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Isner: Working Man May 28, 2010 - 12:18 PM

John IsnerHi everyone,

This is going to be a pretty short blog today because I don't have a lot of time to sit and write. I’m playing for the third straight day. The last couple of days have been a bit hectic because of the rain. It’s all part of the job, but we’ve done a lot of starting and stopping. I’m very happy with how I finished up against Marco Chiudinelli. It was a tough match that started late in the day on Wednesday. I felt as though I was playing pretty well and moving well. He’s a tough player and we hung tight with one another through those first two sets before we had to leave the court because it was just too dark to play. It’s always tough to come back the next day to resume a match, but it’s how you rise and respond that can make the difference. I was serving well and think I was able to and convert some big break points when I needed to. That felt good. 

After the post-match interview, I came back to the hotel and got a massage. I also started drinking a lot of fluids almost immediately, knowing that I had to come back today to play. Really the past 24 hours have been spent preparing for my match today against Tomas Berdych. Some of you have asked what that means. I really rely on my coach, Craig Boynton, to break down my opponents’ past few rounds and our head-to-head matchups. He also takes into account how I’m playing—what I’m doing well—and what I need to execute to come up with an overall attack plan. Typically there are two to three things I want to execute. We pretty much stick to that plan and if there are changes that need to be made, we always have backup plans. I think I’m learning how to better adapt on the court and make adjustments when I have to. I just played Berdych a few days ago in Düsseldorf. I didn't get the win, but I felt good out there.

The weather is perfect today. It’s sunny, but maybe on the cooler side, so I’ll get a really light sweat going soon to warm up the muscles before I head out there to battle. I’m on Court 6 after the Juan Carlos Ferrero match. My body feels good and I think that’s due to the work put in by my trainer, Mark Kovacs. The guy is amazing. We've been working hard the past few months, and he has definitely helped me stay prepped physically and respond to the grind. I feel better than ever, so it’s definitely paying off. 

Anyway, thanks for all of the messages from all over the world. I love getting them. To answer some of the questions, I haven't really gotten to do much sightseeing, but that’s fine. I’m here to work and there will be lots of time to see the city when the tournament is over. Right now I’m heading over to the grounds a bit early to pick up a couple of new sticks that we dropped off yesterday after my match. I typically carry about four to five frames in my bag. One is strung a little bit tighter and one a little looser in case I need to adjust, and at least three are completely identical. I've had the same racquets since UGA and have played with Prince since I was a junior. I actually heard that they still have the letter I wrote when I was around 10 years old asking to be sponsored. Hilarious. All right, off to work. I have a lot to get done today!

Thanks guys,


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Querrey: So Long, Paris May 26, 2010 - 2:37 PM

100503236 Hey Everyone,

Well, obviously I wish I were writing this under different circumstances this morning. It was a disappointing loss yesterday, but I don't want to take anything away from Robbie—he served and played great, no question. I think that six straight weeks in Europe, while it gave me the chance to get some matches in on clay, just flat-out tired me. I didn't have the energy I wanted to take out on the court, so it was definitely frustrating. I'm packing up and heading to the airport in about 30 minutes and at this point, really looking forward to returning home to California and recharging my batteries. Unfortunately, that means pulling out of the doubs event with John. I spoke to him about it last night and he completely understood, so we made the decision this morning. John felt he could really focus in on singles, too.

It's too bad to be leaving Paris, but I'm ready to regroup before the grass-court season. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and taking a couple of days off. And I just got tickets to Game 5 of the Lakers vs. Suns NBA playoff series, so I'm definitely excited for that. It'll take my mind of tennis, for a few minutes anyway. I'm also going to do a little house shopping when I get home. The place I'm in now is on the market and I think it's time to upgrade a bit. I want to stay in the Santa Monica/Venice Beach area, but I'm looking forward to doing a little hunting around.
Anyway, I want to say thanks to everyone for the nice words and awesome support. You're hands down the greatest fans in the world. I plan to rest up, then work my tail off to get myself prepared to compete at Queen's and gear up for Wimbledon.

