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Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Posted 08/14/2009 @ 9 :16 PM


Evening, all.

One more match to play at Montreal.  Much doings already, some play still going on.  After tennis activity is done, it'll be OK to go off topic.

-- Andrew Burton 

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There you go

yo, avid. work still busy for you?

*adores greenhopper*


greenhopper - it's better now and yay! it's weekend :)

Good morning,

After seeing the results, I'm glad I had friends coming and didn't watch any tennis. Roger and Rafa had "mitigating circunstances" for their loses but Novak??

Hoping for a Delpo-Tsonga final. They are fun to watch.

As a Federer fan, let me say there were no "mitigating circumstances" for that third set collapse, and he knows it. Needs to give himself a good kick up the a$$ and get down to business.

It'd be pretty cool if Tsonga knocked off Murray, but you wouldn't put money on it, and sentiment wants me to see Andy get through.

Morning, zenggi. :)

Don't really mind who wins...MAndy would be nice. I thought he might be due for a letdown but doesn't seem to be the case. Roddick winning would be nice too...Elf could do with a first MS...and Tsonga could do with a boost...AARGH.

Federer losing is the most surprising, but, the walkabouts have been fairly regular recently, no? Elf and Roddick are, what, 6 and 5, against 4 and 2 respectively? I wouldn't have thought either result was that surprising - even if Rafa wasn't just coming back I'd have given Elf a decent chance at the win, and Roddick's certainly been playing better than Novak recently, so that doesn't seem surprising, either.

I can think of a few "mitigating circumstances" for that third set collapse:

Missing his normal training in Dubai because of the twins.

Missing his normal undisturbed sleep (three weeks and counting) because of the afore mentioned twins.

Missing Mirka on court because of the afore afore mentioned twins.

Roger was sweating yesterday as he did in 2008 when he was recovering from the mono. He shouldn't have lost the first set but that's life.

I'm sure he forgot the loss as soon as he saw his 3 girls.

About Rafa, his "mitigating circumstances" are well documented so no need to expand about them.

I prefer a 100 times Tsonga's style over Murray. No offense intended.

Hi jewell,

Where is my post? . This is a test!

Ok. It took 5 minutes to appear.

Jewell, also a jigsaw guy and my weekend and have already got stuck into grasshopper's link. Got the tent out :) Sky looks freaky :( but at least all the pieces orient correctly.

should be "and my weekend has not been taken over"

Fingers have stopped typing grammatical english, oh well

Jigsaws are so underrated. :) Have new way of procrastinating now...God, I love greenhopper. :)

Better get dressed and do stuff, I suppose...sigh.

I'm really interested to see how Tsonga will handle Murray tomorrow. They both can get pretty frustrated against a confident opponent. Tsonga more than Murray. Murray's serve has improved quite a lot from the last time they played, and his BH is a bigger weapon than Tsonga's. (I remember the amaaahzing bh winners Tsonga hit against Nole in Marseille, will be awesome if they can make an appearance today.) Hopefully it's a fun match.

jewell, how far along are you? I've done the tent and this little mountain in a corner. I'm this -->||<-- close to seeing stars.

I'm sort of randomly putting the edge bits together...have to stop now though. Try again later...LOL.

Wow, just had a chance to look at Toronto, Potential Kim, Vika in second, Ana and Caro second round, Not really buying into Kim fully being back, so I'm picking Vika. I'll wait and see if she can play good over several tourneys. JJ vs Demmy is hard to pick, neither has a serve, but strong ground game. I'm picking Demmy, but JJ has a really good chance. Think Dina will win the entire tourney.


To me, Roger didn't deserve to win, he didn't do anything in that match...I missed the final TB, had to go play (and for the first time won a set from my stronger opponent 6-2, then tried to mount a Tsonga like come back in the second from 1-5, but only made it to 4-6- again not having watched the ending of that match, I didn't know what to do :D)).

Rafa actually had at least the first set against Elf on his racket and overall didn't look too bad!

Elf is good though and in form! (After all, he did beat Hanescu coming back from a set down and 0-3 in the second, didn't he? :P)

Going to play right now, at old ladies hour (8 am) :)
Plan to train my serve before that as well and hopefully play twice more today, before going to the beach tomorrow for a week (no more WTG Rafa here!).
Does anyone know if Falmouth MA has any tennis court? If not, I hear that the near by town of Sandwich has some (besides it is going to be a basketball court right under my window, something that attracted me for years there).


