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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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"the truth is that rafa has suffered ranking points-wise because of his absence from playing"

Ahem, annie, not entirely true. His loss at the French (and Roger's win) was the big blow. If he had won there he would still be number 1, even with withdrawing from Wimbledon because of knees.

Pspace I am a fan of Murray,but hey he really only shines on the h/court as yet?

I am still waiting for him to have better results on clay and grass

Thats what makes you the world no 1

Also to win a GS title.

Actually, I'm kinda hoping for a Fedal SF in USO. Would be nice to see those guys go at it without the pressure of a slam on the line. Imagine the tennis they could produce!!! Oh well, don't really care that much about this ranking business.

Pspace: exactly, until muzz wins a slam...then my opinion will do a 180...
am i the only bozo rewatching this match? it's interesting listening to the different comms. but BG, Chris and killer never shut up! but they do a little gossiping which is fun.

For instance, they were discussing Roig and tio Toni's not coming on the north american swing. They said that rafa is much more relaxed when toni isn't around and that toni is a taskmaster, on and off the court with rafa. that was news to me.

ugh, it's tb time and rafa has the set on his racket. oh well.

Annie Toni never comes on this part of the tour

AM, what's your point? ;-) I don't really care if Muzz becomes No. 1, atm. Immediate goal is Montreal, and then Cincinnati. Winning one of USO '09 or Oz '10 would be excellent.

Of course, he comes from a place with outsized expectations. So, they build him up like he's better than Rog and Rafa, and will tear him down if he doesn't measure up.

yeah, that's us...cold, cruel, sarcastic and sicko nations FTW!

Delpo's excellent at net. he can cover a lot of ground with that wingspan.

I haven't seen anyone consider the possibility of Murray as #1, but if he does a Roddick and wins Canada, Cincy and the USO, that'll be 4000 points, more than enough if Roger fails to final in New York.

Wouldn't that be a turn for the books!

Pspace My point is clear in my post

I dont like side trakcers lol!

JohnC: thanks for that info on the rankings re rafa and the FO etc. The whole rankings system confuses me tbh so i appreciate being set straight :)

JohnC Gee listen to Justin G,Robbie and Jason,Darren Cahill

to name a few,also Fred Stolle all think Murray can be no 1 by next year.

rafa was so deflated after losing that first set...

Annie Of course woulnt you

rafa t/break stats are great

I thought he would win,cause i thought till then he was a better player,I felt Potro was feeling the tension

Rafa couldnt return his serve as well,especially his 2nd serve

Als rafa was at one stage 5-2 in the t/break,but full marks to Potro he turned it around and won,then I knew it was Goodnight Rafa.

Could Murray get to #1 without winning a Slam? That would be interesting on so many levels! LOL

'space and jewell, the pressure muzz is under by the Brits is really terrifying imo. I was thinking about it the other day, about the Queen being prepared to come watch him if he had made the final this year. Imagine trying to play the final with the monarch watching you? imagine losing? It's really mind-boggling if you think about it.''

hmm, the comms talking about how edberg and borg used to tape ALL their fingers to protect from blisters.

Ruth Yes indeed LOL! that would shut up all the ATP admirers and people that put down JJ and Safina. .

AM, don't really listen to commies on this stuff. Reckon my maths is better! In reality, it's very unlikely given the number of points he's defending in the rest of year, not to mention the odds of clean-sweeping the USO series in the first place.

As of this minute he's exactly 2800 behind Roger (will change on Monday), which is a big hill to climb when you are defending a boatload of points.

""tennisfan3: rafa's tendinitis is a chronic condition. he's always going to have to deal with it. he was very frustrated after losing the tb after having a 5-2 lead.. ""

Annie: I know the tendinitis is a chronic condition. But my concern was whether his knees acted up just after one match, seeing the signals he seemed to give to his camp in set 2. Normally the condition is aggravated with cumulative tennis (over a period of time). If it's worse after one match, then its bad news no? Hence my question.

I agree about the frustration after set1. That was uncharacteristic. Usually after losing a set, Nadal starts strong early in the next set. What happened to the mental fortitude?

Yes i really missed the Queen coming to Wimbledon,though she is a horsey type.

