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Roland Garros Crisis Center, Day 15 - Overflow
Posted 06/07/2009 @ 10 :34 AM

TypePad is suffering from nerves in the third set of the ATP Final.  Please keep conversations coming here.

-- Andrew Burton

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And the Fed DFs, ALLEZ Roger...hold...

What a shank!Come on Roger!

And another BH not let him break...hold, c'mon hold...

C'mon, Roger.

Sod won't be mistaken for Agassi or Connors in the return of serve department. :)

Focus, Fed. Focus.

Please hold!!!!!!!!!!

Soderling is do great in the long rallies.

And the Fed gifts a break chance to Soderling...this is ridculous...nerves!!!


lol Yes, mine's the pink one with the pic of Rog and Buble on the front. Don't even THINK about swiping it. :)


I'm doing the walkabout like Mike. :)

ALLEZ!!! C'mon dude big serves...

Please hold you serve all the way Roger!!!!!!

GAH! but fed in to put away that short shot by soderling. ok. time to practice zen breathing again. *ohhhhmmmmm...*

Rog is serving at 75%. WOW.

Jacko, please go back and read the posts about how Rafa must be feeling losing to Soderling and the one that Rafa had to be injured and also read the post about how Gonzo would have done better. So yes, you must be reading another forum.


Nice, testy hold. Should chase away remaining nerves.

Why not break now?


Tangi I have some gossip about Mr Buble, he is dating Pico's ex girlfriend. I will post a picture of the two of them after this match.

Good hold fro Fed. Soderling had a chance to break there, he may not have many more.

Sod played like a lion against Rafa and today he is more like a kitten
but Roger has been doing that to 98% of the guys on tour for the last 4 years

Just break again, a double break would be awesome...ALLEZ!!!

Break him now!!!!!!!

And Fed holds after being down BP. JMac says Sod looked like he ran out of gas on that one.

Crowd chanting for Fed. Carillo says they don't care about seeing a good match, they just want Fed to win. I was wondering if they might start cheering for Sod to make this a match.

Let's not go to deuce again...

Roger looking very calm, cool and collected.


just lurking if nadal fans are around here since we are obviously hurting..

but this is roger's time---

and I really have to accept it.. and realize life goes on!!!

roger deserved this win ...he attempted to win this for the fourth time..

and i think its all the same even if he would not win it to nadal

CONGRATS ROGER!!!!!! im happy that you are still fighting!!!

and for RAFA

COME BACK STRONG VAMOS!!!! if any nadal fans are around... we will all come back

we miss you rafa!!!!

"Rafa and djoko, please come back."

Stating the obvious, but they're not in the final because they were beaten fair and square, almost a week ago. You can count on them being at least in the first round of the next tournaments they play, anythig beyond that has to be earned.

lol becks - i was JUST thinking an insurance break would just be lovely. though in lieu of that, i'll just taking continueing to hold... :)

C'mon Roger we can't have another service game like the last one, another break would be awesome...

frances - stop jinxing Roger, the match is not done yet.

Samantha I do think Gonzo would of done better, but I didn't say he would win. But Robin has done a fantastic job to get to the final and it doesn't matter if the other player was injured or not.

Samantha I do think Gonzo would of done better, but I didn't say he would win. But Robin has done a fantastic job to get to the final and it doesn't matter if the other player was injured or not.

anyone have a good stream?

I don't think it matters whom would be Rog's opponent today....he is really playing well.

Is it me, or does Rog look like his movement and quickness have improved. He just always seems to be in position...even when he slightly behind a heavy-paced shot.

Now just hold you serve all the way until the cow comes home.

Come on Roger!!!!


Really? I hadn't heard. Thanks. The Daily Buble hasn't mentioned it. :)

Just keep holding serve, don't let Soderling back into the match...just keep holding serve, no rallies whatsoever would be appreciated actually... those eTrade commercials with the kids...

TennisRone 1000:

I think the slow clay really helps Fed. Soderling insisted the conditions would suit him, but it's rather obvious that Fed likes slow stuff, a la Hamburg.

Two holds. Federer leads 3-2, with a break. Federer a bit shaky in his last service game, saved a BP.

frances, while i appreciate the kind thoughts, this aint over yet. robin has found his game, his serve and his nerve. he's hitting beautifully, and fed needs to be able to keep his nerve, serve etc.

Suddenly Roger's first serve has abandoned him.

Soderling has picked up his game considerably...C'mon Roger...first serves...le sigh...

One shot at a time, Roger. One shot at a time.

stream slightly delayed but at least it is a good feed

"I don't think it matters whom would be Rog's opponent today"

He he. I respectfully disagree. :)

Samantha.....and how many people hav said positive things about Robin??....what i was saying is why must u group us all as Soderling haters by making one persons comment "all you people"........but i'm not even gonna bother....its distracting me fro mthe final.....

Feds serve has ben ridiculous today.....i mean its ben good all fortnite....but today...

Yes, another ace 40-15!

Thanks xerxes, but that one is about a minute behind and keeps crashing my Firefox browser. Any others?

Roger played an impeccable tiebreak, beyond that he seems to be playing very well, but not spectacularly. I've been spoilt, anything short of a barrage of winners off both sides doesn't get a gold star, fortunately, he only has to play better than the guy on the other side and he's doing that well.