Having watched those two matches (TMF - Tsonga and Rafa - Del Potro), I have a gut feeling that we have already seen the last Fedal GS final, namely the AO 2009. Basically, TMF screwed up a 5 - 1 lead and Rafa simply got annihiliated by Del Potro. The bottom line is that there are 5 - 6 players nowadays (Muzz and Del Potro definitely, and to some extent even Djokovic, Tsonga, Monfils and Roddick)who could spoil the party at any tournament. Please, don't get me wrong. TMF and Rafa may of course win a few more GS each, but it is obvious that they are not that dominant anymore. Yes, I know that TMF has not practiced a lot since Wimbledon due to his recent fatherhood and Rafa is still recovering from a serious injury. However, Muzz is very likely the world #2 as of Monday and I am pretty sure he is not going to relinquish it to anybody, including Rafa any time soon. In fact, if TMF doesn't get his act together soon, Muzz may be able to take over from him as #1 in the near future. Furthermore, Del Potro is already a great player and barring a career ending injury he should win many tournaments next 3 - 5 years. Moreover, Roddick has vastly improved recently and Tsonga, Monfils and Djokovic could catch fire at any time. This is not a weak era, IMHO...

Saturday Order of Play:

Dinara Safina vs Flavia Pennetta at 1 PM on ESPN2
Elena Dementieva vs Jelena Jankovic at 7PM(Tape delayed coverage on Tennis Channel at 11 PM)

Bhupathi/Knowles vs Nestor/Zimonjic at 1 PM
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Andy Murray at 3 PM(Tape delayed coverage on ESPN2 at 9 PM)
Andy Roddick vs Juan Martin Del Potro at 7 PM on ESPN2
B Bryan/M Bryan vs Mirnyi/Ram

Cincinnati ATP Main Draw:

Toronto WTA Main Draw:

One swallow does not a summer make!

Before we start writing obituaries for the Fedal era, let's at least wait for a slam or two. Nadal seems to me well on track for a return to form, and Roger is justifiably angry with himself for screwing up yesterday.

Another tournament coming up, and then the main event. But, yes, there is nothing weak about this era -- everyone has to work for their crust, hard.

zenggi: I already delivered the promised (a week ago) full diaper to the face to Kenneth Myles yesterday for being the first poster to blame a Fed loss on the twins. I have a second full diaper for you for your comment @ 4:58 am.

Leave the babies out of this! My work here is done. :)

On well.

Both Roger and Rafa did well given the circumstances.

Roger played badly the entire tourney. But lost the match he should have won. Could not find his game to close. I do not think he wanted it enough. Or maybe it game was so gone, he did not know where to find it.

Rafa played very well last night. Move better than I expected, ran vigorously, knees looked fine. Del Porto is a playing really well and beat him, that's all. Rafa does not do that great with taller players that can handle ball that kick high. Same pattern we have seen before.


stopped by to wish good luck to Dina and Lena today(especially Lena, she'll need it with JJ). I'm going to the beach with my family :-)) and won't be able to watch my Russians :-(( I hope they win today and I can watch an all-Russian final tomorrow :-))

Davai, Dina and Lena!

Come on, MAndy and Delpo!

Just for fun:
For the past few years the masters have been a break from a Rafa-Roger domination besides on clay. And on hc slams it’s always been Rafa not being able to get all the way until this years AO. So not sure how this tournment signals a change of any kind.
Of course they going to find it tough, but it’s been tough for the past few years as well. Roger hardly was setting the tennis world on fire until Madrid either. T
here are plenty of great players but as we know, it’s impossible to predict the future.
Rafa had a great start back, he says his knees feel fine, so maybe his lack of matches made him lose concentration in the end of the first and he couldn’t find a way to get it back hence him looking unhappy. Hardly strange as it’s the important moments when confidence etc matters.

And I’m sure Andy wants to hang onto #2 if he gets it, but he’s done the easy part now. It's easy to forget, but Andy only been a top player for a year. It’s not until now that he enters that period of not being able to make big, if any, gains. He can just lose point and just like that a semi-final means losing points. Of course not saying he won't hang on and defend his points. Or more importantly, that someone else will be able to gain that easy on him.
Rafa and Roger has been remarkable with their way of hanging on to their ranking places for the past few years. That kind of domination isn’t very normal so that it could go back to more normal ways isn’t strange. And might be good for tennis as well to have a few more people being able to seriously challenge at the slams.

LOL, Ruth .. ;)

No doubt, things are starting to even out a little bit at the top of the game, with both Fed and Rafa getting beaten way more than they have in the past by those that will probably wind up successors in the next 5 years.

That being said, Rafa has a lot going on and just got back into it after a lay off, and Fed to a lesser extent ... I don't think they're going away too soon. Let's see what happens at the USO before getting too carried away.

