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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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Andrew Glad to know your cat is ok,scotch sounds good to me also.

Nothing beats tucking your child into bed at night

Yes stuff the tennis lol!

mcakron @ 11:53 -- well said. ;)

carnap: I like him much more than I used to since he smartened himself and made more effort to be pleasant. I only mention the Scottish part because so many people say why do the English support him when he is Scottish. If you see what I mean?


toonie - coolness. i've only been to brockville once, though (he moved away when he was a kid, and most of our visits have been to toronto, stratford, and montreal).

(my husband, looking over my shoulder to see "toonie - coolness" (not realizing "toonie" was a name): "Why are you getting excited about something used to unscrew the cap on a 250?" *grin*)

I like Muzz, but I'll be rooting for Tsonga - I like the idea of a lower-8 final, and I like the thought of a Francophone winning in Montreal even more (although I'll be backing Roddick in the final if he makes it that far).

annie - yes - andy roddick does have masters shields on his resume. oddly enough, he's won montreal and cincy before. :)

Lynne: English tabloids (and American, for that matter) are good for only one thing...lining the litter box.

Andrew: Thanks for the chuckle. I love The New Yorker and it's cartoons. My favorite was from a few years ago.

Man picking up his phone: "The answering machine is broken, so please leave a message when I say beep."

Carnap: Wasn't talking about the tabloids, have a heart!

JohnC, it's my gut about Fed and Cincy, on to the Big One. Yeah, pretty lame, I agree, but I share him b-day and sometimes I feel like I know him better than most.

Practically speaking, though, Pspace makes some fine observations about how lack-lustre Roger's backhand is now. And the forehand is not as sure. I'd add his return game - horrible, (did it improve any against Tsonga, than the prevus two?)

So, yes, he has a herculean task ahead of him.

But HE CAN DO IT - realistically, today's loss, how RARE is that?! In fact, but for a brief lapse of concentration (or whatever it is that caused it), the scoreline would have been 6-7(5), 6-1,6-1 Roger. Seriously.

So there is hope that he can pull it off - and do it in style!

NP -- hey, the world's #1 gags a 5-l lead in the deciding set and the world's #2 gets served a breadstick in a straight set loss. Suprised you're not buffing up the weak-era argument.

jb: yep. I think Roddick and Rafter are the only 2 players in the open era, who won both the Canadian and Cincy Masters as well as the USO in the same year.

ok closing down for the nite - so i can get up in the am at a decent hour! nite guys.

congrats to the winners :)

commiss to the, er, 'not winners'... :)


"Lynne: English tabloids (and American, for that matter) are good for only one thing...lining the litter box."

But who broke the story on John Edwards' mistress? Tabloids should be recognized as the heroes they are!

its more likely than not that Rafa will head into NY #3. Its not what I would have wanted. But its not that big a deal either. If he had gone backwards before he ever got to #1, I would have been crazy sad. But now I am of the ranking smanking POV.

I saw some good stuff and some lousy stuff. His 1st serve is still poolside at his fabulous crib in Porto Cristo. Hopefully he will buy that buddy a first class ticket to Cincy.
I think he played a good first set. Not so much match 2.

I see the ranking situation like this...lots of points to earn next year. Not in total defend mode. He WILL take better care of his schedule. There are rumbling he will play the South American Clay swing as opposed to Rotterdam & Dubai. Which sounds good to me.

I predicted an all Andy final earlier...I'll hold that hand, not taking any cards.

LOL Sorry, Lynne. When I worked in London a few years ago, those papers used to tickle me with their outrageous headlines. An American friend who came to visit loved them.

carnap: my favorite New Yorker cartoon had a man looking down at a cat:

"Never, ever, think outside the box."

mcakron, what's the use of buffing up an indisputable fact?

NP: My mother was a devotee of "The National Perspirer," and would repeat, "They tell the truth!" Well, I guess they eventually did re John Edwards. However, I must admit that the "conventional media" have turned into partisan wussies.

Andrew: I remember that one!! Hilarious.

NP: If you say so, although I'm sure you foresaw it all in your CB. Do be careful how you approach your closet - I see them all falling on top of you if you put one foot wrong.

