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« Roland Garros Crisis Center, Day 15 - Overflow Queen's Club Your Call, 6.8 - Overflow »
Roland Garros Crisis Center, Day 15 - Overflow 2
Posted 06/07/2009 @ 1 :03 PM


Hi, all.  We'll give TypePad a new sheet of electronic paper to work with.  Tennis related and mildly OT conversations are OK.

I just had a nice conversation with my Dad, who watched the match with my mother in Leicester, and was lurking at TW.  Hi Dad!

-- Andrew Burton

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Go, Lakers.

Since first Overflow closed, I'm posting my poem again:


Most thought it a sure thing—no thirst left to quench:
Taxes and death and Nadal at the French
Four years in a row and working on five,
The kid from Mallorca would eat them alive.

He’d hold up that trophy and Roger would cry,
And Federer’s fans would ask what went awry.
But something strange happened out there on the clay:
Rafa Nadal finally had a bad day.

And who was this person—this odd, skinny dude,
Who took down the Spaniard and darkened his mood?
Not Murray, not Novak, but Robin the Swede,
A spotty, but dangerous, twenty-third seed.

When Rafa left Paris, all eyes fixed on Fed.
Would he now claim his prize or crumble instead?
Would they crown him the GOAT, the greatest of all,
Or would Robin step up and answer the call?

For the last year or so, Roger’s aura had faded,
Eclipsed by Nadal, he often seemed jaded.
We witnessed his anger, we saw him in tears,
And we knew that his gifts would fade through the years.

But the umbrellas went up—rain pelted the clay,
And Roger stayed tough and put on a display
Of winners and volleys that showed off his art,
And gave us a glimpse of his courage and heart.

A champion’s nature is something so rare
That when it’s revealed, in awe, we just stare.
When the crowd rose as one to give him his glory,
Roger’s tears added joy to this wonderful story.

OT, but how funny was it to see Andrew swearing when the intruder came onto the court? :-) Never thought I'd see the day. He must have been one frazzled man. :-)

Those poor cats. ;-)

thanks, Andrew. :)

Tim, i hope you have a moniker which works for wibmy too;-))
i know is very early to talk about wimby, but what can i do, i am very very happy right now...
back to matt's mantra, one match at a time, focus and finish..
Go Roger...

People have been talking about how many times Nadal has beaten Federer. Putting that issue aside, I think the more worrying part is: He can also be beaten by Murray and Djokovic!! Got beaten 4 straight matches by Murray and 2 straight by Djokovic. He will still be presurised when facing the two. He definitely has some more things to prove.

Lordie. Robin is such a gracious guy:

Q. You mentioned already probably you lost todayagainst the best player of all‑time. When you went into this match, what was different than when you wereplaying it? I mean, in the way of whatyou wanted to do and what you couldn't do out there.

ROBIN SODERLING: You know, I think the match ‑‑ the matchwas what I expected. You know, I playedRoger so he many times, so I know his game now. But, you know, I think I didn't play aggressive enough.

But it's always ‑‑ you know,every time I played Roger, after the match I always said, I played so badtoday. Now I learned that it's not thatI played bad, he makes me play bad. Sothat's what's so difficult playing against him.

Q. Obviously you beat Rafa, then you got to beatby Roger, and all of us have been sort of consumed by the idea that Rafa hastaken Roger apart a lot lately ‑ exceptof clay recently ‑ but in majors. Whatis the difference for you between them when you face them on court?

ROBIN SODERLING: They're both great players, of course, butthey have different game styles. Youknow I think Roger's game doesn't suit my game at all. He doesn't allow me to be aggressive. He always had me on the run today.

With Rafa, it's different. It's easier to be aggressive, you know. In all my matches against Rafa I think Idictated the game, I dictated the play.

But against Roger, for me,it's been so far impossible to do that.