Good luck to J.I. an all my other Prince teammates competing out there the next two weeks! Thanks again to everyone and to and Prince for the opportunity to chat. Wish I had more to share from year for sure! Till then, here's a link to the Prince Tennis page on Facebook. It's an awesome place to hear from players from all over the world, see new products, find offers on gear, and all that, including info from those of us on Tour.

Ok, I am off. Au Revoir, and talk to you all again soon.


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Isner: Off Day in Paris May 25, 2010 - 11:24 AM

Da902b3e0f164505c0e03d0e7d174454-getty-98902691fv007_arag_world_te First, thanks to everyone for all the comments! It's amazing to read through them and get the support. I'll try to answer as much as I can in the blogs, but unfortunately I can't reply to each question individually. Still, I love seeing them come in.

It's Tuesday morning in Paris. I got a little room service this morning and I'm about to head over to the site for a very light hit and maybe get a little time in on the bike. Then I might check out some of Paris around the hotel; I haven't really walked around at all since getting here. But I wanted to check in with everyone first and catch you up on the last 24 hours.

Well, it definitely feels good to get the first one behind me. A win in straight sets allowed me a good chance to rest the body and save some energy for my next match. I felt really comfortable yesterday and thought I served well, which, of course, is a huge key to my success out there. I also felt as though I was moving pretty well, too, and was able to execute the game plan effectively. It was the perfect match for me to play in first round—I got myself going and got off the court fairly quickly, so I could recoop and focus on my next round.

I ran into my buddies Mike and Bob Bryan yesterday in the players lounge after my match. I hadn't seen them in, oh, 24 hours. The boys are on the brink of history here in Paris. "Q" and I are planning to play doubles together and as much as we would love to see the Bryan Brothers win their 62nd title and become the all-time doubles titles leaders here in Paris, Sam and I plan to do our best to make them wait a little longer to celebrate that milestone. Ha ha. A tough task for any team for sure. I mean, 62 tour titles? Those guys are absolutely amazing, but look out for the up-and-coming doubles team of "Quisner"—we're hoping to capture a few titles of our own! I definitely enjoy my time playing doubles with Sam, and it seems the fans like seeing two tall guys like us on the same side of the net for some reason. Obviously, singles is my main focus, but I've loved playing doubles since college.

Speaking of which, of course I have to give a shout out to my Georgia Bulldogs for a hard-fought battle in the NCAAs. Tough loss yesterday. It's nice to get reports from Athens. I pretty much stay in constant contact with the coaches and other people at the university as often as I can. There is no atmosphere like an NCAA tournament held at UGA. It brings back awesome memories of playing there.

In my next match I face Marco Chiudinelli, a tough Swiss player who I've never faced before. I already sat down to go through our game plan with the team and will regroup this evening to review it one more time and make any adjustments. It's an amazing day here. It's sunny so I definitely think I may need to do a little bit of sightseeing this afternoon. I might even try and get a second quick hit in late afternoon if I can.

If you have a minute, click here to see some images from my matches yesterday. They were just posted. OK, keep the comments coming and let me know if there is anything you want me to write about.

Talk to you soon,


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Isner: Settling In May 23, 2010 - 3:38 PM

Isner What's up everyone? It's Sunday morning in Paris and this is my first blog entry. The energy of the start of the French Open can definitely be felt throughout the city—I felt it as soon as I arrived—even though it was late last night. I got in around 1 a.m. after a wild ride in a van from Düsseldorf. I was with my buddy and fellow blogger Sam Querrey, and our driver could not get the thing started and had to literally jump it. Ah, the luxurious life we lead. Anyway, Germany was great. I wish we had come away with the "W," but it was a good effort put forth by the team, the Bryan Bros., Robbie Ginepri and Sam (a.k.a. "Q").  It was a hard-fought battle vs. Argentina in the World Team Cup. I'm definitely proud of everyone who stepped up. But that's in the rear-view mirror now and I am focused on the task at hand. It is awesome to be here.