Yes Borg always had tape on his fingers,due to his grip I think

Dont know about Edberg though.

I guess as jb said earlier, the mental match play side needs practice, too.

John C I know the points there,I just kind of laugh at these commentators,I think there bored by Roger and Rafa,need a new kid on the block.

Remember after Novak won the AO all the hype about him being the new no 1

Well look at him now.

Anyway I am happy what I saw from Rafa,alls good for me.

And maybe he felt a bit blasted after losing that TB, too. Don't know, didn't see the match.

Annie: of course the pressure's insane, but actually and seriously - I don't think much tearing down has been done, so far. I tend not to read the tabloids closely though.

Also great that Rsoangel came by and said Vamos Rafa.

good point jewell about the mental side needing practice too. Rafa has that incredible rock solid resolve (unlike nole), though. and the first time i ever saw him show frustration on-court was this year's miami and then in paris and then tonight. it's so uncharacteristic.

TF3: rafa said in his presser that the knees felt good. Yeah!! I think his frustration tonight was just that he wasn't playing well. Boy hates to lose. I just remembered that rafa is the defending champ here in montreal. boy has had to defend all these points and it ain't happening.

I really hope Roddick wins this title. He's played some great finals of late (that's an understatement). It's his turn to get the big dish!

I don't remember Edberg taping his fingers, either. Also, in agreement with a few others about Pete B's post regarding Clijsters' comeback. Didn't understand the bucket of cold water. If her comeback is calculated because she saw an opening, who cares? Seems more the WTA's problem than Kim's. Fend her off if she's not worthy.

BG was just talking about "getting energy from the crowd" and that is really true. The crowd wasn't giving much energy tonight.

Really the biggest shock for me was Roger being 5-1 up in the 3rd set and losing.

Annie, once more with feeling, NO ONE IS DEFENDING POINTS at Montreal or Cincy. They're long gone.

mcakron, yeah, it probably motivated her because she saw the possibilities. she was sitting at home thinking "WTF, i can beat these girls.." Good for her i say.

God, I am slow...thought BG meant "by God" but it's Brad Gilbert, isn't it? Aargh.

About the Clijsters thing, I never got the impression that Pete was that keen on either of the Belgian (or Dutch...LOL) women. *shrug*

Maybe Kimmy thought she'd had enough, then realised she missed it, and tailored her comeback to the opportunity? That could work.

Wouldn't that be something, AM? I figure with the right nmber of MS wins and Slam finals for the Scot combined with not great results by the big 2, anything is possible. And, maybe, then they'd leave Safina alone -- with her USO 2009 title! You think? :)

I turned in early tonight, got up to see the scores I missed, and now I'm watching the end of this TB and breadstick Nadal loss. Call me perverse...I am a Fedalist, but I'm looking forward to seeing the different combination of faces in the semis.

Go, "new" guys!

I'm glad Safina won, though.

I loved Kim regardless,gee those wrists of hers forced her to retire anyway.

Rafa and Nole are playing dubs together in Cincy!! Coolio!

Ruth After the disappointment for Andy at Wimbeldon,when he came soo close I would love him to get another win here

I am soo impressed with his volley play and his understanding of net play more

Gee Larry has been a revelation for him.

Also...JJ is in the semis! That's pretty happy-making for me. :)

Run to the USO title starting here...LOL

Espn's comms raving about how great delpo's game is. the only caveat: how he handles 5 setters fitness-wise. aside from that they think he has a shot at the USO.

Jewell I am very happy JJ had a good win as well,great for her confidence.

CONGRATS to all the winners of today and commiserations to the losers.

Why would Rafa be playing doubles in Cinci? Why would he be playing the SA clay swing after AO? Seriously this young man even though he says he understands poor scheduling caused some of his problems, it still does not seem like he understands he needs to cut back.

Anyways I need at least a player not named Williams and Kuznetsova to cheer for in the WTA. Those three are driving me insane and I need to stay sane ;-)

Avid!!! Long time, no are you?

Join the JJ Glamour Bus. ;-)

And while Andy will always *look* like he's running with bricks in his shoes (genetic thing, I guess), his court movement is in fact much improved.

Avid Well dont follow me with Safina gee,thats Insanity at its very best.