The last 18 months or so, Fed has let things get into his head ... more often than not, it's something that takes away his pace ... often due to medical time outs or even between set treatments. It even almost seemed that when Jo-Willie had simply given up, Fed just packed it in ... too. Why only Fed knows ... once Jo-Willie smelled opportunity and started mounting a comeback, Fed's serve and game abandoned him. Hats off to Tsonga for taking it.

I'm actually more worried about Nole than Rafa or Fed ... it's almost like he fell back and he's getting stepped over by the other up and comers (even an 'old man' he used to own that jacked up his game and mindset the last year). I'd rather have 'Nasty Nole' back than this kinder gentler imposter.


Did you also missed your "mental" training in Dubai this year?

Jezuz, as NP would say. Relax. Take a virtual trip as it's Sunday, in the country of tulps and windmills :)

Mandy will be #2 on Monday because he has played well, and been consistant. But he has only made 1 slam final and 1 semi. To stay 1 or 2 he is going to have to do better than that.

And if he doesn't do better in the slams, and stays 1 or 2, well, then we will have the WTA on our hands. And the indigestion will be ginormous, what with all the words being consumed :)

I'm kind of mixed about Rafa and Nole playing doubles. I don't want any of Nole's funky funk rubbing off on Rafa. But then again maybe Rafa can give him some acktitude a$$ kicking.

I am sticking with my All Andy prediction. I haven't seen a second of Mandy this week, but from the score lines and commie love, be must be in good form. And I am uber impressed with Randy.

I'm taking the Roddibago out for a little spin this weekend, if anybody cares to join. Its BYOB, but I do have guacomole and blue corn chips!

Giddy Up Randy!!!!!!!!!!

Are Rafa and Nole actually playing doubles, or is this an imaginary scenario? I would love it soooo much if they did :)

Hi Rudy3! Put me on the Roddibago! I will bring some Corona and limes to share. :)

I have appreciated reading all your positive Rafa vibe posts. :) After a good nights sleep and reading everything in the press, I agree with your assessment. Its all good. Rafa will travel to the midwest today. As usual, it is hot and humid here. Great warm up for USO though.

I agree with your final picks too. I *hope* it is Tsonga v. Roddick though. I actually picked Roddick to win it all. I would love that. Vamos Andy!

Lilypad: Yes, that was mentioned in one of Rafa's pressers from this week when they were talking about Nike sending him his Wimbly kit to play dubs with Nole (I guess they both want to wear white).

Thanks rafadoc. So this is for Wimby 2010 right? Way to go!! I'm already rooting for Rafa and Nole to win the men's doubles. Unless of course they were facing Federer and Roddick...I wish! I think it's such a pity that the top singles players don't play a lot of doubles anymore.

Lilypad: I am not sure which kit it is. I am soooooo on the Rafa/Nole dubs train.

Rafole FTW! (or should it be Rafovac? Nolafa? :)

I like Rafole, though it sounds a bit like 'raffle' said in a posh British accent!

Cincinnati Semifinal Preview:

Dinara Safina vs Flavia Pennetta
Dinara stopped the magical ride of Kim Clijsters in the quarterfinal with maybe her best effort during the USO Series as she continues to be consistent in the big events on the tour. Flavia is the first Italian person to make the WTA Top 10 while winning her last 15 matches(won Palermo and Los Angeles). Her biggest wins during her streak were a 3rd round win over Venus Williams and defeating a hot player in Samantha Stosur to win the title in Los Angeles.

Prediction - After stopping a comeback in the quarterfinals, Dinara stops a 15 match winning streak

Elena Dementieva vs Jelena Jankovic
For some reason, the media does not give Elena any attention but she quietly makes it to the money end of the tournament highlighted by losing only 3 games to Caroline Wozniacki, who won their last 2 matches. For someone who loves attention, Jelena has been under the radar for a change and this has resulted in her playing her best tennis of the season highlighted by her first Top 10 win over Victoria Azarenka in 2 tight sets. Today meeting with Elena is only Jelena's 3rd Top 10 meeting this year.

Prediction - Jelena is poised to make a deep run at the USO in a few weeks therefore, she continues the run to her first Premier title in 2009

Pete has posted the Crisis Center for Saturday.

Out for now....

zenggi: Just saw your 9:47...won't respond as it's Saturday where I am, and I'm having too much fun to get into a discussion about who really seems to be having "mental" problems and needs to chill today.

sokol: I'll be joining you in rooting for one of your Russians -- Dinara. Go, Dina!


This MUST be a culture difference. Nobody I know, who is older than kindergaten level, would "deliver a full diaper to my face" for expressing what I think. Not even in jest.

Hereby I send you that "item" back.

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