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TO for OT Issues 02/01/2007 - 5:47 PM

(Bulletin: many apologies to those of you who tried to contact me through the Contact tab above and received no acknowledgment. It has just come to my attention that the mail has been stored on our server for a few months no, instead of being forwarded to me.  So please - if your question/comment is still relevant, please re-send it. I will also try to wade through some of them and respond as appropriate. The tab is fixed now, and you can always click on my "Pete" at any comment I post and I will get the email- PB)

Before I get down to answering the rest of the questions posted at the Any Questions? entry (I was going to do it today,but the above paragraph should tell you what I've been dealing with), I have one housekeeping note on Off-Topic posting.

We want to remain freewheeling and fun, but we want to avoid seeming impenetrable, confusing, or scaring off lurkers or even regular readers by appearing overly clique-ish, even though being part of the core group at TW is a reward unto itself. I feel somewhat responsible for encouraging OT entries, because I enjoy bringing up issues and making references to seemingly extra-tennis issues when I write, which can be construed as an invitation to OT. Just think of it this way: a comment on any reference in a given post is most definitely On Topic. But just throwing out an observation utterly unrelated to the post is OT.

Steggy and I have settled on a provisional strategy for dealing with OT issues. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and at some other random times, like the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday), we'll provide an OT blog/thread. The Monday Net Post will welcome OT discussion. On Wednesday, we'll have a Wednesday Racket feature; I'll probably just throw out some OT pet peeve (backpacks? generic, free, follow-the-sheep newspapers?) or observation, and you can take it where you will. And on Friday, we'll have a brief post on the upcoming weekend, and invite all OT discussions to take place there. Again, we don't want to be too right, but we also want to satisfy all readers.

We're not fielding comments on this below, but if you feel strongly about the issue please email Steggy or me via the Contact tab - which should be working properly now.

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Acronyms and Nicknames FAQ 10/07/2006 - 11:49 PM

ac·ro·nym (kr-nm)

A word formed from the initial letters of a name, such as WAC for Women's Army Corps, or by combining initial letters or parts of a series of words, such as radar for radio detecting and ranging.
  • TW - TennisWorld
  • KAD - Kool-Aid Drinker; a devoted fan
  • AOOSBBAS - All Out-of-Shape Beer Belly All-Stars; example: Nalbandian
  • TMTG - The Mighty Tennis God; Roger Federer
  • TMF - The Mighty Fed; Roger Federer
  • TLBTQ - The Little Backhand That Quit; Justine Henin
  • USTABJKNTC - United States Tennis Association Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
  • UAHAS - Unisex All-Headcase All-Stars; example: Marat Safin
  • GE - Gringo Especiale; tequila with the juice of one lime, shaken over ice
  • DBR - Dirty Boy Rafa; Rafael Nadal
  • TAMR - The Also Mighty Rafa; Rafael Nadal
  • RNKAS - Rafael Nadal Knee Appreciation Society
  • WRT - With Regards To
  • OT - Off Topic; anything not related to tennis
  • TWBTN - TennisWorld By The Numbers; Andrew the sexy statistician's Pet Analysis Project
  • RFTAS - Roger Federer Tummy Appreciation Society
  • WMB - Warrior Moment Badge. Can only be legitimately given out by TW poster Lucy, in recognition of any achievement whatsoever that she deems deserving of recognition
  • AWMB - Anti-Warrior Moment Badge. Can only be legitimately given out by TW poster Ray Stonada, in recognition of any failure of courage he deems notable enough to dishonour.
  • TWBARFs - Those Who Worship Before the Altar of Roger Federer; see this blog.

nick·name (nknm)