Q. Secondly,on that, you said Roger is the greatest of all‑time. As a player, does it give you pause to saythat, because he's had such trouble will with Rafa? Can he be the greatest, but he's had problemswith this one guy? Or in your mind, it'slike, I don't care. I know what I see?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I played him, so I know. I never played anyone playing that fast. He's a great player. He doesn't have any weaknesses at all. He really deserves to be called the bestplayer of all‑time, I think.

I'm sure Andre was thinking: "Couldnt you stop with the darn photos already? I'm getting wet as a fish, damnit!"
The previous overflow is still working, i think, but it will probably get blocked pretty soon.

*squeezes Sher*

Have only skimmed the threads - I'm not capable of much at the moment, let alone reading - but this Fed fan very much appreciates all of the warm sentiments expressed here.

Huge props to Soderling for an extraordinary run. And how gracious was he in defeat? I'm ready to put the "Baby Punter" moniker to rest. Heck, I was ready when it started. ;)

Still haunted by the flag-waving nutjob. Thank GOD it wasn't worse. Security fail.

And finally, I couldn't be happier for Roger. Does this day have to end? Thinking back to last year's RG ... then the AO just months ago ... it really DOES seem like fate, like it was all supposed to go down like this. The hero gets his happy ending. :)

Forgive me, I'm pretty verklempt. ;)

Well, Pspace, what Sod says is mostly true. I'm still making efforts to avoid calling him "mean", but anyway.
One thing, though is not that true:
"In all my matches against Rafa I think Idictated the game, I dictated the play."
Really? What about Rome?

highpockets, lovely work, as usual!

Tears of joy - finally!

Word on everything Jackie!

I'm off to celebrate a birthday and this victory!


Jackie!!! *big BFF hug*

Jackie, i've been saying it all week. It was destiny, indeed.
Oh, and congratulations. Maybe you would like to end this phrase in some appropiate way for today:


More than worthy of this occasion, and this occasion is as big a moment as tennis has seen in its entire history.

Thank you!

TMF has nothing at all to prove. He may or may not be the GOAT (I think he is), but that doesn't mean he's the Eternal Victor.

Of course younger players are going to come along, challenge, and beat him. That's what happens in a sport.

Good luck to Rafa and Andy Murray. Djoko seems a bit too flaky to me to be ultimately successful.

And look out for Andy Roddick at Wimbledon. He's in great shape for the clay season.

Mr. X, yeah, there's gonna be a lot of hyperbole surrounding this match. I'd suggest you grit your teeth and wait a week or so ;-). Speaking from experience after tough losses. Man...Oz was the toughest one I ever had to stomach.

Jackie!!! Sher!!! Sam !!! *joins in group hug*

kinda loving seeing the 4th set breaker at wimby too :)

ill just conveniently stop tape from here, however...

I meant grass season, with respect to Roddick.

*hugs Jax*
good weekend for you???LOL....Sveta AND (more importantly for Jax) Roger winning!!!!LOL....and girl crush in the semi's!!!!!!!!!!!!! least i hav my mladenovic!!!XD ;)

Matt Z,
Did you see my question about Muzz for Wimbledon at the end of the last overflow? Just trying to say that in my opinion, expectations are too high on him and too low on Djoko for Wimbledon. Maybe that will be good for the Djoker, though, according to the pattern in this year's GS

SAM!!! *5 BFF hugs* Good day for us, yeah?

Mr.X, you do the honors ... :)

And I hesitate to say this because I know loads of folks who just want RG to be over ... but this has been one of my fave Slams in recent memory. Both my WTA and ATP faves come out on top. Whodathunkit? :)

Posted by Azhdaja 06/07/2009 @ 10:16 AM
They play horrible!!
Both of them.
Shame for tennis!

soon after someone runs on the court and accosts a player, you write this? mystifying?

Jacko, you read my mind! Fabulous tourney for Jackie. :)

*hugs Pspace, Jacko, and pretty much everyone else ;)*

ESPN is showing the Fed's presser live right now...