Jake, my inclination is to lower my expectations based on the evidence, and then perhaps be pleasantly surprised, but at least not bitterly disappointed.

His return game has been pretty ordinary in all three matches, and while I think the fh is not too bad, the bh is a real worry.

Hi Rudy3: Agree with your post. I just want Rafa in the top 4 for seeding purposes. Muzz can have #2. Rafa does have a lot of opportunity to make up points in the coming months and year.

I still think Jo Willy has a shot against Muzz though. I reaaaally want Andy Roddick to win the whole thing (and I picked him in my bracket).

Good grief ! Tsonga looks like one of those characters from a horror movie in that picture posted above !

Gd'nite jb!

You know, Roger, if you had hired Cahill when you had the chance (even part-time), your game would be in a far better state. As it is, I seriously have no idea what Luthi is bringing to the table.

carnap, tell that to Bob Novak:

What's with Leno and Kimmel always making fat jokes. Do they have circus mirrors in their homes? Cast ye not the first stone, lads.

Wise man, you, JohnC.

Yes, pleasantly surprised always beat puffed up bravado!

But the gut is where the confidence is, so if you feel it, half the battle is won.

So confident - but keep under wraps!

I think I'll be calling it a night too. Soon.

Well, I am out. Vamos Andy Roddick and Jo Willy!!!

Nahh Darren Cahill has too many eggs in his basket

I am glad Roger didnt get together with him.

NP: I have no sound on my Fisher Price laptop. Thanks, anyway.

Lynne, my closet's got very firm, strong shelves.

NP charming the ladies again...talking about his very firm, strong shelves.

carnap, anytime.

Very D.H. Lawrence.

NP: I'm very gratifield to hear it.

I'm calling it a day too. Goodnight everyone.

carnap, you have a very kooky imagination.

You just noticed that? LOL I can't tell you how much trouble it caused me in school.

If Roger were to hook up with anyone, he should get Tony Roche back.

Lynne, there's plenty more where that came from. Nite.

Roddick interview --

JohnC Yes i agree there,Tony I thought was a good choice.

Rafadoc, I remember what smart comment Rafa said before Montreal: "I know that I'm not going to win that tournament, it's going to be very difficult to me, but I need to play to be ready to US OPEN and I'm going to try my best
And that is exactly what he is doing, you'll see the difference from today to his next match in Cincinnati

Fed's fine as is. What else does he need? Another 15 slams? It's all gravy from here.

carnap, Tennyson could've told you a little more about action and reaction.

I preferred the "dirty books" banned by the Pope.

ok good people, nite, nite!

Thanks for the reminder Joe. You are right. :)

Really off now. G'night.

Me, too. Night all.

carnap, so you actually liked Les Misérables. My respect 4 U just went down the drains.

Awww...just came back...missed all matches, didn't even know the scores...

Aww...Rafa and Roger both on the same day???? Triple Awww...will have to go back and read all the match comments to figure out what happened..

Congrats to Roddick though...and this tourney belongs to the Muzz...but DelPo Vs Roddick should be interesting again..

But Rafa and Roger...*sigh*...should make it a point to watch them only in slams.

Nite, kooky souls. I'll keep the prohibited relatively unscathed.

oh...Roger had a 5-1 lead in the final set?

Well, i think Montreal marks the end of the Fedal era...

Carnap, I'm pretty sure (having been a close Roger-watcher) that that's not how he sees it. He wants to hold onto #1 and break the total weeks record, another consecutive USO would set another record, another YEC would tie the Sampras/Lendl record, and of course at least one more Wimby. He believes he can do these things before he turns 30.

Having surpassed Sampras, he doesn't want the same thing happening to him, at least not in his lifetime. He wants to be like Laver, in a class of his own.

Whether or not a coach would help, I have no idea, and who are we to "advise" Federer, anyway. But goals he still has aplenty.

Yeah, kinda chuckled when Killer was going on about what a stupendous job Luthi does as Fed's "coach", and then in describing what Luthi does basically admitted he served as Fed's scout. Sounded like Cahill was being overly diplomatic with the appellation.

