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IW: Crazy Moment
Posted 03/15/2008 @ 12 :52 AM

A lot of interesting things happened today, and I promise get to them at some point, but first the thing everyone is talking about -- the wacky incident at Andy Roddick's press conference today.

After much burrowing, I finally unearthed a tape of the conference, which local TV affiliate KESQ News Channel 3 and cameraman Brian Kiley graciously let me have. See the end for the clip.

The press conference had been clicking along brightly like any normal Roddick press conference for about ten minutes, when a loud female English accent flooded the room with "Andy, what is going on, if you don't mind, in the love department?!! You know, you've got all these pretty kitty girls in the tennis skirts and they're going to come and oogle and ogle you and give you the little winky!"

Roddick was floored at first, but then got into it quickly with a "Yeah! Whoo!" They went back and forth six or seven times before the weirdness bubble finally burst.

Afterwards, the woman was summarily ejected. The press operations here are stellar and they're understandably a little bit distressed that this somehow managed to happen, so let's start by saying that this was just one of those things. While I waited for the tape to download, the TV crew mentioned that the woman is not only not British, she used to work for another local station, so she does seem to have been a working journalist at some point. And on the bright side, it certainly created a buzz!

One of the main reasons I wanted to post this clip -- aside from my descriptive skills being unequal to communicating it any other way -- is that there's long been a tug of war over whether Roddick is a solid all-American good guy or wisecracking frat boy (see Gimelstob- Wertheim from earlier this month, for example). This incident is interesting because you can almost literally see him transform from one to the other here -- one minute, he's giving an articulate answer about what makes Novak Djokovic so tough, and the next he's throwing in inappropriate remark (even in this context) about the nutty women's mother's skirt.

That's not necessarily a criticism -- the situation required some serious improvisation -- and he rolled with things pretty well, considering. He's probably the only player who could pull this off. But as a whole, it revealed much about the dichotomy of his personality and how people can view him so differently.

Anyway, see for yourself. As mentioned, his answer to the previous question about whether there are any similarities between Roger Federer and Djokovic is included.


Props to Roddick for, on top of it all, managing to avoid answering the question. His girlfriend is model Brooklyn Decker.
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first...for the first time! :)

the media player doesn't work.

Her accent isn't entirely convincing :P

hahaha, Andy is hilarious.

Although Roddick did get tense as soon as the question regarding his love life was posed (see tapping finger)...I felt that this was classic Roddick. Nothing more, nothing less

Oh God. I thought Andy handled that superbly. He has a very funny, pointed sense of humor. That woman was a certifiable psycho. I think we can count on her not getting into any more pressers.

Andy did great, you could tell he was in an akward spot. I am surprised she wasn't, um, silenced before the one minute mark...

Bahaha, this was great.

Now, get us a clip from Rogi's presser, if you can.

As an English girl I'm surprised anyone actually thought that was an English accent!

jejejeje, absolutely hilarious. Andy did really handle the situation very well! wonderful snese of humour !!!
Vamos Rafa

I can fake an English accent better than THAT.

My speakers have just stopped functioning. Roddick's expression is nevertheless priceless.

To the point: The gravity of the "dilemma" of whether Roddick is a down to earth American boy or an impatient, sarcasm dripping, wisecracker escapes me. Why should an "answer" be even remotely interesting? The commentator seems to suggest that Roddick is both. Genius.

There's nothing really revealing here at all. All individuals have different sides to their personality. The fact that you can have quiet moments, doesn't mean you cannot be an obnoxious dick in other circumstances, although here Roddick is okay. It's on the court when things aren't going well when he can go a bit over the top.

You can never know what any individual is really like if you only ever see them in press conferences or at other public media venues when they are on their best behaviour. You have to see how they behave when no one is looking or when they lose emotional control. That's far more revelatory than what they say in a press conference. Press conferences only show you individuals when they are wearing their press conference hat.

Roddick's behaviour on the court or when he's upset is more revealing than when he's answering humdrum questions in an interview. He's your standard American wannabe alpha male, loud and obnoxious at times, with adequate wit and intelligence, but a walking cliché nevertheless. Like most he'll have his vulnerabilities and a sensitive side, but also takes pride in showing his machismo. Had he gone to college and not become a tennis player, I'm sure he would have fit quite comfortably into frat boy spring-break mode without any problem. To me there's no contradiction, people have different sides, some more hidden than others.

If that was an English accent, I am the Pope. Sounds more like Chinese.

Andy is ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.....teachers would have him pumped full of Ritalin if they got him in theri classroom. ADHD gets manageable without meds as people get older, but it never goes away in most cases....this is clearly a case of Andy working hard to stay cool and focused in the conference....then being blind-sised by this ridiculous woman.....and his ADHD coming to the if he doen't have enough to warry about....He must have girls throwing themselves at him all the time...which makes for a difficult and dangerous existance when you are in the public eye like that.....but that's the way girls are nowadays

Japanese I thought?

omg i was have a rubbish day untill i saw this , total brillance!!!!!

too funny... andy is cracking me up, still he tries to hold that look from his face : "WTF is she asking, i'm a pro tennis player ??" priceless :D

sometimes i wish some journalist could pick up all the worst and more stupid questions ever asked to a sportman/girl and put it on a column paper !!

we could laugh on for weeks !

glad to read your pieces kamashi :D

Hmm... Andy just seems to be rolling with the punches, so to speak, and I think handling the situation quite well. It's embarassing for him, but he doesn't go for the jugular and embarass the woman (which he obviously could have done, esp. at the beginning when it wasn't quite clear if this was a joke or someone who is seriously inappropriate). The whole mother's skirt thing is him pretending to be the lothario that she's implying that he is. But that's only a moment's act, and then he just tries to play along but wrap it up at the same time.

Why all this agnonizing about Andy's character anyway? It's hardly like he's a rapist (see NBA) or hired a hit man on his pregnant girlfriend (see NFL). It's not even like he's that obnoxious (see just about every other wealthy, pampered athlete). I think people are just looking for something to gossip about.

Thanks Kamakshi for this wonderful clip- I thought Andy handled it rather well considering. I was hilarious. Not sure about the bit about the mother though! Keep it up - this is the best site for news on Indian Wells.

MarieJ -

There is a thread like that on MTF, insane comments by commentators or journalists. I'll go find the link (it's about a 200 pages long...)

Great clip... I won't forget that either. Andy handled it well.

Love Andy! Really American.

LOL Andy's reaction is priceless even if I can't hear half of the woman's question(s). What was she trying to say?

Funny on both sides. He's definitely a frat boy though.

Andy is at his humorous best on the love question.

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