*hugs Jackie*

*waves to Sam*

Happy for you guys!

Sorry's over...;)

Who would have thought a year ago that Federer would be defending the French Open trophy, and Nadal Wimbledon at this time? We have two of the all-time greats at the top of our game. Djokovic and Murray are close, but still have some catching up to do, particularly in the slams.

My ESPN isn't! AHHH!

Thanks, jewell!

*exhausted from hugging but doesn't want it to end*

big, big, big hugs and congratulations to all fellow Federer fans, especially to Beckham for her unwavering belief and courage in conducting the crazy bus and to Tim (you are unique, this site would be so empty without you!)

crazyone: I remember when someone said at the beginning of this clay season, when everything seemed quite bleak for Federer, that he should skip the clay to avoid the distress of constantly losing to Nadal and you then said that it would be the biggest mistake b/c the only surest way to lose is not to participate at all.
You were so right and once again I say your moniker should be wiseone as it fits you better.

Although I am beyond happy that Roger won and realize that Nadal's loss helped him, I hope that Nadal doesn't have any serious injury and that his parents' divorce (if it's true) will not affect his game.
I wish him to find peace and strength in this sad situation.

Mr. X:

In terms of results or grass-court acumen, you're 100 percent right.

However, Murray will gain so much uplift from the Wimby crowds, and he's become mature enough as a player to use that crowd surge as an advantage.

If I'm Roger (or Rafa), I want Murray in the other half of the draw, and I want to cuddle up to Novak in a would-be semifinal pairing.

u just give such great hugs.....hence the long lines......i'm going back to queue again!!!!!!!!!!LOL......hav u seen Sveta's pic at the eiffel tower btw??? makes her impossible to not love!!!!LOL

Craig Hickman is pretty bitter over on his blog right now.

We'll see what we'll see over the next few months.

This is Federer's first back-to-back pair of tournament victories since Cincinnati and US Open 2007. I think Federer will play in Halle, but we'll see.

Rewatching the match. I'd expected the slice to be a big issue for Soderling, but I think the inside-in FH really hurt him today.

Jackie: Very good day!

*waves to jewell*

Jackie: oops sorry, it was on ESPN news, dude is still happy as hail, laughter, giggling, all totally awesome...;)

Who is up for all of us carrying Becks around the virtual room for keeping that dang crazy bus going?? Allez, Becks!

my 1.28 was obv aimed at Jackie....not suggesting that everyone else sucks at hugging....LOL

Tari: Count me in!

Cupcake lurker! *hugs*

Feimao0644 @ 1:12.

Roger *definitely* has some more things to prove?

Didn't Roger beat Djokovic and Murray back to back to win the US Open?

OK, I guess Roger could do the same thing at Wimbledon, or this year's US Open!

Regarding all those comments about Sod's hot girlfriend.

Hmmph, she's not a Viking princess.

Not that Sod deserves one, in light of his halfhearted, "just happy to be here holding Roger's testicles" approach in the today's finals.

manuelsantanafan, you're one of the few posters around here who make me look like Mother Teresa. :) You're right that many posters here are quite amusing when they put Collins to task. That said, the oft-made claim that Laver would've won 20+ Slams is quite far-fetched when you examine it closely. Here's what I said a few weeks ago:

"deeps, Laver has admitted himself that he wasn't the best player in the world when he won his first Grand Slam. So the answer to your first question [would Laver have won all his pre-Open era Slams if not for the amateur-pro demarcation?] is, prolly not. But yes, I do think the shoulda-woulda-coulda Slams he missed as a pro would've balanced out if not surpassed the amateur Slams. He didn't win any of the pro "Slams" in '63 but wasn't also too shabby, reaching the finals at the French and US Pros. And then he started winning next year. Here's the breakdown, with the # of titles in parentheses:

"French - finals every year from '64-'66 and won in '67 (1)
Wembley - won every year from '64-'67 (4)
US - won in '64, '66 and '67 and final in '65 (3).