Anyway, maybe best to see how Fed does in Cinci and USO before we start asking for a coach with some authority.

Joe Well for his 3rd match back,especially in the 1st set,Rafa played some points of old.

It will take a while,for his touch and especially his timing of the ball to come back 100%

His serve as well.

Gee I am not unhappy at all.He competed as well as he could.

Very weird article on Andy.. some of those answers he gives I could have sworn they were from other articles and his blog from his website.

Federer's history at Cincy and Rogers Cup:

2008: lost to Simon (#22) (R32) and Karlovic (#22) (R16)
2007: won over Blake (#8) (F), lost to Djokovic (#4) (F)
2006: lost to Murray (#21) (R32), won over Gasquet (#51) (F)
2005: won over Roddick (#5), did not play in Canada
2004: lost to Hrbaty (#21) (R64), won against Roddick (#2) (F)
2003: lost to Nalby (#14) (R32), lost to Roddick (#7) (SF)
2002: lost to Ljubic (#34) (R64), lost to Canas (#19) (R64)
2001: did not play either tournament
2000: lost to Clavet (#43); RF ranked #39 at the time) (R64)
lost to Hewitt (#10) (R64)

Moral of the story: based on recent years, if you're a player ranked #21, #22, or #23, I'm putting my money on you. ;-)

Sad that I even know that - but I remember stuff I read and I've heard all those anecdotes before. Unless Andy has one "go to" story every time he gets those questions.

Peg...interesting coincidence :-)

Intersting stat, Peg. I hope he plays 2 or 3 more good matches at Cincy so that he can peak well at the Open.

4 good matches featuring the top 8 players. I can't complain about the day (except... ;)). I hope Roddick can win the tournament now - he deserves something big, sooner than later.

Good Night/Day, all.

anyway, I've brought this up before, but yeah:

"Childhood Dream: "When I decided I was going to turn pro my goals were — win the U.S. Open, be No. 1 in the world, win Wimbledon and be a part of a winning Davis Cup team. I've gotten a couple, I've come close to a couple."

He's done all but one. and came oh so close to the 4th. I hope he gets it one day.



...then again, the current #21-23 are Blake, Wawvrinka, and Fish. Hmm. So.. *checks draw* Stan knocking Fed out in R16? Totally possible, but given that he didn't manage it this week, I dunno.

Rafa's presser is out already, and he sounds very positive. He did get asked a pretty wacky question:

Q. It's a different question. Do you like or support an idea or a thought of a tennis All‑Star game like North American sporting of baseball, basketball, NHL All‑Star game? Same selection, same procedure by Internet voting, by the fan and journalist? Do you like or support or absolutely refuse this idea?
RAFAEL NADAL: Our All‑Star I think is the Masters Cup. I think that you can do a lot of things. It's an idea. I don't know. You can propose to the ATP.

He answered it well, and with good humor...he must be happy with his form.

On to Cincy.

crazyone, as per my earlier post, I think his adult dreams have way overtaken his childhood ones. I sense a burning ambition to cement his legacy beyond touching, and he knows he still has the time to do it.

Andrew: your 11:58 post just warmed my heart.

well, my hubby and daughter are down at the shore and i've got the house to myself and my two doggies. I've got the match on my HD flatscreen for company. Life could be worse.

I think this article would be of interest to many here:

"Net Gain
While the success of players such as Denis Kudla and Mitchell Frank, both 16, holds much promise for American tennis, it might say more about the human potential for excellence"

Yeah same here crazyone re: Andy.

Also love that story about him playing the greats in his garage - and telling his mom he was winning. I can totally see that in my head.

Morning, everyone.

Ooh...nice wins for Tsonga and Elfie, both. Not to mention Roddick. :)

Hope Rafa looked ok.

Why was Nadal grumpy in the 2nd set and grimacing repeatedly to Maymo and his camp? Are his knees acting up again? Any official word? Is he injured again?

Crazyone Many thanks for that link,what a story.

Oh - does this mean Murray will get to #2? Great achievement, if so.

I'm still shaking my head at some of those bhs Elf hit. Rafa was not at his best and all that. But, sweet lord...those were some lusty blows. It was Nalby-like, but scarier.