Rafa,geez no further comment there.

Well, even Rafa seemed to be giving her credit the other night when he said something to the effect that "I'm only coming back after two and a half months not two years." If this is so easy to do then let's have a bunch of the old-timers comeback and set the WTA tilting on its axis. I mean didn't Pete imply something about her returning when all the players have wear on their tires to gain herself an advantage? What's she's supposed to do? Wait until they've all a couple month's rest? Just seemed an odd post.

*waves to jewell*

Serena frustration brought me out of my hiatus yesterday ;-) Actually I have been busy at work though after struggling with a cold during the summer but I am all well and good now. Uhmmm... I don't know about the JJ Glamour bus yet ;-)

AM: As they say, from your lips to God's ear.... I'm really hoping for a RAndy win tomorrow although JMDP is looking almost invincible.

Should I get in the Roddick bus and head to Cincy? I had it shipped over from SW19, you know. :)

Well, it's back to sleep for me.

( BTW JMDP's English, like his game, is getting better and better.)

AM - Dinara is a no no ;-) and this is why I don't know if I want to go the glitter bus route too ;-) I need someone who will be kind to my insanity and prevent me from taking Valium ;-)

JohnC: sorry my ignorance of the whole points/ranking thing has you rankled ;) Ignore me. but i will do you a favor and not talk about it since i don't know what i'm talking about. It's late and i'm rambling...

So AM, you'd like to see uncle toni in Cincy and the gf go back to majorca? it'll be interesting to see if he shows up. i don't think he will.

Avid You are too boring Girl,need more spice in your life

yeah I still remember the AO when Safina was a mere observer

Yeah call me mad,its the Marat connection what more can I say

The family is Cursed.

Annie No,I said Toni never comes to Cinncy

I just want the g/f to disappear until,whenever.

Sorry, Annie. I'm not actually rankled at all. Not always easy to get the tone write, especially after a few glasses of Chablis :-)

Mary Pierce is making a comeback, about the Mary Glamour Bus instead? ;-)

Sorry about your cold, glad it's better. :)

The Kimmy stuff reminds me of some of the Federer stuff from earlier in the year - sort of nosing around behind the obvious, looking for more of a story, maybe.

AM - I pretty much agree to the boring part ;-) but I dunno if I need more spice in my life now lol

By the way where was Neil today??

Exactly one year earlier Rafa was fighting to stay no. 2 against Nole, who had a few dozen chances after Rafa became no. 1. Now they'll like play doubles together as no. 3 and no. 4. I hate tennis.

jewell - naaaaaaa as that may pretty much end in retirement even before it starts ;-)

*waves to greenhopper* thanks for the hugs from yesterday. Seriously Serena is driving me to the edge. Girlfriend needs someone to smack her pftttttttt!

*hugs greenhopper*

Looking on the bright side...*starts whistling*...Rafa won't have much to defend next year, after IW.

Greenhopper I knew you wouldnt like the fact of that dubs pairing

Maybe get the Asteriod to fall on Noles head?

AM: my point was that toni was at cincy last year because of rafa's nearing the number 1 ranking..

Avid! We've missed you! I was looking for you last week when pete posted about a party for James Blake that is co-sponsoring and he has a few tickets for Twibers. You're supposed to email pete if you're interested in going. Don't you live in the NYC area? It's on Aug.27th. The post about it was on Aug.4th or thereabouts. The party is to launch your take home man's new fila clothing line.

Thanks, ladies. I'm being dramatic, I know. But it sucks.
AM, Why do you want the asteroid to fall on Nole's head?

Annie Rafa became no 1 after winning Toronto last year

he officially became no 1 on the 18th August when the new points came out,

Weeps that wonderful days is nearly upon us,I will be wearing BLACK.

Greenhopper No particular reason.

"Rafa won't have much to defend next year, after IW"

Hmmm, Rome and Monte Carlo?

didn't Rafa have to get to the SF at Cincy to ensure the no. 1?

Although it was pretty unlikely that it wouldn't get to him at some point in that stretch.

C'mon ladies. Positive force and all that. At least he's playing, and looks like he's moving ok.

OTOH, as Bissy says, there's no real advantage in being positive. So, enjoy your misery.