C'mon Fed, 3 straight aces, ALLEZ!!!

Rog looks like a man on a mission.

I'm hoping Fleetwood Mac can calm me while watching the


Roger Federer, at your service!

He immediately obeyed you and the other Fed fans clamoring for better serves.


I tell you matt....Fed's FH has really been very solid today. It's tough sailing for anybody when he's got the FH working. Plus his FS has been pretty effective in this match as well.

....I would think Rog would like a slightly faster surface...but...against a Sod hitting B-Bs, I suppose these conditions are optimal today.....

That's why I am sitting on my rumpus watching history in motion.

GO FED!!!!!!!

Well ... if TMF is anywhere on this court, he's serving. Un-freakin-believable.


Best comment of the day.

Come on Roger!!!!!Break him now!

Sherlock......point taken....;-). lol

...but you have to admit...he is pretty sharp today.

Dude, please just break...

JMac STFU, your'e jinxing the Fed, STFU...he has not won yet...STFU...

heavens tangi, even I knew that, and i'm not a buble fan?! you obviously haven't been around TW enough! :)

ok feddy, nice insurance break here would be lovely. but dang, soderling just coming up with those amazing winners!

TennisRone 1000
Soderling is overwhelmed by the moment, he's not moving well and sometimes not at all.
Rogers serve is the difference today( and a couple of nice dropshots)....Sod got one maybe 2 serves of Roger's in play during the TB

Sod not going away easy...

LOL Beckham.

Come on Roger!!!Now hold your serve and then break him.

And Soderling with another hold, with humungous serves, there's still a hail of a lot that can happen...C'mon Roger just keeping serving...

Phhh. I wanted a double break.

Jacko, you said where were the comments which implied they didn't exist and I simply pointed them out. Of course, there have been positive comments. And I agree with Sherlock and respectfully disagree that he could be any opponent.


What's highly ironic about this match--specifically with regard to the weather conditions--is that this was (is) the kind of day in which Fed would have had, at least theoretically, the best chance of beating Nadal. The 2006-2008 French finals were hot, dry, sunny days on which the ball bounced really high and that lefty forehand kicked up to Fed's backhand shoulder.

This was the day that Fed fans had been wanting for three years. It finally arrives, but Rafa isn't on the other side of the net.

4-3. Fed must fight off the nerves.

100 percent nadal would beat roger today. but that guy isn't here, roger can only play who is across the net from him.

Two holds, Federer 4-3 with a break. Not done and dusted yet.

Soderling is able to swing more freely, since there's no pressure on him - you can go for broke at this stage. If Federer gives him an opening, he's ready to barge through.




you can choose from the four streams they offer here


You're right! I've been away for awhile. Who knew TW is now the place to get the latest news on BOTH of my BFs? Awesome. :)

Andrew: Please don't make me nervous

And Robin finally hits a line, much to his disbelief.

I agree, Matt ... but only because I know Fed has played much better. But there is no reason to believe that it wouldn't have been enough to beat anyone active, right now ... considering they would be under extreme pressure, as well. Let's not put the Superman cape on anyone, mmkay?

Please hold your serve!!!

40-30 Fed after a FH down the Ad line just catches. Too good.

Ok, this was clearly the match I didn't want, but you win some and you lose some. Congrats to the Federer fans and congrats to my home country. I'm still proud of Robin and his run. Robin, du er den bedste, Kom nu. Need to shop. Everyone enjoy the rest of the match, not interested in watching anymore.

Come on Roger! One more game!!!!!!

Man, what an ICE VEINS CASH MONEY forehand at 30-all.





Federer holds, 5-3.

ONE. MORE. GAME. Cmon, Rog!

samantha (and azhjda), would you please stop hating the world and smell the flowers?

*maha* are you home watching this? are are you missing the whole thing?

There you go Tangi, just in case you need to be distracted. Go down a little bit.

win one game
(focus and finish) repeat

OMG...he's so emotional, he's crying...C'mon dude...get your head in the game...C'mon...

Roger is starting to cry it for the podium

I would really like to slap really hard the people shouting in between first and second serves.

Look at the emotion ready to spill out of Fed's face.




One more game...

OMG...the Fed needs to keep his head in the game...C'mon dude...

Please break him!!!!

Come on Roger!!!

C'mon Fed. Don't get ahead of yourself. Stop crying!

Roger serving 42% in this set, after 77% in the first two. I'd say he's due for four or five big ones in the penultimate game.

What's amazing about Fed is that he plays these matches with such intensity...but he really does seem to understand the historic nature of the moment. I don't know how he is able to be so professional and emotional at the same time.

But.......easy there Fed.....compose yourself here and finish this thing off. Listen to Matty Z

ONE MORE GAME, get some first serves in dammit!

this set aint over, let alone the match. soderling has found his game, fed beginning to get nervous.

focus can slip just an inch, and unknown quantities of fed fans can still go into heart failure. just sayin'.

Dude focus, focus, focus, focus, ther's still ahail of a lot to play for...C'mon...head in the match...

I think Samantha has a reason to be a bit upset, don't you? Take it easy. If Roger was losing like this, TW would be in meltdown.

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