He's still a good slice will prolly continue to work against him. But, he's getting better and better at handling it. And, showing good feel around the net.

Not to mention that he's also starting to serve like a giant. This is one scary dude.

Well goodnight all - must get some sleep so I will be functional at work tomorrow. Hoping I won't miss too much semi-final action because of work. Will be missing the final because of work. Blah.

Night :)

Night, Whitney. :)

Pspace - Elf has always had that potential, I think.

tennisfan3: Rafa's presser was very positive. He said the 1st set was the best he has played since he came back. He only has positive feelings, and that Delpo is in better form than him.

He was aked about his knees, and he said they were good.

Also, a reported said that it was very nice to have him in the tounament, and Rafa answered, thank you.

I have no worries.

Jewell, if Murray wins tomorrow he picks up #2 on Monday. If he loses Nadal hangs on, just. And then there's Cincy.

I see - Murray has to win tomorrow first...

thanks, JohnC, I am slowly catching up...

Rudy3 Thanks,would you have a link to that presser at all?


If Murray wins here, then Nadal would have to win Cincy AND Murray would have to lose in the semis or earlier for Rafa to regain #2 before the USO.

I think those are the narrowing permutations left.

Pspace: love your observations about elf. "lusty blows" is a keeper. i'm going to use that if you don't mind ;)

hey Jewell! apparently rog let a 5-1 lead in the 3rd go. didn't see it. wish i had though.

tennisfan3: rafa's tendinitis is a chronic condition. he's always going to have to deal with it. he was very frustrated after losing the tb after having a 5-2 lead...

jewell, yeah. Hat tip to all who spotted it earlier. I thot he was gonna be another Davydenko at best. And, also that he played insanely boring tennis. Like his game of RG. I'd say he cracks the top 4 by the start of next clay season at the latest.

Just now read the title article of Peter Bodo (was more intereseted in comments and match-calling).
Does anybody know: what exactly Kim Clijsters did to Peter? Was he denied an interview in a rude manner at some point?

Annie, hehe, of course. Glad you like it ;-).

Don't know, mick1303, but the fact he thinks she hails from "the land of tulips and windmills" shows he's seriously off his game.

Mick Kim has always been very easy and open to the media.I have know idea.

Or giving Pete the bnefit of the doubt,he could have said that Tongue In Cheek.

Hi Annie! worries to spare for Federer at the moment. He'll be fine at the USO, and even if he isn't - good times for him still.

Going to spend all my time frazzling over Rafa's amazing disasters - thanks for that, naughty T. :)

Has Master Ace put up tommorrows schedule somewhere

Atr least Headcase Safina is still in,theres something for me to look forward to.

Yeah, I read Pete's post as tongue-in-cheek. Though, there's some element of truth to it. Didn't Kim say at some point that she was coming back because the level was low? You could extrapolate from there. Anways, don't really have a (strong) opinion on the subject.

rudy3: thanks for the presser quotes. glad rafa sounds so positive :)

'spacie: i also thought delpo was going to be a good, but not great player. i was wrong. but i'm also one of the very few that doesn't think Murray is that brilliant a player and here he is at #2 in the world. but these rankings seem weird to me. the truth is that rafa
has suffered ranking points-wise because of his absence from playing, not playing badly and losing, you know?

Don't know - he'd have lost points at the FO anyway, don't forget...and even if he'd been playing through Queens and Wimbledon, he might well have lost a truckload there. *shrug*

Also, Murray's still had to do stuff, not just stand still.

Pspace Remember our deal ok

AM: Its posted on the Rogers Cup website. I tried to bring it over, but was not successful, and as its 12:30 AM here, I am about tuckered out. Went back to work this week.

so going to say nite all. Not sad about my guy tonight. its all about RO10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie, yeah. In my head, Rafa is still No. 1, and I'm not prepared to revise that for a year. Somewhat controversial opinion...just shoot me ;-). We'll disagree on Muzz's brilliancy, of course. Though you can't rate him above Rog or Rafa till he wins a slam.

Rudy3 Thanks I will check there,no worries

Good night.

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