"That's 8 titles. So say Laver would've won only 1 or 2 before his pro years in "real" Slams and he would've lost maybe 1 after, and he still has almost ten GS trophies in his bag. And Laver's finalist opponents were mostly Rosewall and Newcombe, clearly no slouches themselves."

So I'd say Laver prolly would've won about 14-16 Slams had there been no pre-Open era. Maybe even 17 or 18, but not 20. Your thoughts?

LOL, Jacko. I'll go allll day if I have to. ;) And YES, loved the Sveta pics. They made me all giddy inside!

*anxiously awaits vids of Feddy's presser*

Hi Tari!

I'll help you carrying Beckham.LOL


And Tari? Love seeing you here. TWitter's just not the same. ;)

Yeah ... like all other Fed kids, I just hope the back to back wins (and the importance of each to Fed, mentally) will allow him to play the rest of Top 4 a heck of a lot better than he has this year. Add progressing talents like Sod, Delpo, Monfils, etc. to the rest of the Top 10 ... and we should be in for some pretty exciting Tennis.

Count me in on carrying becks around! :))) just let me put my champers down...

(er, but now that i think of it, does beckham really want to be carried around by lots of champagne drinking fans? don't want to drop her on her head!)

hey everyone!!!!!

Finally on a computer and read everyone's comments. High-fives to my fellow Fed fans...boy was that a journey, and a very fulfilling won. Sign me up for Beckham's Channel Slam bus ;)

So happy right now, though I didn't cry :-P I had everything on a low volume and didn't want to make noise as the TV was next to my roommates' bedrooms. But I did plenty of pacing, fistpumping, muttering under my breath, and boy did my heart race in that last game.

The moment with the crazy guy was the scariest moment of my tennis watching life, as I didn't see the stabbing of Seles. At least the streakers at Wimbledon are well, nude, so you know they're not concealing weapons. I now know that guy was essentially harmless, but a day of great joy for Federer could have been a day of great tragedy. The security was pretty deplorable...I mean, why couldn't the first set of guys tackle him down?

Federer's serve is the key to everything. How lucky for him that he got it back at just the right time. Though, did everyone notice that as he got tenser in the 3rd set his first serve percentage went down?

I was also pretty happy with the quality of his returns, though Soderling didn't serve as well as he did in the past.

Do you know what one of the most touching moments was for me? It was when Mrs Soderling was wiping tears when her son gave the(excellent and funny) runner's up speech. In his last few matches, Soderling has totally belied his reputation for being surly and unsportsmanlike--he's shown great class and empathy towards his opponents and kept his emotions under control when getting angry would have been so much easier. It must be great to watch your son finally grow up from the kid who threw the board and pieces when he was losing a board game that he was playing with his family. Hopefully he can keep up his play, and woohoo Magnus! You're quite a coach :)

"woohoo Magnus! You're quite a coach."

Hot, too. ;-)

So Fed has won at least one Slam/year in the last 7 years. Is that right? Golly gee.

The Wimbledon final was such a high-quality match. You don't win a Slam in this era without going through Federer. Just goes to highlight Nadal's achievements even more, to do it on three different surfaces.

I normally don't like WTA bashers... but could we please give Robin a job as a press-conference coach for the ladies. Sure he could of just said - "I didn't play aggressive or as well as I have in previous matches and that's why I lost". Instead, while saying that he wasn't aggressive enough, he was still both gracious and thoughtful regarding how his game matches up with Federer. He didn't get too complicated, but his explanation of why Federer is tough for him to play makes sense and shows he understands that, yes, there was two players on the court.

I don't enjoy when the ladies don't give credit to their opponent, but I'm especially turned off how they either don't want to talk about or even consider tactics and match ups. Really looks bad for the sport - makes me question whether they even have strategy. Davenport was an exception to be sure...