'nite all. Nice day of tennis tomorrow. I like every1. May the best men win.

Look I am going to Mass later

I will beg forgiveness for all the evil thoughts that have come into my head today ok.

*waves to Annie* Unfortunately I live in teh Great White North up in Vancouver on the west coast so no party for me :(

LOL JohnC, forgot the clay season...*hides face*

did I mention I can't do maths? ;-)

I suppose I meant in terms of the Slam points helpings, really.

Night Pspace

remember iour agreement ok,thanks soo much.

Goodnight, Spacie. :)

greenhopper - Naaaa I do not think you are being dramatic at all. I have shed a tear and asked why why why uncountable number of times today while trying not to think of the landslide difference between this time last year and this year for Rafa *sigh*

oh Avid, could i have been farther from "the NYC area" than Vancouver?? I'm hoping to go to the party (haven't heard back from pete yet) and will bring you in spirit!

vid Well it dosent help our cause when you go AWOL at the most critical time either?

I suppose your still having those all you can eat Barbies at work

Climbed a few mountains lately?

Oh well, ups and downs, swings and roundabouts. *trying NOT to be depressed*

Ooh Premiership football starts this weekend, that's good.

well, it's 3am here and time for bed. Goodnight twibers, see you tomorrow for muzz/jowilly...

Greenhopper You have every right to feel the way you do,after last year I feel ******************************************8

jewell, yeah I knew what you meant.

Personally, I'd be keen for him to snare London. He really needs to tuck away a YEC to round out his resume and I think it's now worth 2000 points, which wouldn't go astray.

The only glimmer of hope for me this week for my sports faves has been Tiger and that is hoping he does not have a 3rd and 4th round meltdown tomorrow and Sunday *sigh*

Not sure how the new Ronaldoless and Tevesless ManU is going to start off their season *another sigh*

Serena - needs some smacking
Venus - just can't be consistent outside of grass
Kuzzie - injury and headcaseyness extraordinaire
Rafa - still can't say much
James - no need to even try to comment either

I don't think my tennis week could have sucked any worse ;-)

Avid My hubby adores Tiger,he takes dvd of him to work

yes he has major problems

AM - In fact I was supposed to do the grind tomorrow but I have chickened out. Well I have BBQ in church this Sunday :)

*hugs Avid*

It's Birmingham City tomorrow, we should have a reasonable chance at that. (Ha...) Although I think we do better over the whole season if we start off relatively slowly.

think Ronaldo thing may be a bit like Beckham thing. Hope so, anyway.

Avid Please we must watch the waistline at all times no?

By the way I have dry cleaned my Trenchcoat,just saying.

jewell - yeah let's hope we don't have an *amazing disaster* against Premier league new comers Birmingham City. Yeah I am hoping we do well without Ronaldo. Keeping my fingers crossed!

AM - oh well BBQ is allowed in the House of God no? ;-) after all we are sharing with the brethren :) Ah my Trenchcoat is drycleaned too in readiness for the stretch to USO.

Avid Gee I am going to your church,we dont have Barbies at mine,grr.

AM - Now you see why I love my office and church lol You are welcome :)

Gee I think I will become a engineer too,hubby also has Barbies on his ship.

gee i knew I made a bad career choice

I should really have been a nun,I would have made the order give us a barbie at least once a week.

AM, no reason? Thanks for the laugh.

I was trying to do this jigsaw puzzle to keep me distracted for a bit and guess what? I clicked RESET after I was kinda sorta getting there.

Well, I don't know about this church stuff (never been), but God has been making an appearance on the most recent Boda thread. Recent observations of the Almighty include:

10 people GOD would like to smack....Peter Bodo and all 9 of his readers

GOD is funny?.....No shit Sherlock!

I take no credit for Rafa. That was Satan's doing. I have a son and his name is not Jesus, it's Roger!

I thought Nole was Satan. :)

*hugs greenhopper again*

you can do jigsaws on the Internet?

thanks jewell, there are a bunch of places to do them.
want a link?

Well i do have to go to Mass,its the 15th of August a special day in our church for Mother Mary.

Bye for Now.

Oh - yes please. :) I love jigsaws.

bye AM :)

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