Even though we got in late, I had a great night sleep! Slept in a little later this morning and woke up today feeling fresh and just really excited to get going. The hotel I'm staying in is right near the Arc de Triomphe, only about a 20-minute drive from the Roland Garros site, which is perfect. I like to get settled in, get my bearings, figure out where I am going to eat my meals, and then focus on getting some good practice sessions in before the first round. The weather here is perfect, of course—about 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 24 degrees Celsius, and I'm hoping it stays that way. I think the forecast was calling for some possible rain later this week, and rain delays are no friend to a tennis player. As I write this, I am getting text messages from Q, my best friend on tour, who is asking my thoughts about the Celtics and the NBA playoffs. We are both big NBA fans and it is probably no surprise that when we hang out or walk through an airport together, a lot of people actually think we're basketball players, not tennis players.

I'm scheduled to play Andrey Golubev in the first round tomorrow. I'll sit down later on today with my team to review strategy and game plan for the match and what I need to execute. I've only played the guy once before, in Washington, D.C., and it was a battle. I've never faced him on clay. I've been working with the same coach, Craig Boynton, now for almost 16 months, and we have worked so hard on making some drastic improvements in my serve and my forehand. It's funny, because those are the two shots I always considered my weapons, but over the last two years we've really worked to make them even better. Another huge component to my success is my strength and conditioning work. I'm a big guy and I need to spend a ton of time in the gym to make sure I stay fit to prevent my body from breaking down. 

Week in and week out on tour can take a toll on your body, and I feel very fit right now out there. I think both Sam and I have shown that we have game on clay and are looking to do some damage here in Paris.

OK, I am shutting down the computer now and heading over to the site with Craig and our team to get in a practice. I'll check back in after my match vs. Golubev—hopefully we'll be chatting after a win! Enjoy all the action. The French is such an awesome event. In the meantime, if you want to connect with other tennis fans from around the globe or check out additional images from Paris, be sure to click here and "LIKE" the Prince Tennis page on Facebook.

Later on,

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Querrey: Ahhh, Paris May 23, 2010 - 3:36 PM

Querrey Ahhh, Paris. Thanks to Prince and for giving me and my boy, and doubles partner, Big John Isner, the chance to share our 2010 French Open experiences with you guys. We arrived late last night from Germany after a tough loss in the World Team Cup. But I'm proud of the effort. Didn't roll into the hotel until somewhere around 12:30 a.m. after dealing with a van that wouldn't start that we actually had to jump. Unreal. Anyway, I'm here now and I'm coming into this year's tournament with a lot more confidence and some different goals than I've had in years past. I've had a good few weeks on the clay and I'm getting more accustomed to moving and executing on the surface. It is not hard-court tennis, but I think both John and I have proven that we can win on clay and we're hoping to change some of the perceptions about American players this year. We are going to do our best at the No. 17 and 18 seeds to surprise a few people.

My first few hours at an event like this mainly revolve around getting organized and getting settled in. It can sometimes be a scramble, especially when you're playing another event the day before arriving. But basically that means getting a good meal, which I had this morning, and a light workout at the hotel. Then I head over to the site to get some practice time scheduled in order to get loose and get more familiar with the courts and surroundings. I also like to get my racquets off to the stringer when I arrive. I have three to four frames redone so I know I have fresh sticks in my bag at the start of play. After that, it's rest, fueling up with food, and going over my first-round matchup with my coach, David Nainkin. I have a great team and we all help make sure that we're best prepared for battle. We may have an extra set of hands to help out in Paris, too: This year, my dad may be coming in from California to be with me, which would be amazing! Traveling all around the world, it can be weeks or months between times I get to see him, my mom or my sister, so having him here in Paris would be very cool. As some people know, he passed up the chance to play professional baseball for the Detroit Tigers to go to college, and remains a huge sports fan. It would just be good to have him here and have a chance to catch up.

As for my first-round match, I play tomorrow against a buddy of mine and fellow American, Robbie Ginepri, who I have known for a long time. He is a great dude and although we are friends and teammates, we are both, no doubt, looking for the win. I have only played Robbie once before on tour, last year in Indianapolis when he was absolutely on fire. He scorched me that day, but I think my game has definitely evolved since then and I will be ready to compete. I feel really good, just anxious to get going. This is such a great event, in an amazing setting obviously. I'm sure I'll get to experience a little bit of the city while I am here, but right now, I'm solely focused on tennis and executing the game plan. Thanks to everyone for the support. I will talk to you again tomorrow after my first round. Til then, take it easy.


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