I got two titanium rods put in my back last week and I'll STILL happily hoist Becks up and dance around the room.

Matt Zemek,
I guess you might have a point, but handling all the pressure that will come with the support wont be easy for the Muzz. He's still unexperienced in that.
Anyway, we'll have time to discuss this. Today is just the day for all you Fed fans to bask in the glory.
What? Did you just talk about Wimbledon SF? Have you forgotten your mantra?:)
I havent forgotten my new one, personally:
Get the knee well.
Get the knee well.
Get the knee well.
Oh, and in one of Spain's most important newspapers, they already have words from Rafa saying Rog deserved it, and he will send him a message to congratulate, but not now, "because he probably has 300"
And that would be deserved, because..
There it goes, Jackie. Congratulations, once again.

c1, yay!!! Embarassed to admit, I cried. A lot. In fact, I'm still tearing up. Family just called, and was almost bawling on the phone. Too happy for words.

jewell, that goes without saying, why do you think I was such a fan of him when I was 15 :-P

yay for Beckham!

Thanks, Elena_YYZ.

*"In all my matches against Rafa I think I dictated the game, I dictated the play."
Really? What about Rome?*

He might be right. He said after beating Rafa that the Rome match was not justified by the score; 6-4 7-5 or a similar score would have explained it better.

With his playing style, it would only take one bad day for Rafa to lose to a lot more people. Rafa has been consistently able to give his best, give it all, to win every match he has and I have no problem believing him when he says he could lose if he doesn't play his best. That's his approach to solving the match up problems. Spot a weakness, and pound it till it dies. Sure, why not, right? But, that leaves the opponent feeling he hadn't done enough as opposed to being overwhelmed. Just, imo, of course.

When Roger wins the French from Rafa, I will then belief that he really can WIN it.

Hugs all Fed fans - what a wonderful happy moment!

Tim - thank you for the moniker - it did work!

I had to leave a 3-1 in the third so I need to scroll for links to the ceremony etc!

Hugs, drinks and high fives all around! Congratulations Roger and TMF nation!!!!!


I agree that Laver's first Grand Slam should be discounted somewhat cuz the best players (e.g., Rosewall and Gonzales) were on the pro tour and not allowed to participate.

There is a lot to argue about regarding the number of majors Laver, Rosewall, and Gonzales would have won had the Open era started 20 years earlier.

As far as Soderling opining on the GOAT argument, he's about as convincing as I would be performing a woodwind concerto using no traditional instruments and relying on flatulence inducing foods as preparation.

Nothing Bud Collins could say today could cause even the slightest shadow to pass over my mood. This is, after all the same person who not long ago said that Federer had never been able to do much on the red clay of Paris. Yes, 3 straight finals (at that point) losing to probably the best clay court player in history doesn't count for much, Bud. He's never really liked Fed much and I've never really cared.

But please note, I take part in no GOAT discussions, so that's not my point here.

Damn, I just can't stop smiling today!

Mr.X, you did me proud. ;)

Christopher, that sounds painful! But you've gotta be feeling pretty spry today, yeah?

Urgh, why am I still watching NBC? Sort of a buzzkill at present ...

Great poem Highpockets!!

How interesting that when everything seemed right in Nadal´s corner winning Montecarlo, Barcelona and Roma, Pete predicted that luck could turn around for Rafa if he lost in Madrid to Roger.

At that moment, it seemed impossible to me that Rafa would lose for the first time in Paris, because this had happened before, when he lost in Hamburg to Fed and still won Paris. But well there was something in the plot when Rafa started complaining about Madrid´s altitude etc. He had never felt pressure in Paris before and I never thought he would, but it seems that this year he felt it and was unlucky enough to meet someone like Robin who would not forgive him a drop in level.

So happy. Congratulations to Roger and all of his "fedfans."

The Fed mentions Kuzzy in his presser, was very happy that she won, it's no secret that he likes Kuzzy's game...etc etc etc

Gosh, I'm still smiling...Allez!!!

