but none of his game looked good to me. His BH was atrocious, and his FH not much better.

In my opinion, Rafa has played with "half tank of gas" but enough to know how his knees are. He has given in the second set to Delpo.
Cincinnati is going to be another story, we are going to see one Rafa completely different, more aggressive and very close of his real game
My prediction to finals: Roddick-Murray...... and the winner is....Murray

Lynne: I thought Murray was a lazy sack of you know what and detested him. After his brother said the same thing in the media, Murray got the picture and started living up to his potential. That won me over. My support really doesn't have much to do with him being Scottish.

Well, Jake, though I am a Federer enthusiast, nothing I've seen this week gives me a great deal of confidence. Too inconsistent in all three matches for my liking, with today's performance being an unprecedented collapse.

So I'm a little less gung-ho about Cincy, and it's not an easy draw.

I have more confidence about the USO itself because of his unique ability to play himself in over two weeks and hit the heights when needed.

Joe: I like your thinking about Rafa :)

I'm going blind. I just read Andrew's post as, "I'm half Persian and half Himalayan cat."

AM: Yep-she'll be at Cincy and Rafa will probably lose there-the curse continues. lol. I just hope he continues to improve. I have to say his level is much better than I expected.

mcakron, sure he can. This is Lestat we're talking about.

AM, Marat is already tripping. What else do you think he's doing?

Like Andrew said in one of his posts last week, it's good to see Roddick and JMDP competing so hard (and winning, sometimes) against the big 4. So, we have a big 6 right now? :) I hope JoWi can stay injury-free, show some consistency and churn out more such big victories. what if Soderling can continue to play well as he did in the last 3 months? he is ridiculously close to making it to top 8, btw. If they keep doing this, the question is no longer gonna be 'whose half Murray or Nole is in?'.. Things could get dangerous for the big dogs at the QFs just like what happened today - which is good.

Also, I hope the World #5 and #6 don't kill themselves before the Open. They played a tough final last sunday -- they will be at it again tomorrow with Cincy to come next week.. no injuries or tiredness during the USO pls.

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