  1. A descriptive name added to or replacing the actual name of a person, place, or thing.
  2. A familiar or shortened form of a proper name.
  • Jet Boy - Rafael Nadal
  • Raj/Rajah - Roger Federer
  • Vertidjoko/The Djoker - Novak Djokovic
  • The Cap'n - Marat Safin; see UAHAS
  • Dirt Boy - Rafael Nadal
  • Champagne Kimmy - Kim Clijsters
  • Shrieky/Shriekapova - Maria Sharapova
  • JH - Justine Henin (The Artist formerly known as JHH or Justine Henin-Hardenne)
  • Kolya The Obscure - Nikolay Davydenko
  • Disco Tommy (aka Disco Jack) - Tommy Robredo
  • Chilly Willy/Ice Cold Willy/The Great Wall of Cañas - Guillermo Cañas
  • F-Lo/Flo - Feliciano Lopez
  • Nanner - Rafael Nadal
  • Reeshard - Richard Gasquet
  • Wilanders - A polite TW euphemism for the more vulgar "balls," as the noun is used to define courage and aggression. Derived from Mats Wilander's famous comments about Roger Federer's relatively passive approach to the 2006 French Open final vs. Rafael Nadal.
  • The Rear Admirables - Rafael Nadal's derrière
  • flove - a rare and special form of TW love (other usages: flovefest, flovable)
  • Tire Boy/Fancy Dancy - Frank Dancevic
  • Chaka/Chaka Khan/Chaki - Anna Chakvetadze
  • Le coquette/c-word - Richard Gasquet
  • Dorothy - Novak Djokovic (derived from the red shoes worn in Shanghai 2007)
  • Carlitos - Carlos Moyà
  • Baby Cassius - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
  • Baggy/Bagman/Bcup - Marcos Baghdatis
  • Hott - in TW, attractive players often aren't merely hot, but Hott
  • Hott Sauce - Fernando Verdasco
  • Charlize / Birdman / Big Bird / Krazee Eyez - Tomas Berdych
  • K2O - Nikolay Davydenko
  • JJ - Jelena Jankovic
  • The Lone Knight of the Apocalyse - Jarkko Nieminen
  • Bambi - Gael Monfils
  • Where The Wild Things Are / Juanaco - Juan Monaco
  • Ankles - Ana Ivanovic
  • Ski Boots / Caro - Caroline Wozniacki
  • Gaudifaux - Diego Hartfield
  • Not So Fat Dave/NSFD - David Nalbandian
  • bally pising - Stefan Koubek
  • Baby Punter / The Sod - Robin Söderling
  • Dr Ivo/Divo - Ivo Karlovic
  • Tintin / PEHK - Philipp Eberhard Hermann Kohlschreiber
  • Gervasio - Gervasio Esteban David Ezequiel Nalbandian
  • Crazy Elf - Juan Martin Del Potro
  • Miss Glitter / Hott Mess - Jelena Jankovic
  • Masha - Maria Sharapova
  • Vika - Victoria Azarenka
  • Honey Badger / Ferru - David Ferrer
  • MAndy and RAndy - Andy Murray and Andy Roddick
  • Hairfiasco - Fernando Verdasco
  • Special Kei - Kei Nishikori
  • The Worm - Radek Stepanek
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TW Rules of Engagement 07/28/2006 - 12:34 AM

After further review of the charge that TennisWorld’s standards and rules policy is too “vague” and restrictive, I’m making the hard choices that always go into articulating an extremely specific policy.

We strive to provide as comfortable an atmosphere as possible for the largest number of tennis fans in a public forum, and doing that job ably requires that we have a few simple guidelines for comment posters. Here they are:

1 - Please refrain from profanity. If you feel impelled to use a foul word, keep in mind that leaving something to the imagination is a lot more fun in everything - even comment posting. $#$%@ is a four letter word, too.

Added bonus: In contrast to the pedestrian, thoughtful comments at TW, that dark, intense, profanity-laced just-right-for-Indie-film-if-only-Coppola-could-read-it screenplay that you’ve been working on all these years will now seem that much more hip, that much more edgy!!!!

So the official TW policy is that the use of profanities may get your comment deleted, depending on the context and usage.

2 - Please treat your fellow posters with respect and abstain from harassing, baiting, or berating others. Keep in mind that each of us thinks he or she should be Ruler of the Universe, but the more obvious you are about it, the more you stand to look like an absolute eejit. Repartee, playfulness, sarcasm, fierce debate – all fine. Harsh and ugly personal attacks, not allowed. Impersonating your fellow posters is also not allowed.

This is a Zero Tolerance policy. Your comment will be deleted.

3 - Vulgar and sexually explicit language will not be tolerated. The same goes for intolerance; please don’t use racist epithets, or derogatory slang to describe others.

This is a Zero Tolerance policy. Your comment will be deleted.

4. Please email all comments or concerns about TW (and its policies) to Pete or Moderator. We will not discuss or debate how the site and comments on the site are handled publicly.

So all we're really asking is that you to keep this place clean and play nice with your fellow inmates. We realize that, quite often, there is a fine line between offensive and sardonic or saucy and sexually explicit and that is where our judgement as moderators comes into play. We are comfortable making that call, not because we want to police anyone's thoughts or morals, but because, as much as we want to avoid needlessly offending people, we're also bored to tears by crude and offensive posts.

We're a tribe, we have our own mores and customs.

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