*hands Pspace a tissue*

I'm a crybaby, so it doesn't mean much, but I bawled like a baby. Started at around 5-3, ended around, oh, 10 minutes ago. LOL.

a woodwind concerto using no traditional instruments and relying on flatulence inducing foods as preparation.

ROFL. Nice!

christopher:Well said. I think all Fed fans will totally ignore all those negative comments about "until Roger can beat Rafa" bs for a while.LOL

Go Roger!!!!

Hi kiwibee! ;-)

And Christopher! So glad you came through that alright. Hope to see you at the Open this year.

How about Pete Sampras, is he convincing? Or, full of hot air too?

"Now that he's won in Paris, I think it just more solidifies his place in history as the greatest player that played the game, in my opinion."

—Pete Sampras. Associated Press.

Aww, Pete Sampras.

Hi Tari! Thanks! I'm missed seeing you around (though I haven't been around so much either, as of late).

Beckham:Please keep the bus running all the way. Do Fed fans have a free ride?LOL

Samantha (i imagine it's you):
I understand you are upset, but the TWibe is sending you its best wishes. Hope you'll find some closure, but what i really wanted to say is that this is probably the best line i've read since i've been here:
"in light of his halfhearted, "just happy to be here holding Roger's testicles" approach in the today's finals."

Finally I can post from my own computer and gush properly (and Andrew, I owe you an Email).

I skipped work. Around 12:30 I went up to my boss and made something up about a friend going away party in Haifa (Hour+ from where I work) so I had to leave early, yada yada.

I just couldn't do anything. I went to my friend's house to watch. He doesn't allow smoking in the house, but luckily I didn't need it at all.

Roger was bloody fantastic, so was Robin. My only complaint about his speech that it was too long, and got Roger nice and giggly rather than teary and emotional - but I guess that's a good thing.

Do they play the Anthem in all the Slams? I have no recollection of it from any other slams.

The fan incident was the scariest moment in... I can't tell you how long, when I saw him actually touching Roger. A streaker is funny - this wasn't, for a second I thought he was hurting him.

The security was SO slow. Unbelievable.

I love him. I'm so happy for him. I'm so proud of him. No one ever deserved it more.

manuelsantanafan, that's why it's boneheaded to base the GOAT argument on the # of Slams, as so many tennis illiterates are wont to do. And a good rip on Sod's authoritative opinion.

LOL. Pistol Pete for the win! Eat that, NP!

Jajaja...sorry. Couldn't resist. I know there's a very reasonable argument to make for Fed not being GOAT. But, as the famous novel ends, "Frankly my dears, I don't give a damn".

I guess 90% of the Majors Graf won after Seles was stabbed should be discounted too

Andrew. Hi.
Cathleen said she was was surprised thet we didn't hear your shout in the UK when your man finally clinched it. As I said during the Haas match Federer was finally starting to get his head together. He started to believe that he could work the opposition over and not blow his oppertunities. Someone said that it's the top three inches that make the difference and I think that against opponents ranked in single figures, after all his health problems in the last year or so, Federer had lost confidence in his ability to close things out in a pressure situation. Just a thought. Anyway, keep enjoying the moment!

Ah, Pspace, but Pistol Pete also used to be clueless about Pancho Gonzales' identity. You pick and choose.

"a woodwind concerto using no traditional instruments and relying on flatulence inducing foods as preparation"
Well, this may indeed be the funniest line i've read here. LOL
I also realised Fed's general level (not only the serve) dropped in the 3rd. I think he was just too nervous and was only trying to find a way to end it as fast as possible.
I imagine the incident with that idiot may have been very disturbing in other countries. Here is Spain, it was like: "There's that moron again. Why cant he just go away?". Literally, it was something like that on TV.
True about Nadal's style, but he played very well in that match. Sod dominated some points, because he always does with his style, but his "dictating the play" comment reminded me of Djoko's infamous one some years ago. Nadal was an angry beast that day. He could have left some of that for RG.

Anyone have a link to the trophy ceremony and speeches - don't see it on YouTibe yet! Thanks!

Aww...Roddick's a sweetheart:

props to fed.... thats an unreal accomplishment and puts and end to the GOAT question in my humble opinion

Gosh, the new commentator on one of Israel's biggest news channels showed clips of the match, and basically had tears in her eyes.

El Jon on the French:

grade A dorkitude ;)

Mr.X, yeah, I don't agree with him 100% or anything. But it also means he was doped enough to keep believing till the end, which makes the 0 and 1 drubbing all the better, no? :)

Should Roger pull out of Halle?

NP, yeah, I dunno. For the sheer mystery of his personality, and the awe in which he is treated, and the smoking between changeovers, I'd have to say Pancho is the GOAT. Laver's accomplishments speak for themselves. You pick ;-).

Beside, yeah, I think the GOAT is whoever you say it is. I'm more a flaky style afficionado. So, Fed was already my GOAT a long time ago.

Mr X., yeah, his level dropped overall, in the other sets he had double the number of winners to UFE and more than 70% first serves in. But it's all good!

Sampras is such a Fed KAD:)
I think MC and RG might be the only places where they play the national Anthem. I remember that because there were lots of Spanish Anthems being played in the last years:)

hey crazyone! considerate of you to not wake up your housemates! i confess, i walked onto my porch and screamed 'no' when fed was facing breakpoint in the final game! (startled my neighbor and his daughter a bit...)

pretty quick turn around by el jon, thanks for the link.

*trots off to read el-jon's take

Guys, did you know that the nutty fan who tried to touch Roger is also the guy (Jimmy Jump) who burst into the Eurocup 2004 football final? He's well known, done it a couple of times. The RG security REALLY dropped the ball on that one.

I just knew the bus would get there!


WE DID IT!!!!!

We are so lucky to be able to watch Roger at Wimby in just a few weeks!!! GOD are we lucky!!!

It was all laid out to happen the way it did. Roger was meant to tie Pete's record by winning the Grand Slam!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14!!!!!!!!! Seems like it takes forever to count!!

Have a wonderful next few weeks and months over this one!

What a great day! I am so happy for TMF. As much as I am concerned he could retire tomorrow and still be the GOAT. However, I am sure he will keep playing (and winning GS)for a few more years. You know, just for fun :-)

Yes, in Spain he is very well known for that type of stupid things. He once burst into the Champions League Final and also into the most important football match in Spain, Madrid-Barcelona.
I dont know how they let that guy enter any type of sporting event.

First off, anyone who cares for single-malt is welcome to join me for a 16 yr old Lagavulin later today. I would've been drunk by now, but need to drive some during the day. There's a nice cuban to go with it as well.

I watched this match in a blissful state of mind after Fed went up 2-0 in the first set. Serve - check; backhand DTL - check; FH - check; slice -check; movement to the FH - check. Soderling clearly articulated the matchup issues he has with Fed. Plain aggression seldom buys you much with Federer - plenty of evidence for that. On a day when Fed's all court game is working, a Soderling type game wouldn't bother him.

Federer was nails in the TB. When the Fed serve works, life looks good.

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Montreal Crisis Center Day 6 - Overflow
Montreal Crisis Center Day 5 - Overflow
Montreal Crisis Center Day 4 - Overflow
Montreal Centre de Crise Day 1 Overflow
Wimbledon Crisis Center Day 14 - Overflow
Wimbledon Crisis Centre Day 11 - Overflow
Wimbledon Crisis Centre, Day 10 - Overflow
Wimbledon Crisis Center Day 9 - Overflow 2
Wimbledon Crisis Centre, Day 9 - Overflow
Wimbledon Crisis Centre Day 8 - Overflow
Wimbledon, Day 8 - Pre Crisis Centre
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